Egg donation in Albania

Egg donation program in Albania

We assist you in making the right decisions, facilitate the process of choosing the egg donor in Albania and liaise with the egg bank to ensure the transfer of donor eggs.

Egg donation comes fruitful in cases where the intended mother is unable to use her own eggs due to certain reasons. Besides, it is also helpful for couples and individuals seeking same-sex surrogacy or single-parent surrogacy in Albania.

While the reasons could be many, the procedure mostly remains the same. Besides, given the absence of surrogacy laws and regulations in Albania, one can easily proceed in the same direction with utmost ease.

Egg donation in Albania: Introduction!

During egg donation, the donor eggs are fertilized with partner sperm, and one (or two) embryos are transferred as embryos for conception. Moreover, women who have “primary ovarian insufficiency” may also experience early menopause and ovarian issues that prevent ovulation and egg development. Besides, women as young as 20 or 30 years old have experienced this and may choose egg donation as their last resort.

If you’ve tried numerous unsuccessful IVF cycles, are older than 38, or don’t respond well to ovarian stimulation medication, egg donation might be an option for you to get pregnant. Moreover, it is also the best IVF treatment alternative for women who are unable to produce their own eggs or who have a high risk of passing genetic disorders to their unborn child during pregnancy.

Egg donation: Getting started!

To get eligible for the egg donation process, egg donors frequently need to be between the ages of 21 and 35. Moreover, the lower limit enables a woman to legally sign contracts and other documents. Besides, the use of donors who have already given birth or who have successfully donated eggs is preferred by our medical professionals.

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    egg donation in albaniaOn the other hand, each of our egg donors from egg donor bank in Albania is subjected to a psychological, genetic, and medical evaluation. This ensures that a healthy egg donor will be selected for you in all situations. If they’ve donated before, you can see the results of those donations as well as information about their reproductive history in their profile.

    That said, during surrogacy for same-sex couple who wants to use donated eggs via egg donation clinics must choose an egg donor who has produced enough eggs in her prior cycles to meet their needs.

    Types of Egg donation options available in Albania

    egg donor in albaniaAccording to surrogacy laws in Albania, only anonymous egg donation procedures are allowed. Besides, the identity of the donor will remain a mystery to the recipient. So, we can say that there won’t be any way for the intended parents to speak to their egg donor from the egg donor bank in Albania.

    Moreover, every egg donor in Albania is accountable for the egg donation process and must be aware of this. Besides, the intended parents typically opt out of any kind of relationship with the egg donors in anonymous programs. In order to respect the wishes of egg donors, our partner IVF clinics have established some rules and when the donation procedure is through, their involvement ends in the program.

    During egg donation from various egg donation banks in Albania, various pieces of information from anonymous donors may be made available to the intended parents.

    Besides, images of the donor as an adult and as a child, as well as written responses to those questions, may be made available, depending on the donor’s answers to questions about her personal interests and pastimes.

    Regardless of their preferences, intended parents can stay assured of getting the best and most qualified egg donors at Surrogacy Care.

    How we choose the best egg donor for you?

    In order for the future child to fit into your social or cultural circle, many intended parents look for an egg donor who has a background similar to their own in terms of education, family, and ethics. Moreover, some parents want their children to achieve academic success in high school and college. No matter what reasons you coming on board with, these particulars are available in our donor profiles.

    However, there is no universally applicable solution when it comes to a person’s physical preferences. Also, a lot of intended parents consider the egg donor’s appearance while making a final selection. Whatever the case, each profile of one of our egg donors includes a picture and other important information. Besides, some egg donors share images and videos of their families on social media.

    At Surrogacy Care, we have shortlisted the best egg donor profiles and surrogacy in Albania for your particular requirements. So, you need to run around with random egg donor banks in Albania.

    egg donor bank in albaniaThe process of Egg donation in Albania

    Choosing the ideal egg donor

    There are times when it can be difficult to find an egg donor in Albania. However, while simply looking through our available donor profiles online, you can make the desired selection. 

    Our donors were thoroughly screened before being added to our donor database, unlike many other egg donor matching services, and they are ready to begin their cycle as soon as it is determined that they are your ideal match.

    We further consult with psychologists, counselors, and experts in egg donation in addition to genetic and physical examinations.

    The same screening standards as our in-house donors must be met before an outside egg donor agency or a donor candidate you know and would like to donate for you is approved by our doctors. For a donor to benefit from egg donation in Albania, she must satisfy all of our doctors’ screening requirements.

    egg donor in albaniaPreparing for the cycle

    Two to four weeks before the start of your IVF cycle, you’ll begin the planning stage for the egg donation. Moreover, certain simple changes in lifestyle are required as part of the process and we may recommend medication to help you keep up a regular menstrual cycle. That said, this makes beginning the remaining IVF procedure much easier.

    On the other side, the daily injections of fertility medications that egg donors typically administer allow them to produce multiple eggs. During this time, she will undergo blood tests and an ultrasound to determine how well her medication is working.

    Egg retrieval

    While the patient is under conscious anesthesia, the egg retrieval procedure is carried out. Moreover, the retrieval of the eggs is accomplished through a simple surgical procedure under ultrasound guidance.

    Also, the entire procedure is undertaken with the help and support of our partner egg donation clinic. At Surrogacy Care, our main motive is to provide you with the best egg donation services at an affordable surrogacy cost. With our experts by your side, you can be certain that your child-seeking goals will be accomplished without any issues.

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