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What makes Colombia the most affordable surrogacy destination for LGBTQ+ community?

The option of surrogacy has proved fruitful for many intended parents across the world. While it is generally deemed supportive for heterosexual couples across almost every country, certain countries also support gay surrogacy. This is where many people and couples choose surrogacy as a route to parenthood all over the world, including members of the […]

Why there is a need of a Unified law regarding surrogacy worldwide?

Surrogacy has helped and supported numerous couples and individuals around the world in seeking parenthood. Be that as it may, with surrogacy laws shifting enormously from one country to another, there’s a sheer need for a single, comprehensive surrogacy law that applies universally. Moreover, such a law would guarantee fair treatment, assurance, and clarity for […]

How more people can be more aware and informed around surrogacy worldwide?

While infertility has paved its way into the lives of millions, surrogacy has emerged as a hope for such couples to pursue parenthood. However, despite its significance, surrogacy remains covered in puzzle and misguided judgments for much of the world’s population. This is where raising awareness about surrogacy worldwide isn’t around shedding light on the […]

How to pursue surrogacy in a country with no legal framework?

It’s not that easy to make your decisions straightforwardly regarding surrogacy. Moreover, taking your first steps into the surrogacy process requires a lot of decision-making and brainstorming. However, if you are pursuing surrogacy in a country where there are no surrogacy laws, the situation gets even more critical. This is where intended parents must come […]

How family support helped me make the most out of my surrogacy journey?

Family Support in Surrogacy

We have usually talked regarding the importance of medical procedures for the success of any surrogacy journey. Yet, there haven’t been enough discussions regarding the significance of family support for the success of a surrogacy program. So, when I first thought of seeking parenthood via surrogacy, I was in two minds given the scepticism I […]

Surrogacy and Immigration laws: How to go about it?


The prospect of surrogacy overseas certainly fantasizes most of the intended parents across the world. Yet, what most of them don’t know is that overseas surrogacy presents one-of-a-kind challenges and complexities, especially in terms of immigration. That said, when intended parents from one nation choose to pursue surrogacy in another nation, they must prepare themselves […]

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