Surrogacy for Gay couples in Cyprus

Surrogacy for Gay couples in Cyprus

Surrogacy is not currently unregulated in Cyprus. Therefore, regardless of whether you are pursuing surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus or else, you can go along with your aspirations with utmost peace.  In addition, same-sex surrogacy in Cyprus will be a practical choice for any couples who want to achieve their parental goals while being in a same-sex partnership.

Same-sex surrogacy in Cyprus: What are your available options?

To make it happen for you, IVF and related treatment techniques will be used at our partner IVF clinics in Cyprus under the strict supervision of the best medical experts. As we do that, the decision of who will share their gametes for embryo development and fertilization must be made by same-sex couples beforehand.

Additionally, you must choose an egg or sperm donor depending on your personal requirements and needs.

In the event of Surrogacy for same-sex in Cyprus (male), the intended fathers can conceive the kid using either their own eggs or those of the surrogate mother in Cyprus.

This egg donor might be a personal friend or relative of the intended parents, or they might be someone who has been recommended by one of our partner egg donation banks or agencies.

A female same-sex couple searching for LGBT partners in Cyprus, on the other hand, will also need to choose a sperm donor to support the IVF procedure. Even though this could seem a little complicated to you, our professionals will always be by your side.

surrogacy for same-sex in cyprus

How to go about surrogacy for gay couples Cyprus?

surrogacy for 2 dads in Cyprus

Prior to taking the initial step toward surrogacy for LGBT couples in Cyprus, intended parents must perform their research. Furthermore, as surrogacy is unregulated in Cyprus, no sort of surrogacy contract can be enforced by the law there.

That said, a parental order must, however, be requested in order to secure custody of a newborn kid. However, if both parties signed the agreement in good faith and with legal guidance, it will be upheld by the courts and has some legal force.

Everything, however, is subject to the terms and circumstances of the agreement struck by the parties to that same contract. This is where your surrogacy journey in Cyprus might be greatly aided by working with a reputable and trustworthy name like Surrogacy care.

Since there are no surrogacy regulations in Cyprus specifically protecting LGBT couples, speaking with a family law attorney is crucial. Your rights as same-sex couples will be safeguarded in this way, allowing you to continue your surrogacy journey without any legal complications.

As a result, while same-sex surrogacy is not illegal, gay couples having children through surrogacy is still a relatively new phenomenon. You may face some unfavorable situations and circumstances if you have a child with a same-sex partner. Hence, the procedure for surrogacy for 2 dads Cyprus is the same as for others.

Surrogacy is becoming more and more popular among gay men who want to have children. In response to this trend, the gay community is being actively courted by an increasing number of surrogacy agencies in Cyprus.

What is the cost of surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus?

The cost factor stays very crucial as a couple put through their initial steps towards surrogacy for LGBT couples in Cyprus. While the surrogacy cost in Cyprus is already lower than in most of the countries around, you may have to pay a little more in terms of surrogacy for 2 dads in Cyprus.

On the other hand, the cost of a surrogate mother, medical expenses, the cost of any egg or sperm donors involved, and other expenses will all be included in the surrogacy cost for same-sex couples in Cyprus.

You may still be confident that you will receive the most individualized program and plan that is tailored to your unique requirements while working with a name like Surrogacy Care.

surrogacy for gay couples in cyprus

Ask our surrogacy specialist all of your questions during your initial consultation, and with the aid of our partner IVf clinics, we will provide you with the best care and assistance throughout your surrogacy journey.

For gay and lesbian couples who wish to have a family, surrogacy for same-sex in Cyprus is by far the best option. However, collaborating with a reputable surrogacy agency like Surrogacy care can come of big help in the course of your parenthood dreams.

Why Surrogacy care is best for surrogacy for same-sex couples?

With the help and support of our partner IVF clinics and donor agencies, Surrogacy Care has helped numerous LGBT couples, achieve their parental ambitions in Cyprus. As the leading surrogacy agency in Cyprus, we take pride in offering you the best services possible to help you achieve your parental goals.

Well, to get started, all you have to do to schedule a free consultation while getting in touch with one of our client coordinators immediately!