Egg Donation in Argentina

Egg Donation program in Argentina

Donor eggs is a successful treatment option for infertile patients with poor ovarian reserve, and those with multiple IVF failures or advanced maternal age, to improve their chances of becoming pregnant.

The utilization of egg donation Argentina is been practiced since many years to assist random individuals and couples achieve conception. That said, most of these include infertile women with limited ovarian reserve or poor response history to ovarian stimulation, those who have had several IVF failures, or women who are past childbearing age.

Regardless of the reasons, we at Surrogacy Care have brought in the best and most affordable egg donation programs in association with our partner clinics for egg donor in Argentina. The purpose of this program is to make pregnancy possible for hundreds of women who each year wish to realize this desire but are unable to use their own oocytes.

On the other side, this alternative of egg donation in Argentina offers the highest pregnancy rates and the lowest risk of genetic problems among intended parents.

How do we bring you the most convenient egg donation options in Argentina?

egg donation in argentinaAt Surrogacy care, we always believe that nothing should stop the parents from feeling the joy of parenthood. So, our shared egg donor program divides the donor’s fresh egg cohort among several recipients, resulting in a high pregnancy rate (60–65%), a shorter waiting period, and lowers costs because the donor’s expenses are split among the recipients.

On the other side, we also provide a personalized egg donor database for couples or individuals that want to make a desired choice in the same regard. As a result, this therapy is generally affordable for patients. Additionally, because of the devaluation of the Argentine currency in recent years, the cost of egg donation in Argentina is still lower than in other countries.

The program for egg donor in Argentina from our partner egg donor bank is one of the most well-liked in Latin America, and not only in Argentina.

egg donor bank in argentinaProfessionals at Surrogacy Care further ensure that the facility offers patients a high-calibre medical experience as well as a safe program comparable to those offered in developed countries like USA and Canada. Our goal is simple: to help you have a healthy kid as quickly and easily as possible, with the finest standards of safety (in terms of infectious and genetic factors). Moreover, we’ll assess your situation and create a customized egg donation strategy with the help and assistance of our partner egg donor bank in Argentina.

 The way we do something differs from the way others do it, and this makes us one of the best surrogacy agencies in Argentina. We further believe in creating programs with the highest pregnancy rates, minimal travel, no waiting list, donors from over the world, and direct patient-to-doctor communication.

How do we select the finest egg donors in Argentina?

egg donor in argentinaAll of our voluntarily donated eggs are between the ages of 21 and 32, and they are all screened in accordance with expert recommendations.

Besides, a medical professional from our partner egg donor bank in Argentina evaluates their medical history, both personally and through their families. They have a karyotype and a sizable panel of genetic illnesses using Recombine, as well as infectious (HIV, hepatitis B and C, and syphilis) and genetic screenings.  

On the other side, the recipient will also be assessed for any health issues during the process.

To reduce dangers and improve the chances of conception, it is crucial to perform a thorough evaluation of the recipient’s spouse. On the other side, the recipient women must be 50 years or younger. Besides, the following screening checklist is based on ASRM recommendations:

A recipient typically takes two months and each woman will get a minimum of six mature eggs (the average is 8-9). This indicates that the receiver is not in danger of a potentially poor donor ovarian response. Furthermore, we promise to transfer when the blastocyst stage is present, significantly raising the clinical pregnancy rate.

Every patient:

  • Type & Rh Factor
  • HIV 1 – 2
  • HBsAg
  • HCV core antibody
  • RPR (syphilis)
  • Rubella IgG
  • Vitamin D level
  • PAP smear
  • Baseline Ultrasound
  • Hysterosalpingography or Hysteroscopy
  • GC and Chlamydia culture

Patients over 40 years old:

  • CBC
  • Hepatogram
  • LDL cholesterol – HDL cholesterol – triglicerids
  • Glycemia (fasting)
  • EKG
  • Mammography


  • Type & Rh Factor
  • HIV1 – 2
  • HBsAg
  • HCVcore antibody
  • RPR(syphilis)
  • Semen analysis (with Kruger morphology)
  • Karyotypeand Cystic fibrosis mutations (or a large genetic panel to evaluate more genetic mutations)

Analyzing the egg donation success rates

egg donor bank in argentinaClinical pregnancy rates are greater than those reported by the Latin-American registry (Registro Latinoamericano de Reproducción Asistida) and European Society of Human Reproductive and Endocrinology (ESHRE) and are in the range of 60-65%, which is comparable to most US success rates.

Besides, iIt is crucial to stress that unlike therapies utilizing non-donor eggs, the age of the receiver has no bearing on the success rates of egg donation, and the clinical pregnancy rate is constant in women under the age of 50.

It is also remarkable that when carried out according to procedure and in accordance with international declarations based on scientific data, surrogacy with egg donation is an efficient and secure therapeutic alternative.

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