Egg Donation in USA

Egg Donation in USA

A person would require the services of an egg donor in case she wants to conceive via IVF treatment in USA and couldn’t use her eggs given certain infertility issues. Moreover, the services of an egg donor may also be required if a single parent (male) wants to seek a child via single parent surrogacy in USA.

Regardless of the requirement, the process related to egg donation in USA does require some prior knowledge and information. Moreover, if you can’t make all the efforts on our own, it is highly advisable to get in touch with a trusted egg donor bank in USA.

On the other side, there are certain requirements that an egg donor must fulfill in order to stay eligible for an egg donation program.

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Eligibility criteria for Egg donor in USA

egg donor in usaAn egg donor in USA needs to be between the age group of 21 to 30 years. Besides, she must be a non-smoker with a healthy BMI and weight.

On the other side, the donor should be willing to undergo every required tests and diagnosis that will confirm her eligibility for the donation process.

At surrogacy care, we always ensure bringing the best egg donors and sperm donors on board after making them go through all the required tests and diagnosis. The donors interested in egg donation in USA are first required to complete the online survey that involves random question regarding their likes, dislikes, reason to join the egg donation clinic in USA and so on.

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    Screening for egg donor in USA

    Afterwards, the egg donor needs to fill out an application form in order to become an egg donor. Once done, she will undergo random medical, genetic, psychosocial, and infectious illness screening under the guidance of our partner IVF clinics and egg donor bank in USA.

    Initial screening: online questionnaire that asks about one’s own and one’s family’s medical history. We’ll call you to go through your responses.

    Standard screening: FDA-mandated online infectious illness survey for standard screening

    Psychological evaluation: This would involve the consultation with the experts from our partner egg donation clinic USA.

    Physical assessment for infectious illness: This would include physical examination and testing for infectious diseases, includes drawing blood for testing on viral and genetic illnesses.

    Potential egg donors must know that to be qualified to take part in the egg donation procedure; you must pass every level of screening and receive approval. Besides, you won’t be charged anything for this testing.

    Egg donation in USA: How it works?

    egg donor bank in usaYou can start the egg donation procedure after being accepted, agreeing to donate, and being matched with a recipient. Besides, oral contraceptive pills are the first step in the process. To arrange an ultrasound scan and provide a blood sample, we will ask you to contact as soon as your period starts. You will start administering injections of fertility drugs as soon as both you and your recipient are prepared.

    After that, there will be ultrasounds and blood tests every one to two days for a total of four or five visits. The medical staff from our partner egg donation clinic USA will choose the ideal time for egg retrieval with the aid of the ultrasound scans and blood tests.

    Besides, you will be instructed to start taking a second drug to suppress ovulation after your lead follicles measure 13mm. In order to get you ready for the egg retrieval surgery, you will be told to take a final test at a specified time. The next day, you will have one last blood test.

    Egg retrieval process

    egg donor agency in usaYou will be put to sleep throughout the process on the day of your retrieval to reduce pain. Once you are asleep, experts from our egg donor bank in USA will use a tiny needle to access your ovary and retrieve your eggs. Following the procedure, you will be closely observed for some time. You will need a ride home from your appointment that day, so plan to wait until the next morning before returning to your regular routine.

    Following the process, you will get remuneration for your time and effort in the donation process. Besides, your recipient will provide egg donation insurance coverage to safeguard you in the extremely unlikely event of a complication related to the egg donation procedure.

    Moreover, you will start the donation procedure after being given our egg donor staff’s preliminary approval. Besides, egg donors can give up to six times at any of the egg donor banks or clinics.

    Egg donation in USA: Why we are the best?

    At Surrogacy Care, we have chosen to partner with the best egg donor clinics and agencies to help you get perfectly vetted egg donors in USA. So, regardless of your purpose, you can pick the best egg donor in USA from our pool of donors. Contact one of our coordinators today to schedule a free consultation appointment!