Understanding the role and functioning of an International Surrogacy agency!

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The role of a surrogacy agency is quite imperative in the functioning of the surrogacy program. So, even if you are pursuing surrogacy in the USA, you cannot deny the fact that a US surrogacy agency can help you in some big way.

That said, a surrogacy agency plays a critical role in coordinating the various aspects of a surrogacy journey, providing support and guidance to both intended parents and surrogates. While the specific services provided can vary by agency, below are some of the general roles and responsibilities.

Key role and responsibilities of a surrogacy agency

Screening and Matching: The agency screens potential surrogates to ensure they meet physical, mental, and emotional health criteria, are of an appropriate age, have had successful pregnancies before, and satisfy other requirements. Besides, if you are pursuing surrogacy via an international surrogacy agency, the agency then matches intended parents with surrogates based on various factors, including personal preferences, legal considerations, and the needs and comfort of all parties.

Counselling and Support: The agency also provides emotional support and counselling services to both the intended parents and the surrogate throughout the surrogacy journey. This can include managing expectations, navigating emotional challenges, and helping with communication between the surrogate and intended parents.


Coordinating Medical Processes:  If you are consulting with a US Surrogacy agency, it will further coordinate with fertility clinics and medical professionals to manage the medical process of surrogacy. This includes scheduling medical appointments, ensuring the surrogate gets the necessary medical care, and managing the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) process.

Legal Services: The surrogacy agencies in the USA also help coordinate legal services to protect the rights of all parties involved. Besides, they can connect intended parents and surrogates with experienced surrogacy attorneys who draft and review contracts and assists in obtaining pre-birth or post-birth orders. Note that while agencies can recommend or coordinate with legal professionals, they do not typically provide legal representation themselves.

Financial Management: it will also manage the surrogate’s compensation; including ensuring that payments are made on time and handling the surrogate’s expense reimbursement. Moreover, they may hold funds in escrow for this purpose.

Communication and Coordination: The agency serves as a point of contact and coordination between all parties involved in the surrogacy process, including intended parents, surrogates, medical professionals, and legal professionals.

Post-Birth Services: The international surrogacy agency also helps coordinate processes after the birth of the child, including legal processes to establish parental rights and any necessary support for the surrogate.

Intended parents must know that the specifics of these roles can vary depending on the laws and regulations in different states and countries, as well as the policies of individual agencies. Therefore, it’s crucial to thoroughly research and understands what services a surrogacy agency offers before committing to work with them.

How to avoid falling into the trap of fake surrogacy agencies?

surrogacy-agencies-in-the-USAJust like some good surrogacy agencies around the world, you may sometime fall into some fake and malicious ones. So, to avoid falling into the trap of fake surrogacy agencies in the USA, it’s important to be vigilant and thorough in your research and vetting process. That said, here are some steps you can take to protect yourself:

Do extensive research: Take the time to research and gather information about different surrogacy agencies. Moreover, look for well-established and reputable agencies with a proven track record. Besides, read reviews, testimonials, and experiences of other intended parents who have worked with the agency.

Verify credentials and licenses: Check the credentials, licenses, and accreditations of the surrogacy agency. Make sure they comply with all legal requirements and industry standards. Additionally, look for memberships or affiliations with recognized surrogacy associations or organizations.

Request references: Ask the international surrogacy agency for references from previous clients who have successfully completed a surrogacy journey with them. Contact these references and ask about their experiences, level of satisfaction, and any concerns or issues they faced.

Verify the agency’s transparency: A legitimate agency will be transparent about its processes, fees, and services. Furthermore, they will provide clear and detailed information about the surrogacy journey, potential risks, legal requirements, and financial obligations. That said, be cautious of agencies that promise unrealistic outcomes or make guarantees that seem too good to be true.

Ask for documentation: Request copies of contracts, agreements, and other legal documents that the agency uses in its surrogacy arrangements. Furthermore, review these documents carefully and have them independently reviewed by a surrogacy attorney to ensure they are legally sound and protect your interests.

Interview the agency: Set up interviews or consultations with representatives from the US surrogacy agency. Ask specific questions about their processes, screening procedures, medical protocols, legal support, and the level of involvement they have in facilitating the surrogacy journey. Besides, pay attention to their responsiveness, professionalism, and knowledge in the field.

You can further check the same information on the agency’s website. Also, you can connect with their previous patients and clients for clear feedback and response on their services.

Seek independent legal advice: Consult with an experienced surrogacy attorney who can guide you through the process and help identify any red flags or concerns regarding the agency you are considering. They can review contracts, advise you on legal requirements, and ensure that your rights are protected.

The role of a legal attorney would go beyond this service. Once you kick start your surrogacy journey, the same attorney would then assist you in drafting the surrogacy contract. Moreover, they will help you in applying for any pre-birth orders or post-birth orders.

Trust your instincts: No matter how much you research and investigate, you may sometime not be able to gather the required information about a certain agency. So, if something feels off or if you have any doubts about an agency, trust your instincts and consider exploring other options. Do remember that it’s crucial to feel comfortable, confident, and supported throughout the surrogacy process.

Final words

Intended parents must know that due diligence is key when selecting a surrogacy agency. So, take your time, gather information, and seek guidance from professionals to ensure you’re working with a legitimate and reputable agency that prioritizes the well-being of all parties involved.

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