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We deliver high success rates and compassion throughout every intended parent’s experience. It’s our passion to help you fulfill your dreams of having or helping a family. If wish to grow your family, we’re here to make your dreams come true. Our experience can help you choose your surrogacy path and guide you through surrogacy in Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Cyprus and Argentina, or overseas step by step.


With a top level, state of the art clinic, this provides intended parents an inclusive and flexible surrogacy solution. Surrogacy in Argentina.


With expert legal advice and high-end EU facilities, our Cyprus headquarters will allow all intended parents access to caring and modern clinics. Surrogacy in Cyprus.


Discover the joy of parenthood through our surrogacy program in Greece, where we take pride in extending our services to heterosexual couples, whether married or not,

We build families

We’re a surrogacy agency and fertility center dedicated to helping you on this special journey.

Surrogacy Care is a family-centered initiative located in Southern Cyprus. We specialize in matching & connecting intended parents seeking surrogacy solutions, with the most suitable, professional, state of art clinics- offering various programs around the world. We are a leading surrogacy agency in Europe and can also help you explore your options and professional services to find a surrogate in Cyprus, Armenia and Georgia, Ukraine, Albania, Argentina, Colombia, Greece, or overseas.

We are there every step of the way, supporting every physical, medical, and emotional need during your surrogacy journey. Our high standards of practice, along with our passion, dedication & belief in a highly personal approach, make us the ultimate destination for care, instruction, and guidance. Surrogacy Care has been at the forefront of advocating for LGBTQIA+ parents, and so provides surrogacy options for Gay couples and Same-sex Parents.

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Helping build your family

We’ve come together to give you the most affordable and economic options on the market. Our goal is to generate a positive, reliable and life-changing experience for you on your journey towards parenthood.  Our surrogacy options are flexible & tailored to suit your individual needs and provide a wide platform of professionals who will kindly guide & consult, answer every question & simply be there with you, as you embark upon this incredible and life-changing journey.

It all starts with a conversation. Our coordinators will establish the following timeline:

  1. Selection of egg/sperm donor (If needed)
  2. Selection of surrogate mother
  3. Preparation of gametes & surrogate
  4. Creation of Embryos
  5. Embryo transfer into surrogate mother
  6. Pregnancy may be confirmed by doing a urine or blood test on the 12th day after transfer.
  7. In case of a negative result, we then prepare for another cycle. Success is our mission- We don’t give up!
  8. If the results are positive & pregnancy is achieved, follow up of pregnancy begins
  9. Surrogate is carefully & closely monitored to ensure best results
  10. Birth
  11. Paperwork is completed after birth and baby is handled to family once all final checkups achieved

International Surrogacy Program

The increase demand of surrogacy, coupled with our agenda that everyone is entitled to a family, has led us to explore & find worldwide solutions and an extensive network of clinics. We have successfully created personalized programs for all nationalities & all family statuses.
We accept intended parents from all across the world. Families have been created from the UK, Germany, Israel, Austria, Canada, Australia and many others. Contact us in order to see the best starting point for your family.

Call us to find out your best option.

Our Surrogates

Surrogates are very special woman who agree to carry a baby for others, thus changing their lives forever. All our surrogates are carefully screened & selected & are mothers themselves. 

Dedicated to your success

Our highly experienced tem of fertility specialists, embryologists, nurses, coordinators- are here for you, working from the bottom of our hearts.


All procedures are transparent- you are more than welcome to all pregnancy follow up screenings & check ups – in clinic or by joining us via skype. Ultimately, you may attend birth itself.

Helping grow your family

We go out of our ways to try to adapt to various budgets; staying true to our motto that no one should be withheld from parenthood due to financial reasons.

It's simpler than you think.

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  • Guaranteed take home baby
  • All inclusive programs
  • Full money back guarantee
  • No waiting lists
  • Personal coordinator to guide and assist you
  • Single and same sex solutions
  • Gender selection


  • Open for same-sex and single intended parents
  • Local / no travel surrogates
  • Gender selection, HIV Sperm Wash
  • Argentinian Passport at birth
  • Birth certificate in intended parents name only
  • Personal coordinator to guide and assist you
  • Affordable


  • No waiting list
  • IPs' names on the birth certificate
  • Heterosexual couples and single ladies
  • Personal coordinator to guide and assist you
  • Affordable
  • No Travel Surrogates
  • EU Country

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Fertility Guide

North Cyprus is a surprisingly pleasant destination for singles and same-sex couples who are looking to build a family

North Cyprus is a surprisingly pleasant destination for singles and same-sex couples who are looking to build a family. Via word of mouth, more and more people from various destinations have joined our established surrogacy programs which have resulted in patients returning to further expand their growing family.
For the past six years, We has worked with hundreds of intended parents worldwide, arriving in Cyprus for fertility treatments which include egg donation, IVF and surrogacy.

