Argentina Surrogacy Laws: What Intended Parents need to know

argentina surrogacy laws

With the aid of a gestational surrogate who will carry their children to term and provide for them, intended parents can use the assisted reproduction method of surrogacy. Surrogacy is used by intended parents who are unable to begin or grow their families on their own.

Gay couples, married or unmarried heterosexual couples, single people, and same-sex (gay) couples can all use surrogacy in Argentina. Argentina’s reputation as a friendly country with adoptive couples is well-deserved. For singles, same-sex couples, single men, married or unmarried hetero couples, and heterosexual singles, Argentina is increasingly in demand as a location for surrogacy. And this has thereby led to an increase in surrogacy agencies in Argentina.

Argentina is a surrogacy destination that is becoming more and more popular with singles, same-sex couples, single men, heterosexual married or unmarried couples, and single women. Surrogacy is becoming more popular in Argentina thanks to the welcoming legal climate in Buenos Aires, which only names the intended parent(s) on newborn birth certificates and grants them full parental rights from birth.

This article will help you resolve all your queries regarding the surrogacy laws in Argentina. Also, in this blog, we’ll talk about,

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Surrogacy laws in Argentina

Surrogacy is neither expressly regulated by law nor prohibited in Argentina. The best interests of the child are taken into consideration by the judges in each individual case involving surrogacy in Argentina. In 2013, Argentina’s first surrogacy court verdict occurred in a landmark case.

All types of families in Argentina are permitted to use surrogates, including heterosexual married and civil unions, singletons, and gay couples.

A genetic link to the intended parent is not necessary for Argentina, according to the law.

Surrogacy is the only way to conceive a biological child for homosexual couples, or even gay couples in general. Both surrogacy and its legalization are permitted in some jurisdictions. Furthermore, surrogacy is neither illegal nor permitted in all countries.

surrogacy agencies in Argentina

Argentina is one of these countries that does not have laws regulating gay couples using surrogates. Because it was the first country in Latin America to allow gay people to have children through surrogacy, this country is renowned for being gay-welcoming.

The ability to adopt children is one of the many legal rights that gay and heterosexual couples who identify as one another share with heterosexual couples.

In order to adopt the child after the baby is born, a gay couple must receive permission from the surrogate mother before participating in a surrogacy program.

Before allowing the partner of one of her husbands to adopt the child, the woman must acknowledge the paternity of that husband and give up parental rights to the newborn.

Because there is no established legal framework for this procedure, as demonstrated by practice and numerous forum reviews, even a signed contract with a surrogate mother will not be enforceable in this situation.

Surrogacy laws for singles in Argentina

Argentina is one of the few nations that allow same-sex couples or single parents to use surrogates. This legal guarantee of gender equality is consistent with the country’s and its people’s liberal nature.

The laws and guidelines apply to all intended parents, including single people.

surrogacy agencies in Argentina

An ideal legal environment for surrogacy procedures exists in Argentina. Children born in Argentina, including those born via surrogacy, are eligible for citizenship and Argentine passports. The National Law on Assisted Fertility was approved by the Argentine Senate in 2017.

Why choose Argentina for surrogacy?

It can be challenging to decide whether to use IVF or a surrogate, and it’s one of the hardest choices a couple or lone person can make. Numerous obstacles must be overcome by people who want to start a family on their own, struggle to conceive naturally, or are in a homosexual relationship. We must therefore do everything in our power to make this journey as painless as possible when they eventually decide to seek assistance from a surrogacy agency.

For many people, having a baby with a third party’s assistance is extremely sensitive. When the procedure is performed in another country, intended parents may experience mental difficulties as they must take into account even more aspects of the journey.

Argentina is indeed a great choice for surrogacy, and this is because of the following reasons:

  1. LGBTQ+ Friendly

Same-sex unions are permitted in Argentina, as was previously mentioned, and homosexual couples can easily have children there. Argentina is thus a well-liked vacation spot for the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, surrogates are happy to carry their children, and egg donors are happy to donate their biological material to same-sex couples.

Additionally, they are questioned beforehand about their willingness to support those with non-traditional sexual orientations in order to facilitate the process for potential intended parents.

  1. Legal aspect

We all understand how difficult and complex surrogacy and egg donation are, and how many different factors need to be addressed and carefully taken into account. As a result, our coordinators strive to manage everything as efficiently as possible -, so you don’t have to. This is especially true when it comes to the legal aspect of this adventure.

Excellent communication was maintained between our legal team and Argentina’s embassies. In order to relieve their parents’ worries, it is imperative that the newborn obtain all required documents, such as a birth certificate and a passport. By granting citizenship and a passport to the child after birth, Argentina distinguishes itself from other countries where surrogacy is practiced.

On the birth certificate, only the first and last names of the biological parents are listed; the surrogate’s name is not. The intended parents can avoid spending more time and energy trying to get the surrogate’s name removed from the paperwork.

  1. Trustworthy agencies

To help you experience the miracle of becoming a parent, we worked with an Argentinian surrogacy agency. A practical first step to streamlining the surrogacy procedure in a foreign country is to establish contacts with a local surrogacy agency.

  1. Comfort and luxury

The majority of people only think about surrogacy and having children when they think about surrogacy travel. While this is correct, you should not overlook the other aspect—travel. It should be fun, exciting, convenient, and active for us to travel to our destination country. You can benefit from it by traveling, meeting the locals, and sampling some mouthwatering cuisine.

Thus, it can be said that Argentina is a surrogacy location that is steadily growing in popularity with singles, same-sex couples, single men, heterosexual married or unmarried couples, and single women. The favorable legal environment in Buenos Aires, which only names the intended parent(s) on newborn birth certificates and grants them full parental rights from birth, is helping surrogacy in Argentina gain more popularity. Hence, the surrogacy laws in Argentina allow you to go forward with this process smoothly and efficiently.

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