Egg donation in Ukraine

Egg donation in Ukraine

Egg donation in Ukraine is permitted under the fulfilment of certain legal obligations. Moreover, if you are an intended mother and you are unable to use your own eggs for IVF for a variety of reasons, egg donation in Ukraine may come as the right option for you.

The bulk of the available donors are Caucasian, despite the fact that some clinics also have donors of various races. So, the country has always come up as the ideal choice for most of the child seeking couples around. On the other hand, fresh and frozen oocytes are both available, there are no waiting lists. Hence, you need not to worry much while seeking your parenthood dreams in this part of the world.

Who can be an egg donor in Ukraine?

To be eligible for egg donation via egg donation clinic Ukraine or any other entity, you need to fulfil certain predefined criterion. First and foremost, you got to be a health woman with no previous history of health complications. Besides, you must be free from any kind of addiction of harmful substances. On the other hand, an egg donor may donate their eggs a total of eight times at a random egg donor bank in Ukraine. The other qualifications for an egg donor in Ukraine largely depend on the specific requirements laid down by the various IVF clinics and egg donation agencies in the country.

Egg donation process in Ukraine: How to go about it?

Going with the egg donation process in Ukraine is quite simple and straightforward. You just need to connect with our coordinators who will then manage the entire procedure with the help and support of our partners’ egg donor bank in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, there are both anonymous and non-anonymous egg donors. Additionally, some donors choose to remain anonymous while others choose to provide the absolute minimum of information.

On occasion, information on the donor’s credentials, history, interests, and educational background is available. Other times, you may be able to view a picture of the egg donor in Ukraine when they were young or even as an adult. However, the newborn cannot understand who the donor is.

On the other hand, donors and recipients are matched based on physical traits such race, skin tone, hair color, and eye color. According to the Ukrainian egg donor clinic, there are additional regulatory requirements for donor qualification tests like Hepatitis B and C; HIV; T. pallidum; TORCH infections Ig G/M (Cytomegalovirus, Toxoplasmosis, Rubella, Chlamydia, Herpes 1 and 2), Cystic fibrosis, karyotyping, and a psychological examination

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    What does egg donation cost in Ukraine?

    Egg donation cost in Ukraine is way lower than other European countries around. In Ukraine, a cycle of egg donation normally costs between €4,600 and €5,500. Moreover, this makes choosing Ukraine a very economical decision. But bear in mind that a number of factors, including as the number of donor oocytes utilized, medical insurance, and other add-on procedures, will affect the ultimate cost of the treatment. That said, the egg donation clinic Ukraine and the region in which care is provided have an impact on the price as well.

    On the other hand, it should also be considered that some egg donor bank in Ukraine might provide an “external service.” To fertilize the donor oocytes, the patient’s partner’s sperm are delivered to this location. Aside from that, the embryos are delivered home after being vitrified. Additionally, this alternative is more expensive because to the high cost of embryo transportation, but since patients do not have to travel, it can help them save time.

    How Surrogacy Care can help you?

    To provide you with the best and most appropriate egg donor in Ukraine, we have associated with some of the most sought after egg donation clinics and egg donor bank in Ukraine. As a result, you can opt for egg donation services right as per your personalised needs and requirements. For more information, get in touch with our coordinator right away!