Surrogacy for Gay Couples in UK

Surrogacy for same sex in UK

Surrogacy for gay couples in UK is one of the best ways for the same sex couples to cherish the joy of parenthood. While the process related to gay surrogacy in UK is almost the same as any other surrogacy program, the same sex couples have to take care for certain added procedures.

The same standards apply to a parental order for a couple as they do to any other order. A parental order request must be submitted within six months of the child’s birth. Moreover, the court will only extend the deadline in exceptional circumstances, so you shouldn’t wait and rely on it.

Surrogacy for same sex in UK: What Intended parents should be aware of?

Surrogacy in UK is regulated and the government of UK is quite strict on every rules and regulations. Hence, we strongly advise you to get in touch with our surrogacy experts as soon as you can to avoid making arrangements that could later complicate and raise the cost of the legal process, as we do with all couples considering same sex surrogacy in UK.

Moreover, in order to choose a surrogate and prepare for the legal process of the parental order application while the mother is pregnant, it is best to first speak with our legal professional. After the baby is born, you will have to file for a parental order at the local court.

Besides, the surrogacy contract is not legal enforceable in UK. Hence, you may need to proceed on word of faith and trust with the surrogate mother in UK. Well, this is where; the intended parents must coordinate with the surrogate mother with the help and support of our surrogacy professionals at surrogacy care.

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    How we can help you in finding Surrogates during Gay surrogacy in UK?

    According to the UK surrogacy laws, surrogacy agency in UK cannot put through any invitations for the surrogate mother search; neither can the surrogate send her nomination via an advertisement. This is where our pool of surrogate mother can help you locate the best option in the same regard.

    Surrogate screening and matching

    One of our fertility experts will meet with you and your surrogate when you opt for surrogacy for 2 dads in UK. We need to make sure your surrogate is healthy, able to carry and deliver your child, and conscious of the expectations placed on her.

    Intended parents and surrogates receive counseling prior to starting treatment, both individually and collectively, from our expert team. This is done in the wake of the fact that everyone must be aware of the risks and challenges of surrogacy prior to beginning treatment.

    Legal complications

    Your surrogate is the legal mother at birth regardless of the type of surrogacy treatment, which raises difficult legal issues during surrogacy for 2 dads UK. Additionally, in order to be acknowledged as the biological parents of any child born, you and your partner must obtain Parental Orders.

    On the other side, all patients and surrogates must seek independent, qualified legal counsel prior to receiving treatment. To get it done for you in the best manner possible, we will make you get in touch with our panel of legal professionals.

    Finding the sperm or egg donor

    The intended parents must further look for a sperm or an egg donor in UK during surrogacy for gay couples.  This needs to be done in order to initiate the IVF treatment that would involve the procedure of developing an embryo in the IVF lab.

    Embryo transfer and childbirth

    Our partner clinics will then ensure the proper embryo transfer procedure under the strict observation of their fertility experts. Post that , the experts will conduct a pregnancy test after which the surrogate mother in UK will carry the child to term.

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    How much is the cost of surrogacy for LGBT couples in UK?

    Only altruistic surrogacy in UK is permissible so one cannot pay the surrogate mother more than her incurred expenses during the surrogacy process. Still, we can say that the added expenses related to the egg or sperm donor would make the intended parent pay a big higher for the surrogacy procedure.

    Still, with surrogacy care by your side, you can always expect the most affordable surrogacy options related to surrogacy for same sex couples in UK.

    Why choose us for best surrogacy for Gay couples in UK?

    Over the years, we at surrogacy care have helped and assisted numerous individuals seeking for best surrogacy for LGBT couples in UK. So, you can always expect nothing but only the best services and support from our end.

    With our partner IVF clinics and agencies in UK, we will further ensure that your surrogacy journey will go forward without any legal or medical complications. Contact our surrogacy experts via call or email to know more!