IVF in Colombia

IVF in Colombia

IVF in Colombia is surely an amazing option for couples or individuals that are looking for low cost fertility treatment, without compromising with the quality of the treatment. While the surrogacy and ART laws are quite supportive in this part of the world, you must always stay in right hands while dealing with the best IVF treatment clinic Colombia.

IVF treatment in Colombia: the Initial steps!

As an intended parent plan up their fertility journey in Colombia, their first step should be to find a trusted and reputed IVF clinic. Moreover, the clinic must not be charging a fortune in terms of IVF treatment cost in Colombia.

Besides, you must also consult with the IVF clinic in Colombia regarding the additional elements and components that will come into picture during your fertility journey. Intended parents must know that there is a baby ID card issued in the name of the child born via IVF.

On the other side, the names of the mother and father are not listed on the baby ID; it only states “parents.” Therefore, if there is only one genetic parent, only the baby’s name will be added there.

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    IVF treatment in Colombia: The complete process!

    Being an intended parent, you may find it hard to make the initial step. Still, with the help and support of a trusted IVF treatment clinic Colombia, you can go with the process in an easy and convenient manner.  On the other side, the duration of the IVF treatment in Colombia depends on the number of procedures and aspects involved in your fertility journey.

    But generally speaking, this course of treatment lasts 30 days, or roughly one month. Moreover, the in vitro fertilization procedure is challenging but speedy, as we well know. In order to create a high-quality embryo that can be implanted in the uterus of a mother or pregnant woman, an egg and a sperm must be combined in a laboratory dish by the fertility experts.

    Talking of the steps, the complete IVF treatment in Colombia will go as follows

    First round of tests and diagnosis

    The professionals at the IVF treatment clinic Colombia will initially assess the physical and mental health of the intended parents. Depending on the results of these tests and diagnosis, the experts will recommend the further procedure for the couples or individuals.

    Moreover, the duration of this phase is entirely dependent upon the type and severity of infertility experienced by the intending parents.

    Initiating the IVF treatment

    Initially, as a part of the ovarian stimulation, a drug is injected subcutaneously to stimulate the ovaries of the intended mother and allow the oocytes to develop. This method boosts the likelihood of a successful IVF pregnancy in Colombia because only one egg normally makes it to the final stage of development. Moreover, the majority of pregnancies only contain one embryo as a result. Furthermore, this hormone therapy typically takes 12 days to take effect.

    This will be followed by the egg retrieval process, commonly referred to as oocyte extraction. In simple terms, it is a one-day process that may be carried out by the specialists from the IVF clinics in Colombia. Besides, it takes about 15 minutes and is painless to retrieve the oocytes vaginally while receiving local anesthetic.

    The same eggs are then transported to a lab for testing and insemination post retreival. The best embryos are chosen for eventual transfer to the uterus after around three days of selection in cultures during this laboratory phase.

    The best embryos are selected for the transfer after the sperm and eggs are fertilized so they can be used for 3 to 4 more days before the process concludes with the pregnancy test stage. Besides, only two embryos at most can be implanted to avoid multiple pregnancies.

    Pregnancy test

    The blood pregnancy test is the last requirement before IVF treatment in Colombia can be deemed successful. It is conducted 12 or 15 days following the transfer and verifies that the embryo was effectively implanted in the uterus.

    Depending on the circumstances and the patient’s capacity to properly follow the directions provided by the medical center, the In Vitro Fertilization treatment may take more time or less time. Besides, the length of time can vary depending on the particular issues or reactions each patient has.

    In case the IVF in Colombia is unsuccessful, there are some embryos that were not used throughout the insemination and lab phases. At this final stage of the process, the couple may also request a new IVF cycle attempt.

    Analyzing the cost of IVF treatment in Colombia

    It all depends on the types of IVF program you have chosen. Besides, numerous procedures and aspects involved in the IVF treatment process will also play a crucial role in determining the cost aspect. That said, the average cost of IVF treatment in Colombia is $20,000 for one cycle. Moreover, the same cost would increase if you needed more than one cycle to get pregnant. On the other hand, you might need the assistance of an egg or sperm donor.

    The cost of IVF in Colombia would be more than typical if an egg donor or a sperm donor is included in the procedure. Now, you may find this concept a bit confusing at time. Hence, connecting with a trusted and reputed IVF treatment clinic Colombia is always the right idea to go with.

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