Month: April 2023

Same sex surrogacy Ukraine: What are your best alternatives?

same sex surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine may not be the safest option right now given the war-like situation in the country. Yet, as things come to normalcy after a few months, you must be ready with all the facts and details to take an informed decision in the same regard. Surrogacy in Ukraine is only permissible to married […]

Surrogacy for HIV in the UK: Making a safe and informed approach to ensure the best results

surrogacy for hiv in colombia

There are certain regulations to be followed by the intended parents regarding surrogacy for HIV in the UK. Moreover, HFEA, a regulatory body for surrogacy procedures in the country, has laid down certain guidelines for the surrogacy agencies and intended parents in the same regard. According to the guidelines, everyone, including the surrogate mother, intended […]

Surrogacy cost in Colombia: a detailed breakup to help you with your surrogacy journey

surrogacy program cost

The lower cost of surrogacy in Colombia is one of the key factors behind its growing popularity as a surrogacy haven among intended parents worldwide. Still, given the rising cost of every basic commodity worldwide, you can expect this surrogacy cost in Colombia to rise further in the coming months. That said, it’s always advisable […]

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