Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine is regulated by law

Ukraine offers European standards of medical care, a stable democracy, affordable cost of living, and the most supportive surrogacy laws worldwide.

Please Note: Given the present political situation in Ukraine, we will not advise you to proceed with your surrogacy plans in Ukraine. However, once things return to normal, you can always contact our client coordinators for the most ethical and affordable surrogacy plans in the country. In the meantime, you may learn about all of the important features of surrogacy in Ukraine, which may come useful in your surrogacy journey in Ukraine in the near future. 

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Why Surrogacy in Ukraine is highly recommended?

For childless couples who wish to establish a family, surrogacy in Ukraine is now the most cost-effective, legal, and beneficial alternative. However, potential parents should be aware that in Ukraine, only heterosexual married couples are permitted to pursue surrogacy. If you are looking for a reputed surrogacy clinic in Ukraine, Surrogacy Care provides legally secure, affordable international surrogacy programs with guaranteed success.

On the other hand, if you’re seeking for surrogacy for the same sex in Ukraine, you might have to look forward to other destinations like Greece or Georgia.

Is surrogacy legal in Ukraine?

According to surrogacy laws in Ukraine, Surrogacy is legal in Ukraine. Yet, only married heterosexual couples are permitted to pursue gestational surrogacy in Ukraine. So, if you’re seeking for surrogacy for singles in Ukraine or even Gay surrogacy, you may have to consider other destinations.

Surrogacy contracts are also enforceable under federal law due to Ukraine’s rigorous surrogacy legislation. In Ukraine, the kid belongs to the Intended Parents from the moment of conception. As soon as the child is born to the surrogate mother in Ukraine, a birth certificate designating the Intended Parents and voiding the surrogate’s parental rights will be issued.

As a result, the surrogate mother in Ukraine has no legal claim to the baby or any other rights. Despite the fact that the kid and the intended parents have no biological link, their names are still shown on the birth certificate, even if they utilised donor eggs and sperm according to surrogacy laws in Ukraine.

In nations that allow surrogacy, all parental rights are normally assigned to the surrogate until a legal process (such as a “Parental Order”) may transfer them from her to the intended parents. In some nations, the surrogate has the option of suing for custody; however, in Ukraine, this option is not accessible.

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    Overviewing the Cost of surrogacy

    Most of the surrogacy agencies in Ukraine provide a variety of services and treatment alternatives. Furthermore, most of the private clinic medical personnel have obtained training in Europe or the United States, and they employ contemporary technology and adhere to Western medical practises.

    That said, Surrogacy clinics in Ukraine provide a la carte services at extremely low charges, as well as ‘concierge’ services that may be tailored to the Intended Parents’ individual needs. Special pricing is offered in many circumstances. Some clinics provide “guarantee” programmes that involve limitless IVF cycles and embryo transfers until a safe pregnancy and delivery can be accomplished.

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    As a result, we can state that the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is mostly determined by a variety of factors such as the number of IVF cycles completed, the involvement of egg and sperm donors, medical fees, and cost of surrogate mother in Ukraine.

    How surrogacy in Ukraine works?

    The surrogacy process in Ukraine is similar to the surrogacy process in any other part of the world. Initially, one has to connect with our client coordinators through phone, messaging, or email. In this section, you will learn about all of the various options and processes for gestational surrogacy in Ukraine.

    Afterwards, our multilingual case managers will be there to answer any questions you may have about the surrogacy procedure in Ukraine, as well as to help you choose the best package to match your unique needs.

    Getting through the legal implications

    Once the intended parents have made up their minds we will then discuss all the legal implications via our team of legal professionals. Furthermore, while engaging into a surrogacy contract with the surrogate mother in Ukraine, you will learn about every details and element in the same regard.

    Visiting the country

    After signing the Consultancy Agreement, your arrival in Kiev will go more smoothly. If you don’t want to use your own oocytes, we can assist you discover an egg donor, or you may search our database for someone willing to give their eggs if that’s what you want.

    You’ll next go to one of the surrogacy clinics in Ukraine for the rest of the process, where you’ll meet with the doctor, drop off a sperm sample, meet with the lawyer, and sign the remaining paperwork.

    Getting the IVF procedure started

    If you’re doing IVF using your own oocytes, you’ll need to spend 15-16 days in Kiev. During this stage, the surrogate mother’s uterus will be stimulated and eggs will be harvested, following which embryologists will develop embryos suitable for implantation in the surrogate mother’s uterus.

    Pregnancy confirmation

    We’ll start the pregnancy monitoring regimen for the surrogate mother in Ukraine once the pregnancy is confirmed. Your case manager will most likely keep you informed of any relevant analyses on a frequent basis, and you’ll be able to watch your baby’s progress over the next few months.

    The Birth of a Child

    It’s now time to celebrate your long-awaited happiness! You’ll return to Kiev for the birth of your kid a few weeks before your due date! By supporting you with all of your documentation, we will assist you in preparing for your return to your home country.

    Surrogacy in Ukraine: Key considerations

    • Stay cautious while dealing with a random surrogacy agent or agency in Ukraine, and always adhere to local regulations. Furthermore, it is always recommended to get along with reputed surrogacy agencies in Ukraine like Surrogacy Care.
    • Avoid referral fees and other types of reimbursement from clinics.
    • Be wary of agencies and companies offering low-cost surrogacy. Surrogacy is a cost-effective programme, and the cost of surrogacy is determined by a list of factors mentioned above
    • Look for a general practice reproductive clinic that conducts a wide range of fertility procedures, not only surrogacy, while looking for a surrogacy agency in Ukraine.

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    At Surrogacy Care, we take pride in offering the most ethical and affordable surrogacy options to any child seeking couple or individual around. Given our vast experience in the same field, we have helped and supported hundreds of couples and individuals in realizing their parenthood dreams. For a free consultation, contact one of our client coordinators today!