LGBT Surrogacy in the USA: Why same sex surrogacy is so popular in USA despite higher costs?


LGBT surrogacy in the USA is probably the best option for same-sex couples and individuals to reach their parenthood goals. Still, it’s always the higher cost of LGBT surrogacy that always comes as the sole obstruction for all such individuals.

While surrogacy is a cost-effective procedure, the same cost amplifies a bit in the case of same-sex surrogacy in the USA. Well, to decode this higher cost, we must take a deep dive into the various factors that come into play during the surrogacy procedure.

Understanding the concept of LGBT surrogacy

The USA is deemed as probably the best surrogacy destination for all same-sex couples. This is due to many reasons like supportive laws, swift surrogacy procedures, easy availability of surrogates and donors and uncomplicated surrogacy contracts.

That said, the same procedures attract some good costs due to the higher standards of living in the country. So, technically, a surrogate mother would cost more in the USA as compared to a country like Georgia.

At the same time, the cost of egg donors or sperm donors is going to be higher. Besides, the cost paid to the surrogacy agency in the USA is also more than what you need to pay to a random surrogacy agency in Cyprus. So, in a nutshell, we can say that a lot of aspects come into play while determining the cost of LGBT surrogacy in the USA.

Key aspects that determine the cost of surrogacy

Cost of the surrogate mother

Just like in any other country, you will need a surrogate to carry your child during the surrogacy procedure in USA. Moreover, when we talk about the cost of surrogacy in the USA, that is usually included in the surrogacy program offered by the surrogacy agency.


So, while you may need to pay somewhere in between $120000 to $150000 for a standard surrogacy program, the same cost would go higher in the case of LGBT surrogacy in the USA. On the other side, if the surrogate mother is using her eggs for the pregnancy, the intended parents can save a good amount to be spent on egg donors.

Cost of donors

During same-sex surrogacy, you may need the services of egg or sperm donors to achieve conception. That said, the same cost may or may not be applicable to every surrogacy program. Still, in the case of same-sex surrogacy, you have to set provisions for any such cost, given the absence of an intended mother or father.

Surrogacy agency fees

Most surrogacy agencies charge a bit extra to facilitate a same-sex surrogacy program. This is due to the additional work and tasks that may be involved in the entire procedure. This may include services of the egg or sperm donor agencies, surrogate search, screening and matching, legal support during the pre-birth or post-birth order and so on.

So, even when you want to connect with a surrogacy agency, don’t forget to check on their price quotes. That said, cheaper costs don’t always guarantee the best services. Hence it is always recommended to stay cautious and careful while making an informed choice.

Other costs

Talking about other costs that may come into the picture during a surrogacy procedure, may include :

  • IVF clinic
  • Egg (or sperm) donor cost
  • Surrogate mother compensation
  • Legal support cost (both for IPs and the surrogate mother)
  • Medications for the egg/sperm donor and surrogate mother
  • Travel and logistics costs for intended parents and surrogate mother
  • Pregnancy costs (i.e. maternity clothing, prenatal vitamins, etc.)
  • Health insurance for the surrogate mother

Can you go through the Surrogacy Process without a Surrogacy Agency?

Gay surrogacy in CyprusThe fees paid to the surrogacy agency take the biggest chunk from the cost of LGBT surrogacy in the USA. So, most child-seeking parents come with this question in mind- is it possible to pursue a surrogacy program without a surrogacy agency?

The short answer is yes, though coordinating screenings, the extensive legal work, and many other aspects of the surrogacy process, will take up a lot more of your time. Besides, the importance of an agency in the process is also highlighted by the fact that many fertility clinics will only connect with IPs if they are working along with a surrogacy agency.

So, whether you want it or not, you may have to deal with a surrogacy agency at some point in your surrogacy journey. Still, it’s optional for many clinics but you may have to conduct some good research in this context.

Besides, there are a few benefits to seeking surrogacy without an agency’s assistance:

  • Avoiding agency fees and saving money.
  • You can do away with gestational carrier compensation if a family member or friend is willing to serve as a surrogate mother, without charging any extra fees
  • having more direct, one-on-one communication with the surrogate mother in the USA

What are the disadvantages of going with LGBT surrogacy in the USA without a surrogacy agency?

Surrogacy is a lengthy procedure and if you decide not to go along with a surrogacy agency, you may come through the following issues :

  • You will be the sole in charge of organizing and planning every step of the surrogacy process.
  • locating a potential egg donor and organizing their medical evaluation would be your responsibility
  • It can be challenging and time-consuming to locate and evaluate a surrogate mother to make sure she’s a good match. Moreover, the costs of your search may also include advertising and other expenses.
  • Make sure that you, your partner, and the surrogate mother may all have legal contracts and parentage documents in place to protect everyone involved by finding and hiring an attorney (including your future child).
  • You must locate local counselling services for you, your partner, and the surrogate mother
  • You must also locate an IVF clinic and manage all of the appointments yourself.
  • Due to the clinic’s increased liability and your doctor’s desire to ensure that all of your legal rights are safeguarded, some IVF clinics may refuse to deal with intended parents seeking surrogacy without a surrogacy agency

Final words

Even when you save some costs, it won’t be easy to go by LGBT surrogacy in the USA on your own. Besides, this is a significant decision that deserves careful consideration. Hence, consulting with a surrogacy agency would only help you in bringing the desired results within the specified time during your surrogacy journey.

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