IVF treatment in Albania

IVF in Albania

Surrogacy Care offers exceptional quality at an affordable cost. We aim for high-quality care pre and post-IVF in Albania. 

ivf clinic in albaniaIVF treatment in Albania is highly sought after by numerous medical tourists across the globe given the low cost treatment options in this European country. Moreover, even with low IVF treatment cost in Albania, you can always stay assured of getting the best and most ethical medical care and support during your fertility journey.

Besides, with the help and support of our coordinators and partner IVF clinics, you need not to worry about anything else. Still, for your convenience and information, we would advise you to update yourself with the following details regarding IVF treatment in Albania.

IVF in Albania: Why opt for it?

ivf in albaniaThere are many reasons to go for IVF in Albania. While lower IVF treatment cost in Albania is the biggest one, here, we list a few of the other ones for your reference.

Best-in-class medical support

To guarantee that all patients are treated with respect and dignity throughout their entire reproductive journey, a third-party regulatory organization continuously monitors and evaluates the standard of IVF treatment in Albania provided by our specialists.

Supportive legal system

Albania’s legal system for fertility treatments is highly supportive in the absence of any surrogacy laws. Moreover, Albanian legislation also permits egg and sperm donation so you won’t be facing any issues during your fertility journey.

Affordable services

cost of ivf treatment in albaniaFertility treatments at IVF clinic in Albania are significantly less expensive than the other countries. Still, the quality of care is still of the highest order despite the lower cost of IVF treatment in Albania.

Easy Access

Daily flights connect Albania to the majority of airports around the world. Therefore, an ethical and affordable IVF procedure in Albania is never too far away.

Highly experienced fertility professionals

Numerous highly qualified and knowledgeable fertility specialists reside in Albania. It is well known that fertility doctors are highly respected for the quality of their work and the outcomes they achieve.

Moreover, when you decide to embark on the most eagerly awaited journey of your life, you won’t need to find a waiting list at the IVF clinic in Albania. You can quickly access a pool of egg and sperm donors if you select one of our services, like egg donation in Albania.

Customized IVF plans

Our specialists and our affiliated IVF centers will always create the most suitable and specially tailored IVF program to meet your needs. Each and every one of our clients receive personalized service from staff members who are always on hand.

Besides, all of these plans are specially designed to meet your needs and expectations related to the cost of IVF treatment in Albania.

IVF in Albania: The procedure involved!

Fertility testing

ivf treatment in albaniaTesting can be used to assess the reproductive health of both men and women. After receiving hormone injections, the woman’s body produces more eggs, and her “cycle” can then be monitored. Besides, the fertility experts from our partner IVF clinics will conduct tests to confirm a number of important factors before beginning an IVF cycle.

Ovarian stimulation

Your ability to react to fertility medications will be a key factor in determining the outcome of your IVF procedure. Moreover, to determine how well you’ll respond to fertility medications, your infertility expert will monitor your follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) levels during stimulation. Moreover, your monitoring of the uterine is the second consideration. That said, your specific infertility physician will conduct an ultrasound of your uterine lining just prior to ovulation (sonogram).

Afterwards, your partner’s sperm will be examined by an IVF specialist from one of our partner clinics in Albania. In women with healthy ovaries, one egg is typically produced each month. The ovaries of the intended mother will be stimulated with carefully monitored hormone doses administered intravenously in order to increase the number of mature eggs available for fertilization.

Using ultrasound scans and blood tests, your infertility doctor will keep track of how you react to these hormonal treatments and how your eggs are developing. Then, hormone injections are used to induce ovulation.

Embryo transfer procedure

ivf treatment cost in albaniaTo begin the fertilization process, the patient’s eggs are removed from their ovaries and placed in specialized cultures with the sperm. Over the course of several days, the embryos start developing. Moreover, once you return to one of our Albanian partner IVF centers, a medical professional will perform an embryo transfer.

Before that, the egg retrieval procedure is undertaken. To access the ovaries, a needle and a vaginal ultrasonography probe are used. Moreover, patients are sedated for retrieval, which usually takes no more than 20 or 30 minutes. Besides, the IVF lab collects and examines the egg and fluid from each follicle and utilizing an incubator, the eggs are kept apart.

In a temperature-controlled incubator, the sperm and eggs are combined and allowed to incubate.

That said, the best embryos have an average of eight cells per cell three days after egg retrieval. Moreover, the blastocyst stage, which is another two days of embryo development, may be used to accommodate some patients.

Embryos with between 60 and 100 cells are the most fertile and likely to give birth. Additionally, the likelihood of multiple births would decrease even though more embryos could be implanted, but the chances of implantation and pregnancy would not change.

Afterwards, a tiny catheter is used to insert the embryo into the mother’s uterus. The embryos are then inserted into the uterus under the supervision of our experts. There is generally only a little discomfort and after the embryo transfer, you won’t need to take any special rest and can get back to your normal routine right away.

Pregnancy confirmation

The next step is to schedule a consultation with your local infertility expert to find out if the IVF procedure was successful. You will get more progesterone and estrogen to keep your uterine lining healthy. Moreover, blood tests are done six to ten days after the implant.

On the other side, pregnancy hormones increase when implantation is successful. For the purpose of ensuring that the pregnancy is progressing normally, additional blood tests are run. Four weeks after the transfer, an ultrasound is used to confirm the clinical pregnancy.

While the entire procedure may look lengthy, you must always consult the right and most trusted experts for the same. Talking of experts, you can always trust the competency of Surrogacy Care in the same domain.

Why Surrogacy Care is best for IVF?

With the help of our efficient IVF experts in Albania, we have helped and supported numerous child-seeking couples with the best services. Moreover, to make it more streamlined for you, we have tied up with some of the best IVF clinics in Albania. So, the best IVF care and treatment is just a call away!