Surrogacy for HIV in the UK: Making a safe and informed approach to ensure the best results

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There are certain regulations to be followed by the intended parents regarding surrogacy for HIV in the UK. Moreover, HFEA, a regulatory body for surrogacy procedures in the country, has laid down certain guidelines for the surrogacy agencies and intended parents in the same regard.

According to the guidelines, everyone, including the surrogate mother, intended parents and the donors( if any), should undergo the required tests and diagnosis to prove that they are free from the risk of passing down the virus to the future child.

How surrogacy clinics should function during surrogacy for HIV in the UK?

The surrogacy clinics in the UK have to adhere to the provided guidelines by the HFEA in the same context. Besides, they have to ensure that neither of the involved parties in the surrogacy program is creating any risk to the future health of the surrogate child.

Besides, they must also make sure that all of the involved parties undergo the required tests and diagnosis.

Key steps involved in surrogacy for HIV patients

Consultation and Sperm testing

First up, the intended parents would go through an initial consultation with the surrogacy agency or the IVF clinic. Afterwards, the semen of the intended father undergoes the required testing. This is to make sure that any kind of viral load present in the semen is discarded. Moreover, the intended parents must know that this procedure is highly effective in removing any possibility of a viral infection in the future child.

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Embryo development and transfer

Once the sperm is tested and verified by professionals from the IVF clinics, it would then be mixed with the eggs derived from the intended mother or the egg donor in the IVF lab.  Once it develops into an embryo, it would be transferred into the womb of the surrogate mother in the UK.

Frequent questions asked regarding surrogacy for HIV

Is it possible to go for surrogacy while having HIV?

It is possible to go ahead with surrogacy while having HIV. That said, the intended parents must ensure that they are free from any risk of passing over the virus to the future child. This can be done by undergoing a series of tests and diagnoses at the IVF clinic.

That said, intended parents must initially consult with the surrogacy professional from the surrogacy agency before stepping forward. This way, they can have all their questions and doubts answered before taking the most important decision of their life.

Is sperm washing really effective in taking off the viral load from the semen?

The sperm-washing process ensures that the sperm is separated from the seminal fluid in the best manner possible. Moreover, the process makes sure that the sperm then fertilizes the eggs in a viable manner.

This is where sperm washing is often recommended during the surrogacy for HIV in the UK and other parts of the world. Moreover, one must connect with the best IVF clinics and surrogacy agencies to ensure the best results.

What is the success rate of sperm wash during the surrogacy procedure?

According to a recent survey by a medical centre, intended parents with a post-wash total motile sperm count of 9 million come up with around 17% of the pregnancy rate. Moreover, this rate may be impacted by the quality of services and treatment provided by IVF clinics and agencies.

So, always try to connect with the best surrogacy agency or clinic while undergoing any such fertility treatment option in the UK.

Is there any loss of sperm during sperm washing?

After washing, there are between 10 million and 20 million sperm, with a motile sperm percentage of over 30% and a total motile sperm count of over 5 million. Moreover, the lowest sperm concentration necessary to conceive, in contrast, is 7 million, with a cycle pregnancy rate of 13.8%.

That said, the same number varies according to the type and quality of sperm testing and washing used by a certain IVF clinic or agency.

How long does washing sperm take?

The duration between giving the semen sample for washing and insemination will take some time. Moreover, depending on the washing method used, the time can range from 30 minutes to two hours. Also, most people will perform the IUI as soon as the washing is finished.

On the other hand, sperm washing can remove sperm with low motility or dead sperm in addition to chemicals that may cause complications. Besides, the odds of an assisted reproductive procedure being successful are increased when lower quality and dead sperm are removed because the remaining sperm are quicker and healthier.

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How much time does it take for washed sperm to reach an egg?

The semen sample is first collected, and then it is “washed” in the lab to mix the sperm and discard the seminal fluid (seminal fluid can give a woman very painful cramps). Moreover, up to two hours may be needed to finish this process and IUI is further carried out just before the woman’s ovulation.

How sperm washing is done?

Following sperm donation, sperm washing is done in a lab. Moreover, sperm can be cleaned using either a “direct swim-up” technique, which does not use centrifugation, or by density gradient centrifugation. On the other hand, centrifugation harms spermatozoa in normal semen samples no more than a direct swim-up method harms them.

Why you must pick the best surrogacy agency for HIV surrogacy?

The role of a surrogacy agency in the UK is quite imperative during the surrogacy for HIV patients. While the agency does make you connect with the best IVF clinics and experts, they further help you with the end to end support during every phase of your surrogacy journey.

Right from the surrogate search, matching and selection, the agency would be by your side, ensuring each and every procedure is been taken care of in the best manner possible. This is where it is highly crucial to pick the most trusted and reputed surrogacy clinic for your respective surrogacy program or plan.

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