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Key precautions to take in the absence of a pre-defined surrogacy laws in Argentina

Many countries offer a highly supportive and favourable environment for surrogacy within their territories. Yet, few can match the possibilities offered by surrogacy in Argentina. However since Argentina lacks particular surrogacy legislation, intending parents have to be more careful to guarantee a flawless and safe surrogacy path. This post will walk you through the required […]

Argentina vs Cyprus: which of the countries is more favorable for surrogacy?

If you are considering international surrogacy, there are many things you need to be mindful of. Moreover, choosing the right country is absolutely important for couples and those thinking about surrogacy as a route to parenting. Now, there are many countries that can come as your potential surrogacy destinations. Yet two of the most popular […]

Finding The One – Understanding The Surrogacy Matching Process

surrogacy process in Argentina

Singles, same-sex couples, single men, heterosexual married or unmarried couples, and single women are increasingly choosing Argentina as their surrogacy destination. The favorable legal environment in Buenos Aires, which only names the intended parent(s) on newborn birth certificates and grants them full parental rights from birth, is making surrogacy more common in Argentina. A 2017 […]

Argentina Surrogacy Laws: What Intended Parents need to know

argentina surrogacy laws

With the aid of a gestational surrogate who will carry their children to term and provide for them, intended parents can use the assisted reproduction method of surrogacy. Surrogacy is used by intended parents who are unable to begin or grow their families on their own. Gay couples, married or unmarried heterosexual couples, single people, […]

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