Surrogacy for HIV in Albania

Surrogacy for HIV in Albania

Surrogacy Care is proud to lead the surrogacy revolution among couples and individuals who are HIV+. We offer HIV surrogacy in Albania.

surrogacy for hiv in albaniaSurrogacy for HIV in Albania is a process that is solely dependent on the eligibility of the intended parents for the surrogacy process. So, for the start, the intended parents must clear themselves through all the tests and diagnosis in the same regard.

There are several ways to reduce the risk of HIV transmission during IVF treatment and with the help and assistance from our experts at Surrogacy Care; you can certainly look forward to realize your parenthood dreams in the best manner possible.

That said, you need to be cooperative at every stage as these tests and diagnosis will surely test your patience all along. While the procedure may go lengthy, it is worth it to achieve your child seeking dreams.

HIV surrogacy in Albania: Introduction!

surrogacy for hiv albaniaSurrogacy for HIV carriers in Albania is a sheer possibility given that every party involved is clear of any infection or risk for the future child. Moreover, no matter how strong your immune system may be or whether you have no symptoms, the best thing you and your partner can do in this situation is to consistently follow the recommended precautions and medications and keep your viral load low.

As you seek surrogacy, you must also first reduce the likelihood that your partner will acquire a different strain of the virus (one that is stronger or more drug-resistant). Besides, the risk of passing HIV to your child or a different strain to your partner can be reduced if you lower your viral load before attempting conception, just as it can be with sero different partners.

On the other side, there is a less than 1% chance of transmission to an unborn child with an undetectable viral load. 

Hence, in order to lower the risk of partners acquiring various strains of HIV, specialists at our partner clinics would also treat any STIs or STDs prior to embryo transfer. So, logically, intended parents must be prepared for the same process while making a first move in the same direction.

Various procedures involved in Surrogacy for HIV Albania

Sperm washing

surrogacy for hivSeparating the sperm from the seminal fluid is done through a process known as “sperm washing”. Since seminal fluid contains HIV but not sperm, removing sperm from the fluid lowers the risk of HIV transmission during the surrogacy process.

One illustration of this is fertilization which takes place during therapy or medical care. When using donor sperm, having trouble getting pregnant, or needing assistance to prevent HIV transmission between partners, assisted reproduction, also known as “assisted reproductive technology,” can be beneficial. That said, Albania offers many opportunities for HIV surrogacy, including through the use of assisted reproduction.

IUI procedure

A small, flexible tube is used in an IUI procedure to collect sperm and then deliver it directly into the uterus through an incision made in the neck or cervix. During this process, fertilization occurs when sperm enters the uterus and comes into contact with the egg.

IVF treatment

The embryo is fertilized using in vitro fertilization (IVF), which involves combining sperm and eggs in a lab dish. When the eggs are mature, they are removed from the patient’s ovary due to the ovaries’ prior stimulation process (or ripe). After fertilization, the embryo is inserted into the woman’s uterus as part of the embryo transfer procedure.


One of the most widely used in vitro fertilization methods, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), involves injecting sperm into an egg with a very small needle. Then the female reproductive system is implanted with fertilized eggs. That said, this process is used during surrogacy for HIV in Albania when a man’s sperm do not swim well or are shaped differently.

What is the role of an egg donor or sperm donor?

hiv surrogacy in albaniaAn egg donor may be used throughout the entire process if the woman undergoing IVF is unable to use her own eggs for any reason, which is extremely unlikely. Moreover, the woman donating her eggs takes fertility drugs to aid in the fertilization of the eggs she is donating (also called ripening her eggs).

If you have HIV, you can choose to have your partner fertilize an HIV-negative woman’s egg, which will result in the birth of either your child or another woman. Besides, to ensure an HIV-negative surrogate, you would need to have your male partner’s sperm cleaned and washed before using it in one of the assisted reproductive methods mentioned above.

The Albanian surrogate mother carries the fertilized egg (embryo) inside her womb and waits for the pregnancy test after the eggs are prepared for fertilization by combining sperm and eggs on a lab dish. Even though this therapy uses sperm or eggs that are HIV-negative, it is still important to take HIV medications while using a surrogate for HIV in Albania.

On the other side, the use of an HIV-negative surrogate to carry an HIV-positive woman’s egg fertilized by an HIV-positive man’s cleansed sperm may be medically impractical due to legal or regulatory restrictions. Even if this choice is permissible and favoured by the intended parents, it still requires oversight and support from a reputable IVF facility.

This is where dealing with a name like Surrogacy Care would come of big help. While we carry all the big expertise and experience at our back, we would further help you go through the diagnosis process in the easiest manner possible.

surrogacy in albania for hiv positivesWhy choose Surrogacy Care?

The entire procedure outlined above needs to be carried out under the constant supervision of highly qualified medical professionals. So, getting along with a name like Surrogacy Care is always ideal. With the help and support of our partner IVF clinics, we will assist you in getting through the surrogacy for HIV in Albania in a streamlined manner.

For more details and assistance, talk to our coordinators today via call or email!