How Safe is Surrogacy in Ukraine currently: a Detailed Overview!

surrogacy in ukraine

Ukraine has been embroiled in a protracted and devastating state of war since the start of the conflict there in 2014. Moreover, with the recent war-like situation with neighbors Russia, the country has gone into a more troublesome situation.

That said, an unexpected problem has surfaced amid this geopolitical unrest: the effects of the Ukraine war on surrogacy. It’s a fact that Ukraine has grown to be a popular choice for intended parents looking for surrogacy services due to tolerant surrogacy laws in Ukraine. Still, the ongoing conflict presents particular issues and challenges for this sector.

How impactful has the war-like situation been on Surrogacy in Ukraine?

Safety and well-being of the surrogate mothers

surrogacy in ukraineThe safety and welfare of surrogate mothers in Ukraine and the children they carry is a critical concern in relation to surrogacy in light of the conflict in Ukraine. That said, they are at risk from conflict for things like violence, displacement, and poor healthcare. Moreover, these risks are amplified for surrogate mothers, who need consistent prenatal care and a safe environment for the development and delivery of the child.

Also, these women’s health and the health of the children they are carrying may suffer as a result of the war’s effects on the healthcare system, including reduced resources and disrupted services.

The legal procedures have gone complicated

The legal procedures related to surrogacy are also made more difficult by the war. Moreover, there may be issues in the future with the legal recognition of parentage, the child’s citizenship, and the child’s ability to leave Ukraine with their intended parents due to travel restrictions, diplomatic tensions, and changing legislation. Also, these legal procedures can become even more complicated during a time of war, putting families in precarious situations.

Furthermore, the socio-economic effects of the war in Ukraine may make existing weaknesses in the surrogacy process worse. Besides, increased economic instability and poverty may put pressure on women to use surrogacy in Ukraine as a means of financial survival, which could lead to exploitation. Hence, ensuring informed consent and treating surrogate mothers fairly become even more important in the midst of a conflict.

Impact on the future child via Surrogacy in Ukraine

Apparently, the situation of children born through surrogacy during the war will also go worrisome. Sometimes due to the conflict, intended parents are unable to travel to Ukraine, leaving newborns without parents and stranded in temporary care facilities. That said, certain rights such as the right to nationality, the right to know and be cared for by their parents, and the right to protection and care are in jeopardy for these “stateless” children.

What should be done to counter such a situation in the future?

surrogacy agency in ukraineA comprehensive, rights-based approach to surrogacy in conflict zones is required to address these concerns with the help of a good surrogacy agency in Ukraine. First and foremost, the security and welfare of surrogate mothers in Ukraine must come first.

Moreover, they should be given access to quality medical care, support for their mental health, and, if necessary, a safe relocation either inside or outside the nation.

Second, initiatives must be made to speed up the legal procedure for intended parents in tense situations. Besides, in order to ensure the smooth delivery of newborns to their parents and native countries, governments, diplomatic organizations, and surrogacy organizations must work together.

Also, infants who are waiting to be reunited with their parents should receive interim care that respects their rights and is in their best interests.

Third, fair compensation, full disclosure of risks, and the ability to make their own decisions must be provided to surrogate mothers in order to prevent exploitation. Also, to prevent women from being forced into surrogacy as a result of financial hardship, protection measures must be put in place.

Last but not least, plans for Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction should include steps to tighten regulation of the surrogacy sector, ensuring that it operates in a way that respects the rights of all parties, particularly women and children.

What are your alternative options for surrogacy in Ukraine in the meantime?

As of now, it is not recommended to go with surrogacy in Ukraine. So, we would recommend you go with the following list of countries to pursue your surrogacy aspirations. Besides, it’s always important to consult with a legal expert in a specific country to understand the current legislation and regulations around surrogacy. That being said, here are some countries near Ukraine that allow the best surrogacy options:

Georgia: In Georgia, surrogacy is permitted for heterosexual couples who are unable to have a child due to medical reasons. Moreover, the process is regulated, and intended parents must be approved by a medical institution. Besides, the surrogate mother has no parental rights over the child.

Belarus: Belarus has no specific law on surrogacy, but it is allowed and regulated as part of the healthcare system. Moreover, the intended parents’ names go directly on the birth certificate, and the surrogate has no parental rights.

Greece: Greece allows altruistic surrogacy for both Greek residents and foreigners. Besides, the process is highly regulated, and a court order is required before the process begins. Also, the surrogate must be a Greek citizen.

surrogate mother cyprus

Russia: Surrogacy is legal in Russia for heterosexual couples and single women, including foreigners. Moreover, the process is regulated, and the intended parents’ names are placed directly on the birth certificate.

Still, given its political rivalry currently with Ukraine, you can give this country a skip in the same regard.

Final words

Please note that the legislation on surrogacy in Ukraine is subject to change in a post-war era. Hence, you must always consult with a legal expert or a reputable surrogacy agency in Ukraine for the most current information. Also, bear in mind that surrogacy involves ethical considerations and should be approached with the rights and welfare of all parties, including the surrogate mother and the child, firmly in mind.

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