Surrogacy for HIV in Argentina

Surrogacy for HIV in Argentina

Safe Surrogacy program for HIV+ Intended parents in Argentina

surrogacy for hiv in argentinaSurrogacy for HIV is a process that demands the intended parents go through the required diagnosis that confirms that no infection or related complication is passed on to the future child during surrogacy.

If you choose to become a parent through surrogacy for HIV carriers in Argentina, you would require a partner agency that can help you through every related process. The surrogacy agency in Argentina must be such that can take care of all the related processes like sperm washing, egg donation, and surrogacy without letting any complications or challenges occur.

This is where Surrogacy care appears as the most sought-after surrogacy clinic in Argentina for couples seeking surrogacy for HIV Argentina. With the help and guidance of our partner clinics in Argentina, we can surely make your surrogacy journey in this part of the world, smooth and easier.

The professionals that we indulge with can clean sperm to stop HIV transmission to the surrogate and fetus. Together with our in-house surrogate mother in Argentina, these services provide us the ability to provide incredibly effective medical care while upholding the strictest standards of secrecy and confidentiality.

Can you pursue surrogacy for HIV in Argentina?

It is possible for you to pursue surrogacy for HIV Argentina. However, the person or the couple is subject to a list of tests and diagnoses to clear them up for any kind of infection that could be passed over to the fetus.

The procedure may sound daunting to many; still, it is highly significant for the health and wellbeing of every person involved in this arrangement.

How Surrogacy for HIV in Argentina works?

surrogacy for hiv argentinaTo start with, you would connect with one of our coordinators at Surrogacy Care. Afterwards, our medical professionals will guide you through with every process and tests that may be recommended during your surrogacy journey. Once done, you will need to partake in a series of diagnoses that will be conducted by professionals from our partner clinics during IVF in Argentina.

Even though the transmission of the HIV virus happens via sexual intercourse, the sperm cell of men doesn’t always carry the virus. Most of the time, it’s the seminal fluid that is carrying the virus within. So, just by indulging in a process called sperm washing, the HIV positive men can think of pursuing their much anticipated parenthood dreams.

A sperm sample is cleaned in a lab by a process known as sperm washing, which removes seminal fluid, immobile sperm cells, cellular waste, and infections. What’s left over is a population of highly mobile sperm cells that can be employed in IVF to produce embryos. Moreover, this washing method is incredibly effective at lowering the HIV viral load to undetectable levels.

During the process, a prepared density gradient is placed over a freshly produced semen sample in a test tube. The remainder of the ejaculate is then isolated from the highly mobile sperm cells by centrifuging the sample. Once done, the same sperm sample is been used for the IVF process along with the egg of the intended mother or the donor.

Are there any risks involved during surrogacy for HIV positives?

hiv surrogacy in argentinaGiven the involvement of strict protocols and procedures during the tests and diagnosis, we can say that the risk factor is highly minimized. Besides, our partner clinics assist intended parents through surrogacy for HIV carriers in Argentina by ensuring the proper conduction of every test and diagnosis.

On the other side, the surrogate mother undergoes a thorough screening process that includes health screenings, background checks, and other processes to ensure she is qualified for either donation or surrogacy in Argentina.

So, you can stay assured that the health and well-being of your future child are been taken care of in every aspect. Besides, you can always connect with our coordinators to clear up all your doubts and questions in the same regard.