Surrogacy for HIV in USA

Surrogacy for HIV in USA

surrogacy for hiv in usaGone are the days when HIV-positive people couldn’t dream of cherishing that most anticipated moment of parenthood. With options like Surrogacy in USA, one can surely look ahead to realize their parenthood dreams without impacting the health and well-being of their future child.

However, there are certain tests and diagnosis that one needs to go through during the process. By doing this, you may guarantee a risk-free surrogacy process while achieving your parental goals through surrogacy in the USA.

Now, before you take any action in the same direction, make sure you have consulted with a renowned surrogacy agency in USA. While working with some of the best IVF clinics specialized in surrogacy for HIV in USA, we always ensure the best care and assistance for every intended parent around.

That said, you first need to understand what HIV is and how we can ensure a healthy pregnancy while dealing with surrogacy for HIV carriers in the USA.

How a person can be deemed ‘ Non-infectious’?

The requirements for a person’s non-infectious status are set by the Swiss Federal Commission on HIV/AIDS. These conditions include maintaining strict adherence to their HIV medications, getting routinely examined, providing documentation proving their viral load has been suppressed (less than 48) for at least six months and is free of any other STDs. Therefore, if you plan to use a surrogate for surrogacy for HIV carrier in USA, you must go by every medical protocol in the same regard.

The intended parent is required to submit two to three semen samples, which are “washed,” preserved, and checked for viral remnants by our partner IVf clinics. The sample will be discarded if HIV is discovered in it. On the other hand, if HIV is not found in the tests, the sperm is sent to the joint IVF facility for fertilization and embryo transfer.

This is where the role of our partner IVF clinics facilitating surrogacy for HIV carriers in the USA would come into the picture.

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    Surrogacy for HIV USA: Ensuring best protection to everyone involved!

    During Surrogacy for HIV in USA, our first motive is to protect every person involved from a future probability of catching the infection. This is why the surrogate mother will receive medication in the USA as an extra precaution to lessen her risk of transmission prior to exposure. Moreover, it is safe to use Truvada during the first trimester and is taken prior to the embryo transfer.

    Thankfully, people with HIV can now have a long life expectancy, and have contented and healthy lives given the advancement in the medical sciences. So, we can say that HIV is thought to be a chronic, manageable condition as of now. Moreover, the processes described above enable prospective parents who are HIV-positive to enjoy parenthood through surrogacy for HIV carrier in USA.

    surrogacy for hiv usa

    Surrogacy for HIV in USA: How to make an informed choice?

    There are numerous precautions and recommendations that need to be followed during surrogacy for HIV in USA. So, without compromising with any aspect, we always ensure locating gestational carriers who are prepared to help you become parents while undergoing these tests and diagnosis.

    Moreover, our team can safeguard the health and safety of the surrogate and the future child by putting the appropriate procedures in place. Additionally, in order to ensure that all risks associated with surrogacy for HIV carrier in USA are eliminated, we have partnered with the leading IVF clinics in the country. So, you need not to stay concerned while putting your first step towards Surrogacy for HIV USA.