Surrogacy for HIV in UK

HIV Surrogacy in the UK

Surrogacy for HIV in UK is permitted subject to the clearance of the intended parents, surrogate mother and every involved party of any critical health issues that may be passed over to the future child.  To make it happen, the fertility experts or the medical professionals from the surrogacy agency in UK needs to conduct all the required tests and diagnosis recommended by the HFEA.

Moreover, the medical experts must also make sure that you did not unintentionally or negligently transmit the HIV virus to another person (including the child, intended parent or the surrogate mother in UK)

That said, we at Surrogacy Care, are committed to offer you the best medical support for surrogacy for HIV carrier in UK with the help and assistance of our partner IVF clinics and agencies.

surrogacy for hiv in uk

How surrogacy for HIV UK works: Getting started!

Being an intended parent, it is highly critical for you to be familiar with a few key ideas and elements before kick starting your journey regarding surrogacy for HIV carrier in UK. If you are an intended parent who has HIV, following your doctor’s advice during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding will help lower the risk of passing the virus to your child.

Moreover, you should be aware that there are many diagnoses and treatment options available to assist you in determining your viral load and naturally conceiving without running the risk of spreading the infection to your partner or unborn child.

Besides, individuals or couples who are aware that they have HIV should consult a doctor to determine whether they can safely become pregnant naturally with their female partners, even if their viral load is undetectable.

Due to regulatory requirements, sperm washing or another type of fertility therapy must be performed in the UK if the same sperm is used to achieve pregnancy.

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    hiv surrogacy in uk

    Additionally, if you are an intended parent seeking surrogacy through a surrogate mother in the United Kingdom, you are not allowed to use washed or virus-undetectable sperm during HIV surrogacy (possibly because you are a single man or woman seeking surrogacy).

    When you use the services of a surrogate mother in the UK to carry your child’s embryo, egg, or sperm, legal issues may come up. This is where before or after the birth of your child, you might have to see through challenges in order to establish your family’s legal status.

    Well, you need not to worry in this regard as our legal professionals will be by your side to help and guide you through any such situation.

    What Legal challenges can come over during Surrogacy for HIV in UK?

    surrogacy for hiv ukThe HFEA has created several guidelines for HIV surrogacy in the UK. This includes a thorough screening and evaluation of the intended parents, surrogate mother, and any egg or sperm donors involved in the surrogacy process in the United Kingdom.

    Using HIV-positive sperm or eggs is also prohibited in the UK when using the services of a surrogate mother.

    The laws governing HIV surrogacy in the UK impose a number of requirements on the surrogacy clinics in UK. That said, the UK’s surrogacy clinics must also take precautions to ensure that neither party is harmed by the virus.

    Before undergoing a surrogacy procedure in the UK, they must attest that everyone involved has been thoroughly screened and tested for any undetectable viral loads.

    HIV surrogacy: End to end process!

    hiv surrogacy in ukIn the UK, the surrogacy process for HIV takes a little longer than usual. The intended parent’s sperm is collected and tested during the medical procedure. Moreover, everything that might contain a pathogen like HIV is discarded. Besides, only 15% of men undergoing antiretroviral therapy had sperm that was HIV-positive.

    On the other side, the donor’s or intended father’s sperm is then “Washed” to look for any potential problems. The sample is moved to a partner facility, where it is stored in liquid nitrogen until the IVF procedure is ready to begin.

    Our specialists will then go over the process with intended parents and surrogates, as well as any potential issues and complications. Moreover, the doctor will take a sample of sperm from the potential father or sperm donor using the recommended technique, and then use a PCR HIV DNA test to see if the sperm contains the virus.

    Besides, the sperm would then be “washed” out of the seminal fluid using a centrifuge, depending on the test’s outcomes. Moreover, after the sperm have been cryopreserved, fertilization and embryo transfer would take place in an IVF facility.

    Why Choose Surrogacy Care?

    Surrogacy for HIV carrier in UK is a critical process that would require the fulfillment of a list of pre-defined criterion. Nevertheless, you can be sure that every decision you make along the way will be well-managed with our knowledgeable professionals by your side.

    You can also rely on getting the best medical advice and support on your journey toward surrogacy for HIV UK thanks to our partnerships with some of the best IVF clinics in the UK. Speak to our consultants today to know more!