Surrogacy for Singles in UK

Surrogacy for Singles in UK

Single parent surrogacy in UK is a legally permissible given a recent amendment in the UK laws related to surrogacy. According to the existing surrogacy laws, regardless of whether the child is genetically hers, the woman who conceives and gives birth to the child is the child’s legal mother. Unless they didn’t consent to the conception, her spouse or civil partner is the other parent legally.

While the new law specifically quotes surrogacy for singles UK, it further draws out the expectations and roles of the involved parties. Besides, the mother and father (or the two mothers or two fathers) who intend to be the child’s parents following the surrogacy are known as the intended parents. Additionally, they are occasionally referred to as the “commissioning parents.”

Children can be adopted and conceived via surrogacy, and single people have long had access to these options. Moreover, they can now choose to start their families through surrogacy without running afoul of the law.

surrogacy for singles in uk

Become legally recognized as parents

In accordance with section 54 of the Human Fertilization and Embryology Act 2008, prospective parents must request a parental order from the court in order to become legally recognized as parents.

A parental order is a decision the court may make that grants the intended parents legal parentage and parental authority.

A request for a parental order must be made by two people who, according to subsection (2) of the 2008 Act, must be:

  • If two people are not incompatible degrees of relationship with one another, they can be husband and wife, civil partners, or living together in an ongoing family relationship.
  • This meant that in order to fully secure their parentage following surrogacy, only couples could apply for a parental order.

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    Recent changes regarding surrogacy for singles in UK

    single parent surrogacy in uk

    While using the services of a surrogate mother in UK to conceive a child has never been against the law in the UK, a single intended parent could not be recognized as the child’s legal parent unless they adopted the child.

    Section 54 of the HFEA was found by the court in the case of Z (A Child) [2015] EWFC 73 to be incompatible with the Human Rights Act of 1998 because it discriminated against single people who desired to have children.

    The Human Fertilization and Embryology Act 2008 (Remedial) Order 2018 was passed on January 3, 2019, opening the door for single people to request parental orders. This is a corrective order issued in accordance with section 10 of the Human Rights Act of 1998, which modifies section 54 of the Human Freedom and Equalization Act to be compliant with the European Convention on Human Rights. This long-awaited change in the law related to single parent surrogacy is truly welcoming. 

    Being in the right hands in still very important!

    surrogacy in ukWhile surrogacy for singles UK is completely legal, you may have to come across a list of challenges and obstacles on your way through. The surrogacy contract in UK is legally unenforceable. So, there is every chance that the surrogate mother can step back from her decision to partake in the surrogacy program. Moreover, she can further deny giving the parental custody to the intended parents at the end of the surrogacy program. Hence, to avoid any such complications and issues, one need to be in the right hands or we must say the right association of a reputed surrogacy agency in UK.

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