Surrogacy in Cyprus

Surrogacy program in Cyprus

The benefit of surrogacy in Cyprus is the option to offer customized surrogacy programs with individual solutions for each unique case.

Surrogacy in Cyprus is neither prohibited nor permitted by law. So, we can that surrogacy in this part of the world is completely unregulated. While there are no laws in regards to Gestational surrogacy in Cyprus, one should proceed with caution during their surrogacy journey in the country.

Furthermore, working with a reputable surrogacy clinic in Cyprus, like Surrogacy Care, may be quite beneficial. As a result, you may constantly stay away from the clutches of all the misleading surrogacy agencies in Cyprus.

That said, one must prepare themselves with all the basic information and other key factors regarding surrogacy in Cyprus before making the first move.

There are numerous nations that adhere to the surrogacy procedure. Now a question may arise in your mind: Is surrogacy legal in Cyprus? Or what are the surrogacy laws in Cyprus?

Surrogacy in Cyprus

Is surrogacy Legal in Cyprus?

As stated earlier, according to surrogacy laws in Cyprus, it is completely unregulated in this part of the globe. Additionally, the surrogacy treatment procedure in Cyprus is not subject to any severe regulations given to the absence of a legal framework in the country. It allows the embryo to be transferred to the surrogate without any legal issues. As a consequence, finding a reliable surrogacy agency in Cyprus that can aid with the process is straightforward.

The agreement between the intending couples and the surrogate mother in Cyprus is legally binding and enforceable in court. All parties must agree, however, that they are aware of the treatment alternatives, the legislation, and the related expenses.

Both the intended spouse and the surrogate mother will be identified as legal parents of the kid delivered via Gestational surrogacy in Cyprus if the surrogate is unmarried. In such instances, obtaining legal custody is crucial. After three months, the surrogate mother can announce her readiness to be a mother or even renounce it, and the intended parents can pursue legal possession of the child.

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    surrogacy laws in Cyprus

    To avoid any issues with the surrogate mother, the surrogacy arrangement must be carried out under contract. Make sure you understand everything there is to know about Gestational surrogacy in Cyprus before taking the next step forward.

    It is usually suggested that potential parents choose a reputable Surrogacy agency in Cyprus that can guide them through the entire procedure. From choosing a surrogate mother to the legalities, everything can be managed entirely by the surrogacy agency.

    Besides, the same surrogacy agency in Cyprus would help you in taking legal custody of the child after birth. Moreover, the intended father and surrogate mother in Cyprus will be named on the birth certificate when the baby is born in Cyprus. When the baby’s father is identified through DNA testing, he may finish the adoption process legally.

    Finding surrogate mother in Cyprus

    Searching for a surrogate mother may not be as easy as it sounds. In most situations, the intended parents in Cyprus use the help of a family member or a friend to act as a surrogate mother. It delivers a great degree of comfort and trust without a doubt. There are many more alternatives. If you are unable to find a surrogate on your own, you might seek help from any leading surrogacy agencies in Cyprus.

    Yet, one needs to follow certain rules and regulations in this regard. You must pick a surrogate who is over the age of 18 and with good reproductive health. 

    It might be a standard selection process that includes a series of medical and psychological tests for the surrogate in Cyprus.

    Furthermore, it is vital to take your time and properly review all of the facts. Aside from that, the cost of surrogacy is quite nominal in comparison to other European countries like UK, Greece, Ireland, and so on. 

    Still, it all depends on a list of factors like egg or sperm donor cost, surrogate mother cost, IVF cycles performed, and so on.


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    Surrogacy for Gay Couples in Cyprus

    Gay surrogacy in Cyprus

    Surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus can be pursued, given that you are keeping up with the existing family laws and regulations in the same context. 

    Since there are no particular regulations or legislation governing surrogacy in Cyprus, finding suitable surrogates for gay couples in Cyprus isn’t difficult.

    However, one must work with a reputable surrogacy agency in Cyprus that comes on board with some good experience and expertise in managing surrogacy for 2 dads in Cyprus.

    As an intended parent, you should be informed of the cost of surrogacy in Cyprus for homosexual couples and single parent. Surrogacy for homosexual couples in Cyprus may be relatively straightforward. 

    For intended couples considering surrogacy, there is no upper age restriction. Furthermore, the procedure is identical, with the exception that an egg or sperm donor maybe required for the arrangement.

    This implies both homosexual and single parents who want to start a family can opt for surrogacy in Cyprus without any second thoughts. As a matter of fact, there is no discrimination based on marital status, gender, or other characteristics in Cyprus. It assures that the intended parents need not go through any obstacles during their surrogacy journey in the country.

    Over viewing Cost of surrogacy in Cyprus

    Cost of surrogacy in Cyprus is quite low in comparison to other European countries. Still, one must think about several aspects of cost of surrogacy in Cyprus before making an informed decision. The entire cost structure is determined by factors such as the length of the IVF treatment cycle, the number of tests and diagnoses necessary, and whether or not sperm and egg donors are used.

    The surrogate mother cost in Cyprus, on the other hand, is also one of the most crucial points. So, the intended parents must ponder about every related point before choosing a surrogate mother in Cyprus. One may select a decent choice and guarantee that the surrogacy treatment is done at a reasonable cost by taking all the aspects into consideration.

    The cost of living in Cyprus is also lower than in other regions of Europe, making it an enticing option for intended parents seeking surrogacy treatment. The cost of surrogacy in Cyprus comprises a number of beneficial alternatives, including limitless IVF treatments, surrogate selection, post-care, compensation, and surrogate care, among others.

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    Given the high success rate of surrogacy along with the low-cost medical services, Cyprus has enlisted itself into the category of topmost surrogacy destinations. Yet, with Surrogacy care by your side, you can make the most out of your surrogacy journey in the country.

    Cyprus is a technologically sophisticated country with several benefits for anyone looking to establish a family. A renowned surrogacy clinic in Cyprus can guarantee that everything from the initial consultation to the handover of the child goes on in a smooth manner.

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