Month: May 2022

Reasons to Use Egg Donation and other Related Aspects

Egg Donor in Cyprus

As a person proceeds with surrogacy in UK or any other country, they have several options to choose from. Surrogacy via egg donation is one such option where by, with the assistance of an egg donor, embryos will be created as part of the overall conception process. How does Egg donation process work? Donors are […]

Surrogacy in Ukraine: How this War-hit nation is toiling hard to preserve its decades old Surrogacy industry?

Surrogacy Clinics in Ukraine

Pictures from war-torn Ukraine may not go right with faint-hearted individuals. You can see people scurrying to shelters, trudging long distances with suitcases, and squeezing through crowded airports to get to their destinations. While the chances of a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine are quite slim, we can only pray for the safety and wellbeing […]