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Legality of paid surrogacy in the USA: A Detailed insight

Surrogacy has gained unprecedented popularity over the past decades across every part of the globe. Moreover, we can now say that with constant advancements in assisted reproductive technology, surrogacy has become a viable option for many individuals and couples who are unable to conceive naturally due to various infertility issues. However, the question of compensation […]

Choosing the best Surrogate: Key aspects that you must consider

surrogacy for singles in usa

  Thinking of starting a family is undoubtedly a beautiful emotion. Still, the procedure alone doesn’t always come easy for everyone. That said, some couples and individuals face difficulties having children the traditional way. That’s where surrogacy comes in as a helpful choice. Moreover, when we talk about the surrogacy process, it’s a practice where […]

Choosing IVF for infertility: Why the entire world is talking about it?

ivf treatment cost in cyprus

As the world evolves through every passing day, the concept of family extends beyond traditional notions and practices. That said, with advancements in medical science, couples and individuals have more options than ever to address various fertility challenges. Talking about the best options to tackle random fertility issues, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) certainly tops the […]

International Surrogacy: Why a uniform legal framework is the need of the hour?

International Surrogacy

There is no doubt about the fact that surrogacy has appeared to be a viable solution for increasing infertility issues among couples and individuals. Still, given the wide variation in international surrogacy laws, most of these individuals have found it hard to get along with their surrogacy aspirations. That said, we will look through the […]

Finding the Perfect Match : How Surrogacy agencies does that?


As an intended parent kick start their surrogacy journey, their first goal is to select an appropriate surrogate mother. While this goal can be achieved while connecting with the best surrogate candidates around, you may need the support and assistance of a surrogacy agency. The surrogacy agency not only helps the intended parent in selecting […]

Is Surrogacy a violation of human rights

Surrogacy is a reproductive practice that involves a woman (the surrogate) carrying and birthing a child for someone else (the intended parents). While it offers a pathway to parenthood for those who cannot conceive or carry a child, the intersection of surrogacy and human rights presents a complex and multi-faceted debate. That said, we will […]

How Safe is Surrogacy in Ukraine currently: a Detailed Overview!

surrogacy in ukraine

Ukraine has been embroiled in a protracted and devastating state of war since the start of the conflict there in 2014. Moreover, with the recent war-like situation with neighbors Russia, the country has gone into a more troublesome situation. That said, an unexpected problem has surfaced amid this geopolitical unrest: the effects of the Ukraine […]

Surrogate Psychological Consultation: Why is it significant and beneficial for your surrogacy journey?

surrogacy for singles in usa

We cannot undermine the role of a surrogate mother during a given surrogacy program. So, it is quite crucial to take care of her physical and mental health during the surrogacy journey. Hence, even if you are searching for or screening a surrogate mother in Cyprus, you must opt for surrogate psychological consultation. A surrogate […]

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