Surrogacy for singles in Argentina

Surrogacy for singles in Argentina

Surrogacy Care focuses on offering complete surrogacy services of single parent surrogacy in Argentina for single people looking to build a family.

single parent surrogacy in argentinaYou want to start a family, but you haven’t found the right man or woman in your life. Well, you need not worry much as surrogacy for singles in Argentina is surely the best option for you. Moreover, women who are thinking about starting a family have a lot of choices and services at their disposal.

Many women choose to become single mothers via single parenting. Besides, our partner IVF clinics are open to single parents who choose to be parents and are willing to help in any reasonable way, including finding egg or sperm donors, taking care of the IVF treatment in Argentina, and even ensuring the selection of properly screened gestational surrogates.

Argentina is emerging as a new surrogacy destination for singles, same-sex couples, single males, and married or non-married hetero couples.

What is your starting point for Single parent surrogacy Argentina?

When it comes to seeking surrogacy fir singles in Argentina, there are numerous possibilities. All you need to do is talk to our surrogacy coordinators over a call and we will take it further from there. On the other side, you may need the support of an egg or sperm donor during your surrogacy journey. Additionally, our partner IVF clinics provide sperm donation and egg donation programs, and patients can find a required donor directly through these clinics.

On the other side, our professionals can assist in locating a suitable and vetted surrogate to carry the child in the event that a medical or age-related issue makes the use of a surrogate (gestational carrier) imperative. This is where single parents can successfully find surrogates via our database to have their children and start families.

What do surrogacy laws in Argentina say about single parenting?

single parent surrogacy argentinaSurrogacy in Argentina is available to everyone. Hence, even if you are looking for single parent surrogacy Argentina, you can go by your surrogacy aspirations without any issues. The law is particularly favourable to single parents. Even if a single woman uses an egg donor, she is still legally the mother if she is carrying the child alone.

Moreover, there are laws that safeguard the parental rights of the recipients of sperm and egg donation. According to these rules, the donors have no parental responsibilities or rights if the gametes are donated through a medical facility and the embryos are developed there. Besides, the intended parents will also be the legal single parents on the birth certificate of the born child.

Additionally, if a surrogate is utilized, there are states in Argentina where a single parent may be legally named as the legal parent of the kid before the birth, even if she used both an egg and sperm donor to make her embryos.

This is where our professionals will make sure the surrogate in Argentina is on board to handle the pregnancy in the same manner that the intended mother would. Besides, your surrogacy journey will be supported by our team of professionals along with top-notch medical treatment in association with our partner IVF clinics.

How much is the cost of Surrogacy for singles?

surrogacy for singles in argentinaThe cost of single parent surrogacy in Argentina would depend on various factors like the number of IVF cycles in the treatment process, the cost of egg donors, sperm donors or surrogate mothers in Argentina. Besides, the cost of medication and other factors will also come into play.

Women may look forward to an egg donor as there are situations where women are pursuing careers and maintaining a strong work ethic throughout their twenties and thirties. Actually, that makes me think of a different possibility: egg freezing and fertility preservation.

In order to preserve her fertility if she is not yet ready to have children, a woman may elect to have a medical procedure that causes her to produce as many eggs as possible during one or more cycles, have her eggs removed through an egg retrieval procedure at a reproductive clinic, and then have her eggs preserved via cryopreservation.

Why Surrogacy Care is your best choice for single parent surrogacy in Argentina?

As you think of opting for an agency for surrogacy for singles in Argentina, we, at surrogacy care will make sure that all your needs and expectations are being taken care of. Besides, to make available all the required facilities and support, we have brought our team of partner IVF clinics on board. Simply call our coordinators and we will take it further from there.