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We deliver high success rates and compassion throughout every intended parent’s experience. 


Nestled in modern state of the art clinics, we offer an option for intended parents looking for a well-established and accessible surrogacy solution


With expert legal advice and high-end EU facilities, our Cyprus headquarters will allow all intended parents access to caring and modern clinics


We are proud to offer a surrogacy program in the USA for couples searching for the most accessible journey towards their goals. Contact us for more information

We build families

Gaia Fertility is a family centered initiative located in Southern Cyprus. We specialize in matching & connecting intended parents seeking for surrogacy solutions, with the most suitable, professional, state of artclinics- offering various programs around the world.

We are there every step of the way, supporting every physical, medical and emotional needs during your surrogacy journey. Our high standards of practice, along our passion, dedication& belief in a highlypersonal approach, make us the ultimate destination for care, instruction and guidance.
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Helping build your family

We’ve come together to give you the most affordable and economic options on the market. Our goal is to generate a positive, reliable and life-changing experience for you on your journey towards parenthood.  Our surrogacy options are flexible & tailored to suit your individual needs and provide a wide platform of professionals who will kindly guide & consult, answer every question & simply be there with you, as you embark upon this incredible and life-changing journey

It all starts with a conversation. Our coordinators will establish the following timeline:

  1. Selection of egg/sperm donor (If needed)
  2. Selection of surrogate mother
  3. Preparation of gametes & surrogate
  4. Creation of Embryos
  5. Embryo transfer into surrogate mother
  6. Pregnancy may be confirmed by doing a urine or blood test on the 12th day after transfer.
  7. In case of a negative result, we then prepare for another cycle. Success is our mission- We don’t give up!
  8. If the results are positive & pregnancy is achieved, follow up of pregnancy begins
  9. Surrogate is carefully & closely monitored to ensure best results
  10. Birth
  11. Paperwork is completed after birth and baby is handled to family once all final checkups achieved

International Surrogacy Program

The increase demand of surrogacy, coupled with our agenda that everyone is entitled to a family, has led us to explore & find worldwide solutions and an extensive network of clinics. We have successfully created personalized programs for all nationalities & all family statuses.
We accept intended parents from all across the world. Families have been created from the UK, Germany, Israel, Austria, Canada, Australia and many others. Contact us in order to see the best starting point for your family.

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Our Surrogates

Surrogates are very special woman who agree to carry a baby for others, thus changing their lives forever. All our surrogates are carefully screened & selected & are mothers themselves.

Dedicated to your success

Our highly experienced tem of fertility specialists, embryologists, nurses, coordinators- are here for you, working from the bottom of our hearts.


All procedures are transparent- you are more than welcome to all pregnancy follow up screenings & check ups – in clinic or by joining us via skype. Ultimately, you may attend birth itself.

Helping grow your family

We go out of our ways to try to adapt to various budgets; staying true to our motto that no one should be withheld from parenthood due to financial reasons.

It's simpler than you think.

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  • Guaranteed take home baby
  • All inclusive programs
  • Full money back guarantee
  • No waiting lists
  • Personal coordinator to guide and assist you
  • Single and same sex solutions
  • Gender selection


  • Most affordable options
  • Years of experiance
  • Vast egg donor database
  • Gender selection


  • The cheapest surrogacy program in the USA
  • Same sex and single solutions
  • Intended parents on the birth certificate- no adoption process

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