Arriving from 18 different countries, including England, Germany, Norway, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Australia, Canada and Israel, Surrogacy Care has played a role in successfully providing numerous parents with a total of more than 100 babies & many more are on their way.

On the account of having many happy parents who promote our services through sharing their wonderful experiences with other intended parents, it should come as no surprise that here at Surrogacy Care, we have never felt the need to advertise our services.

Due to treatment options available in Cyprus, cutting edge technology, years of experience & expertise, in the past year, we have seen a huge rise in success rate for intended parents. As of recently, more than 20 new patients have joined the program to which they have all had embryos created while others have had their first transfer and are already pregnant.

“One of the main advantages in Cyprus is that there is no waiting list and the success rates of surrogacy in Cyprus. Embryos are being created within a month of signing the agreement and up to 3 months after signing the surrogate first embryo transfer happens. “

In light of flight and entry restrictions caused by the unprecedented nature of COVID-19, along with the delays in commencement of new surrogacy programs worldwide in the last year or so, we find that our patients are eagerly wanting to discover a place that will not delay with regards to beginning the process.

Cyprus is a four and a half hour flight from Armenia and Georgia, which is luckily overflowing with low-cost, economical airlines connecting the two countries.

patients have the opportunity to meet with the medical director and staff and start the process right upon a morning arrival. After all relevant procedures have been carried out, one can return to the Armenia and Georgia on an evening flight on the same day.   You might as well enjoy the opportunity to enjoy a holiday on our sunny island!

Northern Cyprus is a very cheap country for tourists. It is also filled with European-class clinics working under British regulation. It comes as no surprise that about 700 British patients come to Northern Cyprus on a monthly basis for fertility treatments.

The process in Cyprus is quick and guarantees a baby no matter how many treatment cycles it takes. Until then, the intended parent is thoroughly made aware of all the costs and procedures taken through the beginning, up until the baby is born and brought back home.

To kick start the process, a donor is chosen from a large variety of young, healthy donors with a proven fertility status.

The donor then arrives at the clinic after proper medical preparation and the creation of embryos is done about a month prior to the beginning of the process.

Here at Surrogacy Care, we pride ourselves on strictly working with fresh eggs in order to maximize the results of the treatment. It is also important to note that the medical protocols performed on all our donors are to ensure the prioritization of their health.

At the same time, the surrogate, chosen in a meticulous screening process, is prepared to transfer the embryos.

The clinic has a very high success rate, currently 8 out of 10 transfers have a positive result.

During the surrogate’s pregnancy, you can visit the clinic, meet with the surrogate and the staff allowing you to take an active part in the process.

Even if you can’t physically be at the clinic – We will virtually communicate with you through photos and videos so that it feels that you’re present.

After the birth, the bureaucratic process with the Armenia and Georgia commences through issuing a birth certificate, the DNA and a passport that will allow you to return home. The duration of your expected return home is 6-8 weeks, due to the demanding requirements of  Armenia and Georgia.

However, we are constantly working to try and subside the time it takes to return to your home. We are hoping that with the next births, due in August &  September, we see much faster results post birth.

In addition, Surrogacy Care also offers plans for twins suitable for couples seeking 2 children, for example if it’s one for each father.

Surrogacy Care is based in Cyprus an hour away from the clinic which allows for accessibility, availability and steady control of the whole process.

Surrogacy Care is a service that is available 24/7 by each and every one of their staff members and provides the safety net that allows intended parents to feel at home during the process.

The entire journey takes place under one roof here at Surrogacy Care. We are a team of experts involved in all the necessary fields in order to operate with empathy and professionalism. These fields range from medical, organizational, bureaucratic, and legal skills.

The entire process is accompanied by a local lawyer with an array of knowledge on the laws that enables the surrogacy process for all types of families in Cyprus.

At Surrogacy Care, we are fully aware of the sensitivity of this journey and for that, we ensure full  customer satisfaction and aim to help our patients achieve their dreams of starting a family.