Surrogacy in Colombia

Surrogacy in Colombia

Surrogacy in Colombia is a perfect alternative to couples and individuals who can’t afford the highly expensive surrogacy plans in USA, Canada and other countries. While the surrogacy programs are less expensive than USA, they are still well supported by the state of the art medical infrastructure of the country.


Understanding surrogacy laws in Colombia


Besides affordable surrogacy plans, Colombia, unlike many other nations, has a broader definition of “eligible” IPs, which includes homosexual couples and single men and women. So, you can say that surrogacy for same sex in Colombia is permitted.

Besides, surrogacy for singles in Colombia can be pursued while dealing with a reputed surrogacy agency like Surrogacy care. Although “commercial” surrogacy is prohibited in Colombia, intended parents can reimburse surrogate mothers for few of the major expenses. Because only gestational surrogacy in Colombia is permissible, the surrogate mother in Colombia will not be allowed to use her own eggs in this situation.

In Colombia, a surrogate mother may not be allowed to contact her kid until the intended parents give her permission. The intending parents, on the other hand, must visit a Colombian court to have the surrogate mother’s name removed from the birth certificate and replaced with their own.

As long as the baby is born in Colombia, the prospective parents can take the kid back to their home country and finish the citizenship transfer process while continuing to live in the same house where they grew up.

Locating Surrogate mother in Colombia: key considerations

Using the services of a surrogate mother is lawful in Colombia unless it is not a commercial surrogacy arrangement. Surrogacy is a legitimate kind of assisted reproduction in Colombia, according to the country’s Constitutional Court.

Under Colombia’s constitution, all children born through surrogacy are given full rights. Besides, all children, whether born in or outside of marriage, whether adopted or created via ART procedures, have equal rights and obligations.

Furthermore, even if a child is born at a surrogacy clinic in Colombia, the country assures that the birth is registered and the parents’ citizenship is protected.

Concerning surrogacy laws in Colombia, the country’s Constitutional Court declared in 2009 that surrogacy should be legalised, and the country’s legislature was given instructions to do so. Although no legislation governing surrogacy has been approved in Colombia, the Supreme Court has set its own recommendations. Thanks to new regulations, any couples wishing to employ a surrogate mother in Colombia may do so with confidence.

Surrogacy for same sex in Colombia is also legal as a result of the country’s constitution. Colombian law protects these groups from discrimination; therefore anybody interested in surrogacy can do it as long as they have a genetic relationship to the kid.

Furthermore, foreign nationals have the same civil rights and protections as Colombian residents under Article 100 of the country’s constitution.

What is the cost of surrogacy in Colombia?

The cost of surrogacy in Colombia is calculated while keeping a list of factors and elements in attention. Intended parents pursuing surrogacy in Colombia must know that country has a low cost of living, yet it also has world infrastructure and medical services.

Not only is medical treatment more affordable in Colombia due to the reduced cost of living, but so is the cost of the surrogate mother in Colombia.

Points to ponder while pursuing surrogacy in Colombia

  • The Constitutional Court has laid down a number of standards that must be met by any surrogacy programme or agreement, including:
  • Surrogacy is only considered in Colombia if it is medically impossible for the couple or person to conceive.
  • In Colombia, the surrogate mother does not provide her eggs for IVF treatment process
  • Only Altruistic surrogacy is lawful within the country
  • The surrogate mother must meet all of the pre-determined parameters for her selection
  • A person must undergo comprehensive medical and psychological testing in order to qualify as a surrogate.
  • The surrogate mother is unable to cancel the delivery on behalf of the child’s parents after getting pregnant.
  • The biological parents of the kid must accept him or her after the birth
  • The kid is not left alone if his or her biological parents die before birth.
  • The surrogate can only terminate the baby if her doctor advises given any severe medical complication

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    How surrogacy in Colombia works?

    Surrogacy treatment process in Colombia is quite similar to the surrogacy process in any other part of the world; barring the fact that only altruistic surrogacy is permissible. Moreover, the Intended parents must register with a surrogacy agency in Colombia, as well as undergo a series of blood and sperm testing (if required)

    They must provide identity documents and pass a police background check in order to have a face-to-face consultation with the doctor at one of our partner surrogacy clinics in Colombia. They’d next have to sign a surrogacy agreement with one of our partner surrogacy clinics in Colombia. IPs also needs to bring their marriage, birth, and change of name certificates from the original source. If IPs are qualified, an egg donor profile is sent to them, and sperm is transported to Colombia if required.

    They will review the profile of surrogate mother in Colombia and eventually finalise her selection. IPs can also give gametes or embryos as needed. Once done, the surrogate would be screened and coordinated for the embryo transfer process.

    After a surrogate pregnancy has been verified, IPs and surrogates sign a more thorough Surrogacy Agreement. All contact and coordination between the parties will be handled by Surrogacy Care and its partner surrogacy agencies in Colombia.

    Moreover, Intended parents would then have access to medical records, ultrasound photos, and blood test results, all of which are kept up to date. During the last month of pregnancy, the doctor will offer a tentative delivery date.

    The Surrogacy Care team will get the baby’s official birth certificate as soon as the baby is delivered. We’d then handle all of the paperwork for children’s citizenship and passport applications.

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    At Surrogacy Care, we are obligated to offer you best in class surrogacy services with the help of our experienced professionals .Each of our surrogate mother in Colombia undergoes comprehensive psychological and medical screening procedure before being presented to an IP as a prospective surrogate candidate.

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