Finding the Perfect Match : How Surrogacy agencies does that?


As an intended parent kick start their surrogacy journey, their first goal is to select an appropriate surrogate mother. While this goal can be achieved while connecting with the best surrogate candidates around, you may need the support and assistance of a surrogacy agency.

The surrogacy agency not only helps the intended parent in selecting and matching the surrogate but also assists them through every step of their surrogacy journey. In the following part of this blog, we will talk about the procedure brought into use by the best surrogacy agencies in Europe to match the surrogate mother and the intended parents.

How Surrogacy agency matches the IPs and the surrogate mother?

The surrogacy agency plays a key role in connecting the surrogate mothers with the intended parents and this may include a list of perfectly curated procedures, medical screenings and thoughtful matchmaking.

surrogacy agency in UKFinding the surrogate mother

First up, once the intended parents connect to the cheapest surrogacy agency in the UK, their main aim is to find a surrogate mother who can match their expectations, values and needs. This is where the surrogacy agency initiates the process by collecting all the information about the intended parents, their preferences and expectations.

This may include the location of the surrogate, her medical history, lifestyle and even the key traits of her personality. Moreover, this helps parents to narrow down their search for the best possible surrogate mother candidate. Also, this helps to bring compatibility in the relationship between the intended parents and the surrogate mother.

Screening process

Once the surrogate mother has been selected, she would then go through a proper screening process before being brought on board in the surrogacy procedure. Moreover, this screening process mainly includes a detailed medical and psychological assessment to make sure that the surrogate candidate is mentally and physically capable of the surrogacy arrangement.

That said, once the surrogate candidate passes through all these tests and assessments, she will be considered fit. On the other hand, once the surrogate candidates have been properly screened and assessed, their details which mainly include personal, medical and lifestyle information will get captured in the database of the surrogacy agency.

This further would create a pool of information for the surrogate mothers which can be used by the agency to match with the intended parents. On the other side, intended parents should know that the matching process comes along as a complicated procedure and usually talk about a perfect combination of their expectations along with the surrogate’s comfort level.

Surrogate matching

surrogacy agencies in Europe

As the Surrogate has passed through all the tests and diagnoses, she would be ready to be matched with the intended parents. While there are few agencies that automatically matches the intended parents and the surrogate mothers depending on the compatibility factors, there is some agency that facilitates interaction between both parties.

During this procedure, both parties can discuss their views and expectations regarding the key aspects of the surrogacy journey, communication process, views on termination or expectations from the surrogacy process.

The process is designed to make sure that both parties get comfortable with each other. Moreover, this meeting may come crucial to establish a perfect relationship between both parties. Besides, it allows them to put through the questions, concerns and any doubts which may come with their surrogacy journey.

Drafting the surrogacy agreement

Once both parties have reached a mutual agreement, they would then get along to sign a surrogacy agreement.  This would come as an agreement that would define the rights and responsibilities of both parties during the surrogacy process. On the other hand, the surrogacy agency would continue to provide the required assistance and guidance to the parties.

Moreover, this would help in creating a positive relationship between the surrogate mother and intended parents as the surrogacy process goes through.  Moreover, it is shown that the best possible surrogacy experience is achieved for both parties during the same procedure.

Why you may need the services of a surrogacy agency?

Getting started with the surrogacy journey can come complicated and emotionally taxing for both the surrogate mothers and intended parents. This is where working along with a professional surrogacy clinic in the UK would help them with the list of advantages and benefits.

surrogacy in europeRequired expertise and experience

First of all, a surrogacy agency comes along with the required expertise and know-how of the surrogacy process.

Moreover, they are deeply familiar with the medical, legal and emotional aspects involved in the surrogacy journey which can be overwhelming for intended parents to go through on their own.

On the other hand, they also provide detailed assistance at every step of their surrogacy journey making sure that all the parties are informed about the core procedures involved.

Managing legal considerations

Additionally, a surrogacy process does involve certain legal considerations starting from the drafting of the surrogacy agreement to the confirmation of parental rights. That said, most of these legal procedures may vary according to the respective country and their jurisdiction. This is where these best surrogacy agencies in Europe come aboard with their team of legal professionals that are highly knowledgeable about these regulations and laws and can further guide the surrogate mothers and intended parents through these complications.

Surrogate screening and matching

Additionally, it is critical to ensure the health and capability of the surrogate mother during the process. This may involve a list of medical and psychological assessments, criminal background checks and even family visits.  This may come challenging for the intended parents as they proceed on their own. Hence, a surrogacy agency would help you in the matching process to a great deal. Also, most of these agencies come with the expertise to find a perfectly suitable surrogate match based on the needs and expectations of the intended parents.

Facilitating communication between intended parents and surrogate

The agency would further facilitate an open interaction between both parties and further establish a healthy relationship between them. Apart from other services, they may further offer financial management support which may come very helpful for the intended parents.

Financial management support

The intended parents may also be provided with a payment plan to manage the surrogacy cost and another medical costs.  On the other hand, another benefit of having the cheapest surrogacy agency in the UK by your side is their vast network of IVF treatment clinics, legal professionals and other experts that would help the intended parents in their journey without any obstructions and challenges.

Final words

The surrogacy agency can act as the bridge of communication between the surrogate mothers and the intended parents. So, even if the intended parents are residing in a different geographic location, they can easily communicate with the surrogate mother. As we just talked about the benefits of going along with a surrogacy agency, you must always make an informed choice while taking into consideration their experience and expertise.

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