Surrogacy for singles in Colombia

Surrogacy for singles in Colombia

Are you looking for the best and most affordable option related to single parent surrogacy in Colombia? Well, if we talk about Colombia, it is one of the only countries that have approved single parent surrogacy for both local and international parents on its territory.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of before moving forward in the same regard. Although surrogacy for singles in Colombia is legal, you must have the right legal knowledge and know how to make the right move forward.

Besides, if you connect with a trusted surrogacy agency in Colombia, you can get along with the same process smoothly and conveniently.

On the other hand, whether a couple or a single parent is the intended parent, the surrogacy procedure is often the same for both in almost every part of the globe.

single parent surrogacy in colombia

Available options regarding surrogacy for singles in Colombia

single parent surrogacy colombiaUsually, single parents have two options available for their surrogacy journey: Traditional surrogacy or gestational surrogacy. During Traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother is inseminated with the sperm of the intended father.

The child that the surrogate is carrying is genetically connected to her because the egg donor and the surrogate in this instance are the same persons. Moreover, this procedure is not frequently utilized or favoured by intended parents worldwide because of the various parentage issues and difficulties between parents and the donor/surrogate.

On the other hand, gestational surrogacy works differently. Because the gestational carrier, also referred to as the surrogate mother, is not a genetic relative of the child, this procedure has replaced traditional surrogacy.

Moreover, the single parents in this situation enjoy the independence of having their one and only biological child without any issues or challenges. Every single intended mother or father in a gestational surrogacy must use a donor egg or sperm for pregnancy, in contrast to intended couples. Moreover, this is a well-established path to parenting for every single person with a dream of having their child because thousands of children have been born throughout the years.

Surrogacy for Singles: The step by step procedure!

Making the first move

You must first schedule a meeting or register with us to make the first move. Besides, our coordinators will set up a straight appointment for you to receive a free consultation with a fertility specialist. Additionally, feel free to ask any questions you may have, and our professionals will answer all of them and fully explain your surrogacy status to you.

Selecting the donors and the surrogate mother

The intended parents then need to finalize the selection of the surrogate mother and egg or sperm donor for the surrogacy arrangement. While this may take a long, the intended parents can make a selection from the available pool of surrogate mothers and donors in our database.

Single-intended parents also have the choice of working with a known donor, such as a close friend or distant cousin. Besides, utilizing a reputable surrogate can help you save time and money. In addition, once you have decided on a donor, the process of surrogacy in Colombia will move forward just like it would for any other intended parent.

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    Getting the tests and diagnosis done

    The single parents and the surrogate mother, along with the donors will then undergo the required tests and diagnosis. Afterwards, you will proceed with your surrogacy journey by signing a surrogacy contract with one of our professionals. Furthermore, when a contract is signed, our legal surrogacy attorney is there. Additionally, the contract will outline all the dos and don’ts, and it will only be signed when you have agreed to the terms.

    Embryo transfer process

    Our IVF specialist from the partner clinics initially prepares the uterus of the surrogate mother, making sure the lining is the proper thickness and ready to receive the embryo for a successful pregnancy. Additionally, a cannula is used to insert the best embryo (blastocyst stage) into the uterus (womb). Moreover, anesthesia is not utilized during the surgery because there is no discomfort involved.

    We plan to check for pregnancy two weeks following embryo implantation to see if the operation was effective with a blood test. If the pregnancy is confirmed, you will have more ultrasounds after 20 days. After six weeks of pregnancy, we’ll perform an ultrasound to check for a heartbeat. Once your pregnancy has reached full term, the surrogate mother will deliver the child as part of her agreement for single parent surrogacy Colombia.

    Surrogacy for singles: Understanding the cost

    The cost is the main factor of any surrogacy procedure. That said, given the participation of some additional people and processes, the cost of a single-parent surrogacy might be a little higher than the cost of other surrogacy procedures. As a result, the expense of egg or sperm donors as well as their screening and matching would be involved.

    Nevertheless, the overall cost of surrogacy for singles in Colombia can range from $45,000 to $65,000, depending on the type of surrogacy program you select. Still, with the help and support of our professionals, you can always ensure the best and most affordable surrogacy option.

    surrogacy for singles in colombia

    Making the right choice!

    As you start your journey related to single parent surrogacy Colombia, making the right choice is highly important. That said, we, at Surrogacy care promise to provide you with all the assistance you need during your surrogacy journey because of our extensive experience in the ART field.

    Get in touch with one of our surrogacy coordinators today for more information!