Egg Donation in UK

Egg Donation in UK

Intended parents that are just starting up their journey with IVF or surrogacy in the UK must know that it is illegal to pay for egg donation in the UK. Moreover, as per HFEA, egg donors from egg donor bank in UK can claim compensation of up to GBP 750 per egg donation cycle. That said, as you connect with our coordinators at Surrogacy Care, we will help you through with all the other key facts and information in the same regard.

Is egg donation in UK legal?

You should never come across someone promising to pay you a specific sum of money to make a contribution because it is against the law to buy eggs in this country. Likewise, it is illegal to offer your eggs for sale to the highest bidder, thus you should never do so. The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA), which strictly regulates the egg donation process in the UK, makes sure that all donations are made out of altruism rather than for financial gain.

Can Egg Donors receive any kind of Compensation?

Legally, egg donor clinic UK is allowed to pay egg donors a predetermined sum of money. This amount can reach £750 per cycle of donations. Typically, the purpose of this is to pay for any travel or childcare expenditures incurred during the course of the treatment, notably on the day of egg retrieval.

Moreover, the egg donor in UK is free and generous, with the aim of helping someone else establish the family they’ve always desired. This money is not given to donors in order to pay them for their eggs. Instead, the £750 you would receive for each cycle is payment for the time, work, and dedication you have put into a worthwhile cause.

In order to guarantee that there would never be a chance for substantial financial benefit for potential donors—while still ensuring that the compensation paid adequately represented the procedures and processes involved in the treatment—the HFEA set a cap on this price in 2011. In situations where expenses (such as child care, travel, and lodging) exceed the amount outlined by the HFEA instructions, centres may compensate donors with an excess amount.

Besides, this is in accordance with HFEA Directions, which indicate that a donor may receive compensation in the form of a specific sum to make up for any incurred financial losses.

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    How egg donation process in UK works?

    Although every egg donor bank in UK has their own policy and procedure regarding egg donation, the standard process stays as follows :

    Egg donation in UK

    1. An injectable medicine that promotes the recruitment of several follicles and raises the likelihood of successfully retrieving numerous eggs will be administered to you. After that, a different particular drug will be administered to block or regulate the natural female hormones that guarantee the treatment’ efficacy. During this time, you can carry on with your regular everyday activities.
    2. To monitor the growth of the follicles and to guarantee your safety throughout the procedure, you will need to go to three to four ultrasound scans.
    3. You will receive one final hormonal injection about a day or so before the egg collection process is scheduled to take place at our partner egg donation clinic UK. This aids in the eggs’ maturation and gets them ready for retrieval.
    4. Afterwards, the egg collection procedure will be taken care of. Under anesthesia, this is carried out vaginally with ultrasound assistance, and you will be asleep for roughly 20 minutes, which should be sufficient to ensure that the procedure is pain and discomfort-free.

    egg donor in ukYou may have some soreness and bruising after donating eggs; this is quite normal. In order to complete a donation, you will often need to take off two days from work, one of which will be dedicated to the egg collection procedure and the second to some downtime following.

    If you ultimately decide that you would prefer not to donate your eggs, you will always have the option to change your decision. Up to the point of embryo transfer for the recipient, you can decide whether or not to use donated eggs. This also applies to any “surplus” embryos from a donation you’ve made that have been stored in anticipation of future usage.

    Additionally, counselling will frequently be provided throughout the egg donation procedure, ensuring that you are constantly supported in your choice.

    Why choose Surrogacy care?

    At Surrogacy Care, we will ensure the well-vetted and perfectly matched egg donor in UK for your specific requirements. So, you can stay assured of the desired results during your IVF treatment in UK or surrogacy in UK.

    Moreover, you can check through the profiles of the egg donors that have been shortlisted by our partner IVF clinics in UK. To know more, please contact our coordinators today.