IVF treatment in UK

IVF treatment in UK

An intended parent comes up with a lot of questions while kick-starting their journey related to IVF treatment in the UK. Questions like how to plan it up initially, what is the length of the IVF procedure and how will the procedure be carried out at each stage will certainly cross your mind.

This is where at Surrogacy Care, we have partnered with some of the most reputed IVF clinics in the UK in order to bring you the desired results.

How long would IVF treatment in UK take?

New patients will always receive a complimentary initial “short consultation” from us. This gives you the chance to meet our staff, speak with a private and compassionate specialist about any reproductive problems you may be having, and spend some time with a qualified coordinator going over various options for IVF in the UK.

The timeline for your actual treatment cycle will start once this phase is through and you’ve determined that our partnered IVF clinic in UK is the best choice for you. Moreover, to help you feel prepared for your meeting and fully informed about the treatments we offer, we’ve laid out this schedule for you below in a five-step procedure from beginning to end.

It should also be simpler for you to prepare any questions in advance so that we can address them and provide you with in-depth explanations when you visit us.

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    Step #1 initial consultation

    During the initial consultation, a fertility specialist will speak with you about your medical and reproductive history in this distinct appointment from the brief consultation provided as an introduction service. Moreover, they will also be able to examine any earlier tests or therapies you had.

    On the other side, your fertility physician might also suggest certain course of action at this time and ask for additional research. Besides, the findings of any additional tests will be discussed with you at a later session that will be scheduled with your reproductive doctor. At this point, your treatment plan will also be completed, and preparations will be made for the screening blood tests that will be performed.

    You and your partner (if relevant) must attend a consultation appointment with a fertility nurse before an IVF cycle can be performed. They will thoroughly go over your treatment plan with you and help you fill out the required consent documents.

    Additionally, you will get the chance to speak with an embryologist about our laboratory services. They can explain these to you and provide further information on how they might help your fertility treatment.

    Step #2 : Starting Your Treatment

    The next step in your treatment will be ovarian stimulation. This entails administering the FSH your nurse will have taught you to inject in order to prompt the ovaries to bring a significant number of follicles and boost the likelihood of extracting eggs from them.

    You will then be given a last injection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) or a gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist after roughly 9 to 14 days of stimulation (GnRHa). That said, the trigger injection should be administered 35 to 36 hours prior to egg retrieval during egg donation in the UK.

    Step #3 : Egg retrieval

    The sperm derived from the intended father or the sperm donor will be combined with the eggs after they have been harvested in a controlled laboratory environment. Moreover, the embryologists from our partner IVF clinic in UK will examine the eggs the next morning to look for any indications of fertilization.

    Besides, when it is clear that the cells are dividing, dividing from one cell into two, then four, then eight, and so on until it reaches the blastocyst stage, our professionals will observe the same. Additionally, they will provide you with regular updates on how your embryos are progressing in the days leading up to the transfer.

    Step # 4 : Embryo Transfer

    One or more of your newly developed embryos will be placed back into the womb of the intended mother or the womb of a carefully selected and vetted surrogate between two and six days after they have been determined to be viable. Besides, a catheter that is inserted into the patient’s vagina and through the cervix will be used to accomplish this. Moreover, the embryo will then be discharged at the center of the womb’s cavity.

    The number of embryos transferred often varies with age. You will go over this in greater detail before beginning any therapy and once more before your embryos are transferred. After the fertilization process is complete, if any high-quality embryos remain, we can make sure they are cryopreserved (frozen) for potential use in the future.

    Step # 5 : The pregnancy test

    You will be asked to return to our facility for a pregnancy test 10 days after the embryos have been transferred over. This ought to make it easier to assess whether the cycle has been successful. Having a final, confirming ultrasound scan about two weeks following a positive pregnancy blood test will be the last step in the IVF process.

    How much is IVF treatment cost in UK?

    Regarding the cost of IVF in UK, it would depend on the type of IVF program you have chosen. Moreover, various aspects like the number of IVF cycles conducted, medications used, and type of additional procedures used will all come into consideration.

    Moreover, the experts from our partner IVF treatment clinic UK will be in touch with you at every point in time for any required support or assistance. Get in touch with one of our coordinators today to know more!