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How Safe is Surrogacy in Ukraine currently: a Detailed Overview!

surrogacy in ukraine

Ukraine has been embroiled in a protracted and devastating state of war since the start of the conflict there in 2014. Moreover, with the recent war-like situation with neighbors Russia, the country has gone into a more troublesome situation. That said, an unexpected problem has surfaced amid this geopolitical unrest: the effects of the Ukraine […]

Same sex surrogacy Ukraine: What are your best alternatives?

same sex surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine may not be the safest option right now given the war-like situation in the country. Yet, as things come to normalcy after a few months, you must be ready with all the facts and details to take an informed decision in the same regard. Surrogacy in Ukraine is only permissible to married […]

Finding cheaper surrogacy options in Ukraine: Is it possible?

Even though Ukraine is currently undergoing a war-like situation with neighbors Russia, we can expect the situation to normalize over the next few months. That said, this European country offers low-cost surrogacy options with top-of-the-line medical support to all international parents. Now, when we talk about low-cost surrogacy in Ukraine, this country does offer surrogacy […]

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