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Fertility treatment & IVF clinic in Ukraine

Ukraine is a popular IVF destination in Europe, and one of the reasons for this is that it is very affordable

ivf in ukraine

Ukraine has always attracted millions of medical tourists over the years given its highly affordable medical services that are further backed by best-in-class fertility experts.

Moreover, when we talk about the IVF clinic in Ukraine, you can always trust the expertise and experience of the professionals from our partner IVF clinic in Ukraine.

Additionally, the medical staff from most of these clinics speaks both German and English fluently. So, you can go along with your child seeking dreams in the best manner possible.

That said, our professionals will be right there for you at every step of your fertility journey. So, you need to stay worry-free while pursuing your child-seeking aspirations in this part of the world. 

Understanding the process of IVF treatment in Ukraine

IVF treatment in Ukraine is an easy and uncomplicated procedure and our partner IVF treatment clinic Ukraine will help you right from the start of your journey up until the successful handover of the born child.

Moreover, both IVF with their own eggs and donated eggs are successful in Ukraine. On the other hand, egg donation is done in this region of the world via a non-anonymous and anonymous donation method. Nevertheless, a lot of clinics all around the country provide pictures of the donors along with other comprehensive information.

IVF in Ukraine has a lot of benefits in addition to being inexpensive. In this region of the world, hotels, food, and transportation are all affordable when compared to most other European nations.

Additionally, some patients are concerned about the ongoing problems with Russia, but since Kyiv and Lviv are quite safe, patients visiting there need not worry. In addition, there are a lot of egg donors accessible, and as there is no legal limit on the age of IVF recipients, clinics are allowed to make their own choices, allowing older patients the option of undergoing the low cost of IVF treatment in Ukraine.

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    Key considerations while going along IVF in Ukraine

    Similar to other country, there are certain crucial legal considerations to be made before pursuing IVF in Ukraine. Moreover, an unusual aspect of the country is that there is no defined legal age restriction for those receiving IVF therapy. Still, under the strict supervision of our partner IVF clinics in Ukraine, you can stay relaxed and worry-free at every point of your IVF journey in the country.

    Still, being an intended parent, you must stay updated and informed about all the legal considerations mentioned below.

    • ivf treatment in UkraineIn Ukraine, heterosexual couples and single women can undergo IVF therapy and there is no upper age limit for male patients
    • Patients who cannot receive treatment in other countries owing to their age may be able to do so in Ukraine. However, same-sex couples may not be able to do so under the given laws. Surrogacy for same-sex couples in Ukraine is an option.
    • The practice of gender selection is prohibited unless it is required to halt the spread of significant genetic illnesses. Be informed that the findings of the genetic embryo test performed by some IVF clinics in Ukraine may reveal the sex of the embryo.
    • The clinic has the option to treat HIV-positive patients, and they are free to do so. Patients who test positive for both HCV and HBP have to undergo additional list of tests and diagnosis as defined by the health department of the country
    • Whether using the patient’s own eggs or donated eggs, there is a cap of two embryo transfers. The maximum number of eggs from donated donors that may be utilized for medical purposes may be extended to three with the patient’s consent.

    Intended parents in Ukraine must abide by all established guidelines and rules pertaining to IVF. This is very significant because breaking any of these guidelines could jeopardize your efforts to fulfil your parental aspirations in the nation.

    On the other hand, Ukraine has certain difficulties with the supervision of all such IVF procedures due to its recent warlike scenario with neighbouring Russia. Keep in touch with our coordinators so that we can keep you informed of any new developments in this area.

    ivf treatment cost in Ukraine

    How much is IVF treatment cost in Ukraine?

    IVF treatment cost in Ukraine depends on factors like the number of IVF cycles attempted by the fertility clinic, medication costs, care cost of IVF treatment in Ukraine and consulting and so on. Still, while being associated with Surrogacy care, you can expect nothing but only the most ethical and affordable surrogacy programs at your service.

    At Surrogacy Care, we have shortlisted the best and most ethical IVF treatment options right as per your requirements. So, you need not worry much while going along with your parenthood dreams in this part of the world. On the other side, to provide you with the best individualised treatment and assistance at all times, we have tied up with some of the top clinics in Ukraine.

    For further details, get in touch with one of our coordinators right away!