Same sex surrogacy Ukraine: What are your best alternatives?

same sex surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine may not be the safest option right now given the war-like situation in the country. Yet, as things come to normalcy after a few months, you must be ready with all the facts and details to take an informed decision in the same regard.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is only permissible to married heterosexual couples as of now. So, if you are looking for Gay surrogacy Ukraine, you may have to opt for another country or surrogacy destination. That said, the Ministry of Health Ukraine is looking to make amendments to the existing surrogacy legislation to include same-sex parents’ consideration. Still, due to the war crisis happening within the country, this may take longer than required.

Alternative destinations for same-sex surrogacy Ukraine

Surrogacy in Cyprus

Cyprus doesn’t come with any regulations regarding surrogacy. So, anyone, regardless of their sex, religion or caste can opt for surrogacy within this part of the world. The intended parents must know that the name of the intended father and the surrogate mother are listed on the birth certificate.

Surrogacy in Cyprus

So, they have to obtain a parental order in order to take custody of the born child. On the other side, if you are opting for same-sex surrogacy, you must take the services of an egg donor or a sperm donor in addition.

Overall, a same-sex surrogacy program in Cyprus may make you pay between $60000- $70000. Besides, the cost may go up in case more than one cycle is required to ensure pregnancy.

Surrogacy in Colombia

Among all the countries offering same-sex surrogacy options, Colombia comes as the best one for many reasons. First of all, everyone can pursue surrogacy without any legal or social obstructions in the country. Besides, the laws related to surrogacy are highly supportive in favour of the intended parents.

According to a recent survey done by the WHO, Colombia comes to the 31st spot in the list of ‘Countries with the best healthcare facilities’. So, that means that you can proceed with your child-seeking aspirations without any second thoughts.

Most of the Colombian surrogate mothers are in good health and further come from a good background. This is where this Latin American country comes over as the best option and alternative to same-sex surrogacy Ukraine.

Surrogacy in Albania

There are currently no laws related to surrogacy in Albania. Hence, most of the surrogacy agencies and centres are operating in the country while offering affordable surrogacy options to millions of people worldwide.

Hence, if you are looking for a safe and affordable alternative to Gay surrogacy Ukraine, you can always go with Albania as your possible surrogacy destination. On the other hand, a surrogacy program would cost $40000-$60000 for a gay surrogacy program in the country. Besides, you may pay additional costs depending on the type of surrogacy program opted for.

Surrogacy in the USA

surrogacy for singles in usaSurrogacy in the USA is probably the most sought-after surrogacy destination for every intended parent around the world. Although you may have to pay a higher amount in comparison to Colombia or Ukraine for a surrogacy program, the quality of medical services is truly unparalleled.

Intended parents must know that surrogacy laws vary in the USA on state to state basis. Besides, a surrogacy program would make you pay between $100000 and $150000.

Same-sex surrogacy in Ukraine: What are the future possibilities?

Ukraine comes as one of the few nations where surrogacy for foreign heterosexual married couples is legal. Every year, Ukrainian surrogate mothers give birth to about 2,000 children. Besides, it has excellent medical care, healthy surrogates, and a prime geographic location.

Legislators in Ukraine have had time to consider whether or not to legalize surrogacy for same-sex couples despite the conflict with Russia. Kateryna Moskalenko, a Ukrainian legal expert from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, was recently questioned by a famous online daily about the future of surrogacy in her nation. She asserts that “it’s only a matter of time” before lawmakers take into account LGBTQI couples’ access to ART technologies and surrogacy. She anticipates that in 2023, a new law will be passed.

  • surrogacy for same-sex in cyprusThe current legal system, according to her, has many gaps.
  • The child’s best interests are one of the requirements for prospective adoptive parents. That said, the case with surrogate children is different.
  • Notarized surrogacy contracts are not currently permitted.
  • The regulation of medical costs or birth defects is not a standard requirement for surrogacy contracts.
  • Although this is true in Ukraine for even a normal birth, parents are not required to take home a child with disabilities.
  • The freezing of gametes and embryos as well as their international transfer are largely unregulated practices.
  • Many surrogate mothers are currently in other countries or are considering leaving.
  • Contracts for surrogacy are only legal in Ukraine. Besides, a surrogate mother will be listed as the child’s mother if she travels to a nation where surrogacy is not legal. Also, the parents face significant challenges with the child’s transportation and the surrogate mother’s safety.

It is frequently alleged that surrogate mothers are taken advantage of. This is disputed by Dr. Moskalenko. According to her, “I disagree with the notion that surrogate mothers are taken advantage of. Many of them engage in it for charitable purposes rather than financial gain. Besides, a third of the total is given to the surrogate mother. Also, surrogacy costs about €35,000 (CHF33,000) in Ukraine. 10–14 thousand euros are given to the mother. That said, the majority of the funds are used by the clinic to pay for procedures and examinations. Additionally, the process requires a lot of work from attorneys, who are compensated.

Final words

Gay surrogacy Ukraine is currently not permissible in the country. However, given the positive signs in the same regard by the Ukrainian government, we can expect some supportive laws for same-sex surrogacy in the near future.

That said, Ukraine is yet to come out of the war crisis with neighbours Russia. So, everything from the drafting of the bill, its proposal in the parliament, and the execution would take some good time.

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