Egg donation in Colombia

Egg donation in Colombia

Egg donation in Colombia is generally required when the intended mother couldn’t use her own eggs given certain issues with their quality or quantity. These may be needed in case you are pursuing surrogacy for singles or same-sex couples in Colombia.

So, as you turn your attention towards egg donation via a random egg donation clinic in Colombia or elsewhere, do consult with your fertility professional beforehand.

Intended parents must, however, know that under the condition that specific norms and regulations are followed, Egg donation procedures are legal in Colombia. Moreover, young, fertile women’s oocytes (eggs) may be used during the process to help the intended parents conceive.

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In what circumstances are you allowed to take the services of an egg donor?

There are many situations where the services of an egg donor in Colombia may be required. In Colombia, women who desire to have children but are unable to do so using their own eggs can use egg donation. She may have been born without ovaries, be going through menopause, haven’t always responded well to hormonal stimulation of her ovaries, or have had poor egg or embryo quality in the past with IVF treatments. Other potential causes include birth defects. On the other hand, a woman may also choose to use a donor if she has a hereditary illness that she doesn’t want to pass on to her offspring.

Who can become an egg donor in Colombia?

There are certain pre-requisites defined for the potential egg donors in Colombia. That said, egg donors are any women who agree to donate their oocytes to a recipient. Given Colombian laws, these women, who are normally between the ages of 21 and 34, should maintain their anonymity.

On the other hand, receivers should exercise caution when recruiting donors without using an intermediary to screen them, and they should strongly consider seeking legal advice. Now, in case you can’t perform all these tasks yourself, it is always recommended to get in touch with our experts.

Egg donation in Colombia: How to make the first move?

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You must be aware of the fact that Colombia only permits anonymous egg donations. On the other hand, each donor must successfully complete a series of exams verifying their overall health before they can join our egg donation program.

Moreover, they must undergo AMH and antral follicle count testing to determine whether they have an adequate ovarian reserve and are acceptable donors. Additionally, these donors undergo medical exams that include tests for the presence of numerous genetic disorders and infectious diseases, as well as psychological assessments and medical examinations.

That said, you can be assured that every donor from an egg donor bank in Colombia or elsewhere will be properly screened and tested before being brought on board.

Getting only the best and healthiest donors on board!

Before being deemed fit for surrogacy in Colombia, every donor has to pass through a list of tests and diagnoses. In addition to genetic carrier screening for a number of inheritable disorders such as spinal muscular atrophy, fragile X, and cystic fibrosis, donors are also subjected to psychological assessment. Moreover, prior to donating at any egg donation clinic in Colombia, they are also tested for infectious disorders like HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia.

A woman who donates her eggs to another woman can have a child using the donated eggs. Additionally, in order to donate eggs, the donor must take drugs that will increase her egg production within a single cycle. A needle with an ultrasonography probe attached is subsequently inserted into the vaginal tissues to collect the donor’s eggs.

After that is finished, the eggs are gently removed from the ovaries. In addition, after the eggs have been removed, an embryologist from an egg donor bank looks over them. Next, sperm from the male spouse or a sperm bank is used to cover or inject each egg.

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    Ensuring the best procedures for the egg donation!

    egg donation in colombiaThe egg donation process is carried out under the strict supervision of our partner fertility experts. Moreover, these experts at the egg donor bank in Colombia must time the stimulation of the donor and the recipient’s uterus (womb) so that they are both ready at the same moment.

    Besides, there are several ways to accomplish this, and the ovaries and cycle of a woman who still has regular menstrual cycles are routinely repressed with medication.

    In addition, the donor begins the drug to stimulate her ovaries at the same time that the recipient begins taking estrogen to thicken her uterine lining.

    Additionally, to aid in the implantation of the embryo, the recipient will begin taking progesterone around the time of egg retrieval (fertilized egg).

    The embryo(s) will be transferred to the recipient’s womb three to five days following conception. On top of that, hormones are still given until the pregnancy test. They are then administered during the first few weeks of the subsequent pregnancy if the test is positive.

    In Colombia, the egg donor is assessed in a similar way to how couples undergoing regular IVF are assessed. A comprehensive medical history from both parties, including blood type and Rh factor, and tests for sexually transmitted illnesses like HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis should also be included. Besides, the couple should also receive therapy for discussing the challenges of their decision to use donor eggs from a mental health professional.

    The patient’s pelvis and uterus need to be inspected and she should get a more thorough examination if she is over 45, which should involve testing her heart function and her risk of contracting disorders related to pregnancy. Additionally, she might be told to see a doctor at the Colombian egg donor bank who specializes in high-risk pregnancies. On the other hand, the male partner’s sperm should be checked, and the appropriate genetic screening should be performed, based on his history and ethnic origin.

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