Surrogacy cost in Colombia: a detailed breakup to help you with your surrogacy journey

surrogacy program cost

The lower cost of surrogacy in Colombia is one of the key factors behind its growing popularity as a surrogacy haven among intended parents worldwide. Still, given the rising cost of every basic commodity worldwide, you can expect this surrogacy cost in Colombia to rise further in the coming months.

That said, it’s always advisable to have a basic idea about the key components of a surrogacy program and its associated costs. In the following sections of this blog, we will talk about such key aspects and elements.

Key Components of surrogacy cost Colombia

Agency fees

The cost towards agency services generally takes the biggest chunk of the surrogacy cost Colombia. While a standard surrogacy program is easily available for around $50000, it all depends on the type of surrogacy agency you are dealing with.

So, we can say that within this $50k, around $25k would be paid towards the services provided by a particular surrogacy agency. Talking about the services offered by the surrogacy agency, it does include surrogate search, matching and medical assessment.

surrogacy cost in colombia


Besides, the agency would help you in taking care of your requirements with egg donors or sperm donors around. On the other hand, the agency would further assist you in getting legal custody of the child post its birth.

So, technically, they are taking care of the biggest chunk of responsibilities that hold crucial for the success of your surrogacy program.

Surrogate screening

Every potential surrogate mother in Colombia who gets in touch with the surrogacy agency goes through a thorough selection procedure that includes one on one sessions, background checks, a visit from a qualified professional at her home, evaluations of her health insurance, and more.

To assess whether these surrogates are dependable and prepared for the surrogacy process, the agency gets to know each of them personally. Additionally, after the match, they will work with your chosen fertility centre to arrange for your surrogate’s medical evaluation.

Surrogate matching

Finding the ideal surrogate match is undoubtedly the biggest motive of a surrogacy program. This is where the agency offers the solutions you require to find the ideal surrogate mother in Colombia and support you in building a solid, reliable relationship with her.

Add-on services

The agency will further make you deal with renowned obstetricians, mental health experts, and fertility specialists within their expert panel. If you haven’t chosen your required medical specialists yet, they can also offer recommendations.

Legal Services

The cost of legal representation further brings on a big chunk of the surrogacy cost Colombia. Moreover, the legal assistance you require in relation to the contract will be given by their team of lawyers, including advice, creating a surrogacy contract, conciliation, and execution. Additionally, they will offer all legal assistance related to a court case to establish legal parenthood. Moreover, the surrogate mother will also receive separate legal representation, and we will negotiate her separate legal fees.

Case Management

Throughout the entire surrogacy procedure, the surrogacy case manager will take care of every aspect from start to end. Besides, their staff is always on hand to respond to your inquiries and give you the information and direction you require about surrogacy all along the way.

IVF treatment cost

Most of the IVF treatment clinics in Colombia charge around $5000-$10000 per treatment cycle. So, just in case you need to have more than one IVF cycle for your conception, you may have to pay an extra amount.

Besides, the type and number of medicines required during the treatment program also raise the overall surrogacy cost Colombia.

Surrogate mother cost

surrogate mother in cyprusSurrogate mother cost in Colombia is one of the major costs that significantly affect the overall cost of surrogacy in the country. Besides, the intended parents pay their surrogate a base salary and reimburse her for all costs associated with the pregnancy and the surrogacy process in return for her time and effort.

Moreover, the base pay for a surrogate typically ranges from $38,000 to $50,000, but it can change depending on her location, prior surrogacy experience, and other variables.

On the other hand, your surrogacy contract will include this surrogacy cost, which will be decided before the embryo transfer.

Also, she will require payment for all pre-natal and surrogacy costs incurred throughout the procedure, including:

  • Legal services for the surrogate from a lawyer.
  • Medical expenses, such as prenatal care, fertility treatments, and insurance copays and deductibles
  • services for counselling, upon request
  • Expenses related to travel for medical appointments
  • Maternity clothing

That said, there might be extra expenses for gestational surrogacy, depending on the specifics of the pregnancy. Additional compensation might be needed, for instance, if the surrogate mother in bearing multiple kids in her womb, is put on bed rest, or needs more invasive procedures.

Once pregnancy is confirmed, the surrogate will start receiving base pay in monthly disbursements. Besides, a monthly expense allowance will also be used to cover surrogacy reimbursements.

On the other hand, the escrow account must be funded at the time of your surrogacy agreement’s signing with the full base payment as well as additional funds for the surrogate’s anticipated expenses. This sum will be decided by the surrogacy agency in accordance with the financial clauses in your contract.

Other costs

The overall cost of surrogacy will be influenced by other professionals’ fees in addition to the services provided by the surrogacy agency. These extra expenses for gestational surrogacy could include:

Medical Services

All expenses owed to your fertility clinic, including the cost of IVF surrogacy and fertility drugs, are your responsibility. Moreover, depending on the fertility clinic you select, the number of embryo transfers necessary, your insurance situation, and the specifics of the pregnancy, the cost of surrogacy procedures may change.

Costs associated with insurance

In the majority of cases, the surrogacy agency is able to confirm that the surrogate’s pregnancy is covered by her health insurance.

Moreover, the surrogate’s health insurance costs for the remainder of her pregnancy will be your responsibility, and you’ll also need to give her life insurance coverage. In addition, some intended parents decide to buy a “backup” insurance policy to lessen the chance that a medical claim will be rejected.

If the surrogate’s insurance policy does not cover surrogacy, the surrogacy agency in Colombia will work with her to find a suitable policy, and if you decide to match with her, you will be responsible for paying the premiums. Besides, the cost of the insurance premiums will typically be deducted from the surrogate’s base pay.

After the matching procedure, the agency will make arrangements for your surrogate to undergo a psychological evaluation with the mental health specialist of your choice. That said, you’ll be liable for paying for these services.

Additional Legal Services

Although the majority of legal surrogacy services are covered by the program fee, there may be extra costs for complex legal matters. Besides, you will be informed of this possibility in advance and it will be outlined in the surrogacy contract.

Final words

Surrogacy cost has proved to be a key consideration for everyone looking for a surrogacy program in Colombia. Still, given the list of costs and expenses involved, one must take a detailed understanding of the same beforehand.

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