Surrogacy in Albania

Surrogacy program in Albania

Surrogacy in Albania is becoming a viable option for couples and individuals that are looking for ethical and affordable surrogacy options in and around Europe.

surrogacy agency in albaniaAlbania is progressively gaining popularity among couples and people seeking an ethical way to realize their parenthood dreams through surrogacy.

Although there is no legal framework regarding surrogacy in the country, one can still look for best surrogacy options while getting onboard with surrogacy agencies in Albania.

Surrogacy in Albania is neither permitted nor banned. If you are an intended parent or surrogate mother, however, we recommend that you contact a reputable surrogacy agency in Albania like Surrogacy Care.

Furthermore, before taking the first step forward, you must take a deep understanding of every aspect and element related to the surrogacy process in Albania.

Is surrogacy legal in Albania?

Surrogacy laws in Albania

surrogacy in albaniaAs previously stated, there are no rules governing surrogacy laws in Albania, hence it is neither legal nor illegal. As a result, anybody and everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, can make the most of their surrogacy aspirations in the country.

On the other hand, Surrogacy in Albania is considerably less expensive than in other nations, such as the United Kingdom, Greece and Ireland. Given its ethical and affordable surrogacy options, Albania has been a popular location in Europe for couples seeking the most ethical and affordable surrogacy plans. Furthermore, because of its low-cost surrogacy choices and high-quality medical facilities, surrogacy agencies in Albania have become a popular choice for most child-seeking couples and individuals.

Surrogate mothers’ rights, on the other hand, are safeguarded under Article 261 of Albania’s Family Code.

This act emphasises the need for a legal adoption procedure following any surrogacy treatment process in Albania. As in many other nations, getting the consent of the Adoption Committee and having a court hearing are both necessary. As a result, obtaining the child’s legal paternity and travel documents following the baby’s birth may take longer for the intended parents.

The “surrogacy agreement” must be brought into the picture to guarantee that both Intended Parents and Surrogate Mothers are on the same page. However, it’s unclear if such a contract would be legally enforceable, or what would happen if the surrogate opted to back out of the deal. As a result of the agreement, both parties must operate in good faith and trust.

In the names of the surrogate mother in Albania and the child’s genetic father, a civil birth certificate is produced. This is because acquiring a surrogate baby’s birth certificate is not a regular procedure.

Birth certificates from the IVF clinic are necessary to register the kid with the civil registry once the child is born via Gestational surrogacy in Albania. The civil registry also requires the names and addresses of future parents to be included on the birth certificate.

Given all these necessary documentation and implications, it is always advisable to get on board with a trusted surrogacy clinic in Albania.

Over viewing Gestational surrogacy in Albania

In Albania, only gestational surrogacy is deemed as a legal surrogacy procedure, in which the surrogate mother has no biological relationship to the future child. In Albania, a surrogate mother creates an embryo from the intended parents’ sperm and eggs, which is subsequently put into her womb.

Genetic makeup is inherited from one’s parents or acquired through a gestational surrogate mother in Albania. When a donor is utilised, the father must demonstrate parenthood by proving his genetic relationship with the kid. Moreover, filiation must be utilised to establish paternity in this country due to a lack of effective legislation, and the father must show a genetic link to the kid. The donor in this situation might be known or anonymous.

In this situation, only women between the ages of 18 and 26 can qualify to become healthy egg donors, which further necessitate a thorough medical and mental examination.

After the delivery, the intended parents must be given the clinic’s birth certificate in order to register the child in the civil registration. Because there are no regulations regarding surrogacy in Albania, the birth certificate lists both the biological father and the surrogate mother.

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    What is the cost of surrogacy in Albania?

    surrogacy clinic in albaniaThe cost of surrogacy in Albania is heavily influenced by the sort of surrogacy consultant and agency you are dealing with. In addition, crucial factors like the total number of IVF cycles, IVF medicinal expenses, and the cost of surrogate mothers in Albania are all important factors to consider.

    Aside from that, other expenses like as logistics, transport, and hotel would add to the overall cost spent by the intended parents during their surrogacy journey in Albania.

    Is surrogacy for same-sex in Albania legal?

    As stated earlier, Albania doesn’t have any regulations to control the type or form of surrogacy arrangements within its legal territories. So, you can easily pursue surrogacy for gay couples in Albania or surrogacy for singles in Albania without any issues.

    Yet, connecting with a reputed surrogacy agency in Albania can help you ease your surrogacy journey to a great extent.

    Benefits of pursuing surrogacy in Albania

    • You can pursue surrogacy in Albania regardless of your sexual orientation
    • Surrogacy cost in Albania is lower than most of the other European and South American nations
    • High-quality medical services and competent medical specialists make surrogacy in Albania quite ethical and affordable for everyone
    • A variety of health insurance policies cover surrogate mother in Albania, donors, and children.


    Why dealing with a surrogacy agency in Albania is advisable?

    surrogacy laws in AlbaniaIn Albania, surrogacy is currently uncontrolled. As a result, you can’t rely on simply anyone to help you achieve your parental goals. Hence, working with a reputable surrogacy clinic in Albania, such as Surrogacy Care, is always recommended.

    By doing so, you can stay rest assured of receiving the finest possible assistance and advice during your surrogacy journey.

    Furthermore, our experts and specialists will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Over the last few years, we’ve assisted hundreds of hopeful parents in their journey to become parents. That said, we are proud to be known as an organisation made up of highly experienced fertility and legal specialists.

    Contact us now for a free consultation or simply connect with one of our client coordinators to know more about our services.