Independent surrogacy vs Surrogacy via a surrogacy agency: How to make the right choice?

Surrogacy is a process that demands some good effort and planning from the intended parents. That said, as an intended parent decides to embark on the journey of surrogacy, they have to choose between independent surrogacy and surrogacy via an agency. While both options do come with their own pros and cons, the intended parents have to choose while keeping every aspect into consideration. That said, they should first understand the core difference between both options.

What is independent surrogacy?

Independent surrogacy is a type of surrogacy where the intended parents choose to go along on their own for the entire journey. Right from the surrogate search to the filing for the custody of the child, they will take care of the entire procedure themselves.

While this may come as a cost-saving option, it further brings its own list of pros and cons. So, intended parents must make a choice while keeping all the aspects into consideration.

Advantages of opting for Independent surrogacy

The biggest advantage of independent surrogacy is the low cost of surrogacy. They may save some big amounts that would have been spent on surrogacy agency consultancy for various related tasks. Besides, if they had consulted with a good IVF clinic, the entire procedure would go smoothly and conveniently.

independent surrogacy

Moreover, the intended parents can connect with their own family members or friends to serve as a surrogate. This way, they can build that trust and faith with the surrogate right from the start. Even though the legal implications would come into the picture, they can sign a contract to avoid any future altercations.

What is Surrogacy via a surrogacy agency?

Surrogacy via a surrogacy agency is undoubtedly the most sought-after surrogacy option across the globe. While it does require the intended parents to pay some extra amount, it provides them with a myriad of services in return.

On the other hand, the surrogacy agency will take care of every task related to surrogacy, be it surrogate search, screening and other procedures. Also, in case an egg donor or sperm donor is required, the agency can arrange that via its network of clinics and centres. This is quite convenient in case the intended parents have to pay attention to other commitments while going on their surrogacy journey.

The Advantages of Working with a Surrogacy Agency

Professional Guidance: Surrogacy is a complex process with key aspects to consider from medical procedures to legal contracts. That said, surrogacy agencies have the experience and knowledge to guide you smoothly through each step.

Besides, in case you are unable to choose the right surrogacy option or destination, they can guide you towards the best option. Also, they can offer you affordable surrogacy options to help you budget your entire surrogacy journey.

Screening and Matching: Surrogacy agencies can also handle the rigorous screening process to ensure that the surrogate is physically and mentally fit. Besides, they also help match intended parents with a surrogate who shares similar views and expectations. This way, they help in reducing potential conflicts that may come during the future course of the surrogacy journey.

Emotional Support: Surrogacy is an emotionally taxing process for both the intended parents and the surrogate.  This is where agencies often provide counselling and support groups to address any feelings or concerns that arise.

Moreover, they can help the parties with their team of counsellors who come along with all the required expertise and experience.

independent surrogacy vs surrogacy via agency

Legal Guidance: With surrogacy laws varying widely between states and countries, it’s crucial to have legal protection for every party involved. That said, agencies typically work with legal professionals who specialize in surrogacy to ensure all agreements are sound and binding.

Also, they have an in-house legal professional who can help the parties with the contract drafting process. Moreover, they can ensure that any future disputes are avoided with proper legal consultation.

Proper Coordination: Instead of connecting with multiple professionals, like lawyers, doctors, and counsellors, you can connect with a surrogacy agency. Moreover, an agency can act as a proper coordinator while dealing with various aspects of the surrogacy process.

Is there any disadvantage to dealing with a surrogacy agency?

Just like there an advantages and disadvantages of everything, even dealing with an agency comes with certain cons. That said, we list down some of the most talked about disadvantages of consulting with a surrogacy agency.

Cost: One of the most significant issues for many intended parents is the surrogacy cost. That said, agencies provide comprehensive services while charging some good cost in return. This is where going along with the surrogacy journey independently might save some money.

Less Control: Surrogacy agencies handle many aspects of the surrogacy process. That said, this also means that intended parents might feel they have less control over specific choices. Even though they may be consulted on various aspects, the agency will have the last say in most aspects.

Possibility for Mismatch: Even with a professional matching process, there’s no guarantee that the surrogate and intended parents will build a perfect rapport. Besides, personal differences might still arise between the intended parents and the surrogate.

When Might an Agency Be the Right Choice for your surrogacy journey?

Opting for Surrogacy for the first time: If you’re new to surrogacy, the process can be overwhelming. That’s where an agency can provide a roadmap, making the journey more straightforward.

Lack of Personal Connections: If you don’t have a friend or family member willing to be a surrogate, an agency can help you find a match. Besides, in case you don’t have the right knowledge about the best IVF clinics and centres, going with an agency is the right idea.

Professional Oversight:  If you prefer having professionals oversee each step for peace of mind, an agency can provide that assurance. Also, an agency can take care of most of the procedures related to surrogacy.

When Might Independent Surrogacy Be a Better Option?

Personal Surrogate Connection: If you already have a friend or family member willing to be your surrogate, you might feel comfortable navigating the journey without an agency. That said, you must be sure about it as this would decide the future course of your surrogacy journey to a big extent.

Cost issues: If the costs associated with an agency are too high, managing the process independently would be a good idea. That said, while seeking specialized assistance, you can make your entire surrogacy journey more budget-friendly.

More Personal Control: If you prefer to have a hands-on approach and directly manage each aspect of the journey, independent surrogacy might be a good option.

Final words

The decision to work with a surrogacy agency or go it alone is deeply personal and depends on individual circumstances and preferences. That said, agencies provide a structured path with professional oversight to the intended parents. Besides, this oversight can be invaluable for numerous intended parents with little or no knowledge about the procedure. However, these agencies come with associated costs and might not be the right fit for everyone.

Hence, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons, assess your comfort level, and consider your unique situation. Also, whether with an agency’s support or taking an independent route, the ultimate goal remains the same: to bring a new life into the world through the incredible journey of surrogacy.

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