Finding cheaper surrogacy options in Ukraine: Is it possible?

Even though Ukraine is currently undergoing a war-like situation with neighbors Russia, we can expect the situation to normalize over the next few months. That said, this European country offers low-cost surrogacy options with top-of-the-line medical support to all international parents.

Now, when we talk about low-cost surrogacy in Ukraine, this country does offer surrogacy at a reasonable cost in comparison to other European countries. Still, being an intended parent, you must not fall for cheaper options as there are numerous fake surrogacy agencies that are looking to dupe your hard-earned money.

surrogacy cost in ukraine


Why do you need to be cautious while looking for cheaper surrogacy cost in Ukraine?

Ukraine offers surrogacy at a much cheaper cost. Still, you must know that good things always come at a price. So, instead of looking for cheaper cost of surrogacy in Ukraine, you must look for the best surrogacy options at a reasonable cost.

On the other side, always enquire about the surrogacy package available at the surrogacy agency in Ukraine. That way, you can make an informed decision while picking the best surrogacy program at a reasonable surrogacy cost in Ukraine.

On the other side, there are several factors that affect the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine, like :

Embryo creation

Before deciding to use a surrogate, many couples have to deal with a surrogacy clinic in Ukraine to ensure the creation and development of the embryo. The same may cost around $10,000 to $20,000

Egg donation:

Couples of the same sex as well as a few heterosexual couples might also have to pay for an egg donor in Ukraine. This may cost between $20,000 to $30,000

Surrogacy agency fees:

Depending on what is included in the agency’s services, the cost can change significantly. Moreover, Legal and medical screening are services that some agencies offer in the surrogacy package.  That said, the cost here will come to around $20,000 to $50,000

Legal services:  

It’s crucial to work with a lawyer to draft the necessary documents outlining the compensation structure and what will happen in the event of pregnancy complications if the agency does not provide legal services. Besides, you might also require assistance with adoption and pre- or postnatal legal documentation and the cost will come in the range of $8,000 to $20,000

Cost of a surrogate mother in Ukraine:

cost of surrogacy in ukraineThis represents the compensation of the surrogate mother in Ukraine in exchange for carrying the pregnancy and giving birth on your behalf. This cost will vary according to the surrogate’s location and prior experience and come in between $25,001 to $30,000

Surrogate contingent fees:

If there are any complications with the pregnancy, the intended parents may be required to pay these separate fees. 

These can include unplanned C-sections and unexpected twins (if an embryo splits). The cost range is roughly $10,000, but it could be less or more if the surrogate experiences serious medical issues.

Cost of insurance:

The majority of standard health insurance policies do not cover the surrogate pregnancy, but while they are working together, intended parents continue to pay the premiums and deductibles for their surrogate’s insurance plan.

Besides, there are a few additional insurance plans that intended families can purchase to cover pregnancy and delivery on behalf of their surrogates. However, these can be expensive with high deductibles.

Other costs:  

Intended parents should consider a variety of additional, smaller costs when estimating the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine. Moreover, travel and pregnancy supplies are among them if the gestational carrier is not living nearby (such as clothing and prenatal benefits). At the same time, expectant parents should begin preparing for baby necessities like cribs, bottles, and diapers because they’ll need them right away after the baby is born.

Is gestational surrogacy cost in Ukraine higher than a traditional one?

surrogacy in ukraine

Gestational surrogacy is more costly than traditional surrogacy for many reasons. Firstly, in comparison to traditional surrogacy, there is an extra number of people and procedures involved in the process. On the other side, gay surrogacy cost in Ukraine may require you to pay a bit more.

This is due to the fact that an egg donor or sperm donor will be required for the IVF treatment process. Now, as only surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Ukraine is permitted, you may not be able to pursue gay surrogacy in Ukraine. Hence, gay surrogacy cost in Ukraine may still remain unclear as of now.    :

How to make payment for cost of surrogacy in Ukraine?

Employee benefits:

Although it’s not that common for employers to offer surrogacy coverage as part of their benefits package, there are certain employers that cover surrogacy options for their employees. Still, one must check with their employer before putting a step forward in the same context.

Health insurance:

Even though most health insurance policies don’t cover the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine, many do offer some coverage for procedures needed by intended parents. If your carrier does not reside in your state, you might want to think about how your plan handles out-of-network providers since health insurance will also begin to pay for the baby’s expenses after birth.

Individual savings:

If you are aware that your family’s history may involve surrogacy, regularly setting aside even small sums in a designated account can add up over time. Moreover, it can take 12 to 18 months to find a donor, so you can carry on with this process even after you’ve started working with a surrogacy agency in Ukraine.


To make available financial options to intended parents, some fertility clinics in Ukraine collaborate with private lenders. Moreover, a retirement plan or your home’s equity may also be used as collateral for a loan, though doing so could jeopardize your financial stability. That said, if you choose this course of action, consult a financial advisor to develop a strategy for your future debt repayment.

Final words

Regardless of the points and aspects mentioned above, surrogacy cost in Ukraine stays lower than in other developed countries like UK, USA, and Canada. Still, in order to find the best available options, always enquire from a number of surrogacy agencies in Ukraine.

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