IVF treatment in Cyprus

IVF treatment in Cyprus

ivf clinic in cyprus

IVF treatment is undoubtedly a journey where the couples or individuals have go through numerous emotions and feelings at the same time. You might be starting to consider your options or you might already have tried a number of tests and treatments without success.

So, it’s crucial to back yourself with knowledge about the critical components of fertility, potential diseases that might lead to infertility and therapeutic choices that are both available now and in the future before starting such a journey. Moreover, choosing the right clinic or agency to undertake the required tasks really holds crucial for the success of your fertility journey.

This is where we, at Surrogacy care, have partnered with the best IVF clinics in Cyprus to make your parenthood journey a memorable one. Apart from the best IVF treatment in Cyprus , we further offer IVF with egg donors and sperm donors to every intended parent.

IVF with egg donors in Cyprus

IVF with egg donors is quite suitable for all the women that couldn’t use her own eggs due to random issues. These patients include menopausal women, women who have experienced chemotherapy or radiation therapy and have low functioning ovaries, women at risk of passing genetic conditions to their offspring, women with early ovarian failure, and homosexual men who need donor eggs to conceive.

We are able to provide success rates with this treatment option that hover around 80% thanks to our stringent recruitment requirements for egg donors, our knowledge, advanced technology, and helpful ART laws in Cyprus.

On the other side, in North Cyprus, egg donation is done in an anonymous manner. However, for patients who are willing to use a known egg donor, we can provide agency donors from our partner agencies. Still, this option would carry a higher cost of IVF treatment in Cyprus than general.

ivf treatment in cyprus

IVF with sperm donor in Cyprus

For couples with male factor infertility, where the male partner has azoospermia or any other issue that prevents him from becoming pregnant with his own sperm sample, IVF treatment in Cyprus with sperm donor is a perfect option. Additionally, this course of treatment is available to lesbian couples or single women who want to get pregnant without a man in the relationship.

Moreover, certified sperm samples from reputable, authorized sperm banks are used in this treatment method. Besides, the contact and personal details of the donor and recipient are kept private during the procedure. We do not hold any details about your sperm donor’s identification or contact details as we use sperm samples from sperm banks in an anonymous manner. 

However, we got the details regarding the pertinent test and screening findings in addition to medical information. On the other side, the quantity and quality of oocytes to be extracted from the female patient, in addition to the sperm quality, determine the success of this procedure.

ivf treatment cost in cyprus

How much is IVF treatment cost in Cyprus?

IVF treatment cost in Cyprus would solely depend on the type of program or plan you have chosen in association with our partner IVF treatment clinic Cyprus. So, if there is a possibility of an added IVF cycle or the inclusion of an egg donor or a sperm donor, the same cost of IVF treatment will be higher.

In general, for IVF treatment using your own eggs, the basic IVF package in Cyprus costs between €2,500 and €3,000. Egg donation basic packages range from €4,500 to €5,000.

Hence, we would advise you to get in touch with our coordinators today to know what IVF plan suits you best, according to your budget limits. Also, Know about surrogacy costs in Cyprus.

IVF treatment in Cyprus: treatments we offer!

IVF treatment

Here, the gametes of the intended parents ( or from the donors) are missed in a laboratory dish under the supervision of our partner IVf treatment clinic Cyprus.

IUI treatment

The least intrusive infertility treatment, IUI treatment is best suited for people in their 20s and involves a modest ovarian stimulation protocol followed by sperm injection. The overall success rate of this therapy is 25%.

Treatment with IVF/ICSI

ICSI is a routine treatment provided with IVF Treatments by our partner IVF clinic in Cyprus. Besides, IVF has a far greater success rate than the artificial insemination (IUI) technique, although IVF is more intrusive.

For all those women patients of higher age and who have a sufficient ovarian reserve but run the risk of having mitochondrial damage from old eggs, IVF with cytoplasmic transfer is another therapy option.

Egg donor IVF

For female patients with low or damaged ovarian reserve, IVF treatment with donor eggs is a viable treatment option. In order to successfully arrange a pregnancy, the patient is matched with a young, healthy egg donor.

Sperm donor IVF

Azoospermia, which can have obstructive or non-obstructive causes, affects many men. Moreover, the use of a sperm donor will be an option if the male patient for any reason is unable to create healthy sperm cells that can result in pregnancy.

Donation of Embryos

Couples experiencing infertility due to both male and female factors have the possibility of receiving IVF therapy through egg and sperm donation, commonly known as embryo donation. In this course of treatment, the embryos are created in vitro using both an egg donor and a sperm donor.

Gender selection

Patients who want to balance their family or who want to reduce the risk of sex-related disorders in their unborn kid can choose their child’s gender.


Pre-implantation genetic screening, also known as pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, is a process of selecting embryos that allow for the screening of embryos for single gene problems or common genetic diseases.

Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is quite a viable option for women who want to preserve their fertility and plan conception at a later time. This process is also known as oocyte cryopreservation.

We are one of the best IVF clinics in Cyprus focused on providing our patients with the highest level of quality and excellent support throughout their journey. We offer state-of-the-art procedures and the very latest advancements in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology. We have cumulative many years of experience in the fields of IVF, donation, and reproductive treatment.