Choosing the best Surrogate: Key aspects that you must consider

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Thinking of starting a family is undoubtedly a beautiful emotion. Still, the procedure alone doesn’t always come easy for everyone. That said, some couples and individuals face difficulties having children the traditional way. That’s where surrogacy comes in as a helpful choice.

Moreover, when we talk about the surrogacy process, it’s a practice where another woman carries and gives birth to a baby for a couple or person who can’t do it naturally. However, the journey doesn’t end with just deciding to go for surrogacy. Besides, just like finding the best international surrogacy agency, finding the right surrogate is equally important. In the following parts of this blog, we will talk about why it’s crucial to pick the right surrogate for this most important journey of your life.

How to choose the right surrogate

Matching Values and Expectations

When we talk about matching values and expectations, we are talking about the how intended parents want their surrogates in Cyprus to be. Intended parents know that surrogacy isn’t just a simple contract that lasts for a limited period of time. Instead, it will be something that will leave a long-lasting impact on your years to come. Hence, it is quite important for both parties to come on common grounds in terms of their values. Besides, the surrogates should rightly match the expectations of the intended parents in order to be finalized for the surrogacy program.

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Emotional Connection

Having a baby is an emotional journey, even more so when someone else is carrying your child. So, we can say that it’s not just about handing over the custody of the child to the intended parents in the end. Instead, it’s a process that brings along w mixed bag of joy, stress and anxiety. On the other hand, the perfect emotional connection between every party involved brings more joy than stress in the procedure. On the other side, the right surrogates in Cyprus will not only be carrying your child but also become a part of your extended family, at least for the period of the surrogacy.

So, the intended parents must focus on establishing a connection with the surrogates during the pregnancy period. Besides, they should try to respect and entertain her emotional needs and demands during the surrogacy journey.

Legal Aspects

Different countries and cities have different laws about surrogacy. Talking about Surrogacy in Cyprus, it comes with supportive laws for all the intended parents across the globe. Still, there are countries that don’t follow the same lead. That said, some countries are more welcoming, while others might have strict rules or even bans in place.

Hence, the surrogate you choose should be from a location where the legal aspects are clear and favourable for surrogacy. Moreover, this ensures that you won’t face legal difficulties later, which could be stressful and costly. Besides, it’s also essential that the surrogate is willing to comply with all legal requirements, including signing contracts and attending necessary legal proceedings.

This is where bringing a legal professional into the picture is important. Not only it will draft the surrogacy contract, but take care of the rights and interests of every party involved. Also, it will bring peace while avoiding the possibility of any future altercation or dispute between the involved parties.

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Health and Medical Considerations

A surrogate needs to be physically healthy to carry a child. Moreover, this is not just important for the baby but also for the surrogate’s well-being. Besides, doctors often set certain health criteria that a surrogate should meet. Hence, choosing a surrogate who meets these health standards decreases risks related to pregnancy and childbirth. Additionally, a healthy surrogate is more likely to have a smooth pregnancy, which is less stressful for everyone involved.

So, being an intended parent, you must ensure the best medical care and support for the surrogate in Cyprus. Moreover, they must consult with the best clinic or hospital to get along with the IVF treatment. This way, they can achieve parenthood goals in the safest and healthiest manner.

Experience and Reliability

While first-time surrogates can also be excellent choices, having experience can make things easier. That said, an experienced surrogate knows what to expect during the pregnancy and can guide the intended parents through the process. Moreover, the reliability of the surrogates is another key factor. Also, you want to be sure that the surrogate will follow through with her commitments, attend all medical appointments, and keep you updated on any developments.

Financial Stability

Surrogacy can be costly, and while intended parents usually cover these costs, a financially stable surrogate is often preferable. That said, financial stability lessens the chances that the surrogate is doing this only for money, which can create complications. Besides, it ensures that she is participating in the process for the right reasons, such as the desire to help a family in need.

So, we can say that a financially stable surrogate would generally opt for an altruistic surrogacy in Cyprus rather than the commercial surrogacy program. Additionally, her main motive would be to help the intended parents in their parenthood aspirations and not just to earn some extra money.

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Communication Skills

Good communication skills would prove to be handy for the relationship between the intended parents and the surrogate mother. Talking about communication skills, both the intended parents and the surrogate mother should feel comfortable while putting through questions to each other. Moreover, they must be comfortable while forwarding their concerns, and sharing emotions. In a nutshell, it would help in keeping away from any issues while ensuring more joy than stress during the surrogacy journey.

Willingness to go through the required tests

Surrogacy does involve a list of medical tests and assessments. So, the surrogate you are looking for via an international surrogacy agency should be ready to undergo any such required procedure. She must further pass through the required medical and psychological health criteria laid down by the agency.  While short-listing the surrogate mother, the agency should ensure that she does not have a criminal background and must match the values and expectations of the intended parents.

Only after the surrogate checks on all the required criteria, she should be brought on board for the matching process. This way, there would be fewer chances of rejection from the intended parents while further establishing the required trust between every party involved.

Final words

Intended parents must know that picking the right surrogate could be a vital decision when you’re looking to create a family through surrogacy. Besides, it’s not a matter of bringing someone aboard to carry your child only. Instead, it’s about finding the right person and partner to make it through to your parenthood goals.

On the other hand, the right surrogate will have the right values, health and well-being, dependable character, and the required experience. All these variables come together to create a favourable environment for the surrogate, the intended parents, and most importantly, the future child. So, don’t rush, do your investigation and pick the most suitable surrogate for your specific surrogacy journey.

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