Surrogacy for Gay couples in Argentina

Gay surrogacy in Argentina

Gay surrogacy in ArgentinaBeing a same-sex parent, you usually don’t find many options across the globe to reach your parenthood goals. So, we can say that Gay surrogacy in Argentina is certainly a viable option for all the gay couples that were otherwise wandering around in search of an affordable surrogacy option.

Not many people know but Argentina is a country that legalized Gay marriages 10 years back in 2012. Ever since then, no gay couple has witnessed any kind of discrimination or issues while going along with their dreams of forming a family via surrogacy or any other arrangement.

That said, there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed in this regard. So, it is always suggested to get connected with a trusted legal professional agency for same sex surrogacy in Argentina coming over with the top-of-a-line legal panel.

Surrogacy for Gay couples in Argentina: The legal perspective!

surrogacy for lgbt couples in argentinaArgentina has a reputation for being LGBT-friendly because it was the first nation in Latin America to let gay people have children through surrogacy. That said, Gay couples who want to use surrogacy to have children must pay more and wait longer than heterosexual couples.

Besides, couples must take the services of an egg donor or a sperm donor in order to proceed with the IVF treatment process. Besides, they have to decide on which parent will give their gametes in order to achieve conception.

Afterward, they can decide on the selection of the surrogate mother who would then carry the child to term in return for some agreed compensation. In Argentina, gestational and traditional surrogacy is both legal options. Since gestational surrogacy prevents the surrogate mother’s biological ties to the child, the conventional form of surrogacy is now exclusively utilized few nations.

In a typical same sex surrogacy in Argentina, the intended father’s sperm fertilizes the surrogate mother’s egg. Since using a surrogate’s egg implies that the child will have the surrogate’s DNA, intentional parents are less enthused about this type of surrogacy for LGBT couples in Argentina. Additionally, in the traditional method of conception, the egg is fertilized using artificial insemination.

On the other side, during gestational surrogacy for gay couples in Argentina, the intended father’s sperm is used to fertilize the intended mother’s or donor’s egg prior to being implanted in the gestational surrogate mother in Argentina. The surrogate has no DNA ties to the child because the ovum utilized in the procedure is not her own.

Surrogacy for same sex in Argentina: key steps route to parenthood!

same sex surrogacy in ArgentinaThere isn’t much difference between the procedure related to surrogacy for 2 dads in Argentina and other surrogacy procedures. It all starts off with the initial one on one session with our experts here at surrogacy Care. Afterward, we will make you familiar with the rest of the procedures involved in your surrogacy journey.

Getting the most suitable surrogate mother

To make it simpler, you can simply connect to our database and search for the most suitable surrogate mother. Once done, the same surrogate mother will be screened for any kind of health issues.

Drafting a legal contract describing all the necessary information and concerns regarding surrogacy in Argentina comes as the next step. This contract will subsequently be given to the surrogate for perusal.

The parties will sign the agreement to define each other’s role and expectations The contract could be drafted with assistance from a lawyer or an attorney with knowledge of ART law.

surrogacy for gay couples in cyprusPreparing the surrogate mother for IVF treatment

Once the contract has been drafted, the surrogate mother will be prepared for the IVF treatment in Argentina. The collection of sperm, fertilization, and transfer of the embryo are all steps in Argentina’s IVF surrogacy process.

On the other hand, with surrogacy for gay couples in Argentina, donor eggs will be used, and the procedure will be the same whether the eggs are derived from the intended mother or not.

The delighted couple themselves chooses the donor egg. Additionally, the donor egg service will pair them with an egg from a donor who meets the criteria the couple has specified.

After the donor egg has been chosen, one of the fathers will give a sample of sperm for the fertilization procedure.

The possible father’s sperm and the donor egg will be used to fertilize the donor egg in a laboratory. Once the embryos have been fertilized in the lab, the doctor schedules the embryo transfer.

Within 30 to 40 minutes of fertilization, a perfect embryo might be put into the uterus of either a gestational carrier or a surrogate.

Pregnancy confirmation

A professional will contact the surrogate to set up a pregnancy test after the embryo transfer. Before the pregnancy was verified, the experts from our partner clinics in Argentina will not move ahead. When the child is delivered, the surrogates will hand over the infant to the intended parents in accordance with the contract.

Moreover, the intended parent can fly back to their home country with the child after fulfilling the contractual obligations and clearing their dues for surrogacy for 2 dads Argentina.

The professionals at Surrogacy Care will support you through every step of the surrogacy process, no matter if you have opted for surrogacy for LGBT couples in Argentina or else. So, connect with our coordinators over a call or email and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

surrogacy for same sex in argentina

surrogacy for 2 dads in argentina

surrogacy for 2 dads argentina