Surrogacy Cost in Cyprus

Surrogacy Cost in Cyprus

Surrogacy cost in Cyprus is quite lower in comparison to cost of surrogacy in other parts of the globe. Despite of lower cost, you can always expect the best surrogacy services backed by state of the art medical facilities and experts in the country.

So, in every aspect, the intended parents are at some advantage while going along with their surrogacy aspirations in this part of the world. That being said, it is crucial that you are getting the right guidance and support all along during your surrogacy journey.

Talking of the right support, we at Surrogacy care are experts in offering the most affordable surrogacy options without compromising on the quality aspect. With our experts by your side, you can rest assured of being at the right path on your way to parenthood.

surrogacy cost in cyprus

What elements determine the cost of surrogacy in Cyprus?

Surrogacy cost in Cyprus is majorly influenced by a variety of factors which is listed below:

Surrogate cost : The cost of surrogate mother will also come crucial during your surrogacy journey. After selecting the surrogate, as well as during pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum period, you will be responsible for paying the surrogate remuneration. Beside, the surrogate might then need more assistance and compensation during the pregnancy. That said, the entire cost of surrogacy in Cyprus will rise as a result of these additional costs.

Agency fees: Because there are so many surrogacy clinics, choosing the best one might be difficult. So, you must always conduct the right research before making a selection in the same regard.

Donor cost: High-quality sperm and eggs are required for a surrogate mother to successfully get pregnant in case either of the intended parents is not able to use their gametes. Gradually, it will result in a more successful conception. Besides, the high cost of the donor gametes raises the soverall surrogacy in Cyprus cost and has an impact on the couple’s finances.

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    ART procedures: IVF is used in conjunction with surrogate mother conception to help intended parents reach their parenthood goals. It aids in effective outcomes for many infertility issues and these operate with various forms of modern ART procedures. That said, these procedures should boost their chances of conception and have successful outcomes.

    Other costs : The cost of travel, lodging, meals, and other expenses will also be covered if you are a foreign national using the top surrogacy clinic in Cyprus. Intended parents must know that it takes more than 14 to 18 months for the surrogacy procedure to complete. Hence, they must make provisions for such costs that can come crucial for your surrogacy journey in the country.

    How can the couple lower their surrogacy cost in Cyprus?

    There are numerous ways to lower the surrogacy in Cyprus cost. Moreover, couples might utilize a traditional surrogate rather than a gestational surrogate as the first step in lowering the cost of surrogacy in Cyprus. Besides, the couple can also bring their surrogate mother, who might be their friend, relative, or any other known individual who will be a surrogate mother for the intended parents, in order to reduce some of the surrogacy cost Cyprus.

    In these situations, where the couple is bringing their surrogates, they must make sure that the surrogate mother is thoroughly examined and screened for infectious diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis so that the disease cannot be passed to the baby born through surrogacy and the intended parents can have the healthy baby without any issues.

    cost of surrogacy cyprus

    Generally,  the surrogacy in Cyprus cost may come in between USD 50,000 to USD 65,000. This low cost aids partners in having their biologically connected children and is significantly more economical than in industrialized countries. Furthermore, there are no surrogacy laws in Cyprus, thus anyone can easily go through the process.

    Surrogacy cost for same-sex in Cyprus

    surrogacy cost for gay couples

    While same-sex surrogacy is not prohibited in Cyprus, gay couples raising children is a relatively new phenomenon. People may view you with suspicion, if not hostility, if you have a child with a same-sex partner due to society’s slow acceptance of the trend.

    As a gay man or a gay couple, you bear the burden of demonstrating to society that single gay men or gay couples can raise families just as well as single females or heterosexual couples. Homophobic stereotypes will eventually be dispelled as more and more examples of gay parents become public.

    As a result, surrogacy is becoming increasingly popular among gay men who want to have children.

    Surrogacy costs for same-sex couples work in the same way that they do for heterosexual couples. The only difference is that gay male couples will need an egg donor as well as a gestational surrogate to achieve pregnancy, which slightly raises the cost of treatment.

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