How I saved myself from dealing with a malicious agency: My own surrogacy story!

My own surrogacy story

Right when I first came to know about my infertility issues, I thought of pursuing surrogacy to achieve parenthood. Yet, I had my concerns in mind and this is where I connected with a reputed surrogacy agency.

On the other side, I knew that navigating the path to parenthood through surrogacy can be both exhilarating and daunting. My journey was no exception, and it almost took a turn for the worse when I unknowingly came close to engaging with an illegal surrogacy agency. Moreover, this experience taught me the importance of vigilance, research, and due diligence in such a sensitive process. Here’s how I almost saved myself from dealing with an illegal surrogacy agency during my surrogacy journey. Also, it’s not just about saving myself from a malicious entity, it’s also connecting with a more reputed and recognized surrogacy agency with due research later on.

My own surrogacy story!

Putting my first step forward!

Just like every other intended parent, even I carried my dreams of having my child. This further made me look and search for a reputed surrogacy agency.  That said, I did hear about a lot of agencies offering top-class services, yet I was not sure initially about them.

Also, I was looking for a reputable organization that could guide me through the entire process of surrogacy. Moreover, my search was for a concern that provides support and ultimately helps me fulfil my dream of becoming a parent. Well, amid those numerous options, one particular agency caught my eye given its vast experience and top-of-the-line service quality.

Noticing the Red flags!

My first interaction with the surrogacy agency was all positive. Moreover, they seem responsive and knowledgeable enough to manage my respective case. However, as I went further into the same discussions, several red flags began to emerge. Firstly, the agency didn’t mention much regarding its operations and the legal framework governing its surrogacy processes. Moreover, they promised me a smooth procedure and journey without even mentioning how they were going to make it happen. Also, when I tried to investigate further, they didn’t reveal many details in the same regard.

Secondly, their financial demands were very high and they seemed too upfront as well. Moreover, they requested a significant amount of security deposit to kick start the process, with little to no clear breakdown of costs or explanation of what these fees cover. I found this approach concerning and depressing.

Conducting my research!

These red flags prompted me to dig deeper. I started researching surrogacy laws in my country and the countries where the agency operated. I learned that surrogacy laws vary significantly from one jurisdiction to another, with some countries having strict regulations governing surrogacy arrangements. This research revealed that the agency’s operations might not be fully compliant with these laws.

At the same time, I connected with some online forums and social media groups that talk regarding surrogacy. Moreover, sharing my experiences and gathering insights from others who had gone through or were going through the surrogacy process was of huge help. Also, within those groups, many were willing to share their experiences, both positive and negative. On the other hand, a few of them told me that the agency I was connected to was not that trusted.

Initialing with the Professional Consultation

I got too concerned with my findings truly and then decided to consult with a legal professional specializing in family and surrogacy law. To my advantage, this step helped me a long way. That said, the lawyer reviewed the information I had gathered about the agency and advised me on the legal standards and requirements for surrogacy arrangements. Also, it became evident that the agency’s operations did not align with these legal standards. Moreover, the lawyer’s advice was clear: avoid this agency and you can avoid potential legal complications and emotional heartache.

Taking the hard decisions!

After getting this advice and even my research, I conveyed my concerns to the agency. Still, what I received from them in response was disappointing. Moreover, they became defensive, refused to provide the detailed information I requested, and even tried to pressure me into making a decision quickly. That said, this reaction confirmed my suspicions that the agency is doing something that is not according to the ethics and law of the country.

This is when I decided to withdraw my consideration of their services, a decision that was difficult but necessary. Moreover, the realization that I had come close to embarking on a surrogacy journey with an illegal agency was a huge letdown. Also, it highlighted the importance of thorough research and consultation with legal professionals when navigating the surrogacy landscape.

I learnt my lessons!

surrogacy storyI can surely say that my experience taught me some much-needed lessons about the importance of due diligence in the surrogacy process. That said, I am mentioning a few of the key ones here for everyone’s reference:

Research is important: Way before pursuing surrogacy, do know that understanding surrogacy laws and regulations is highly important. That said, each country’s legal framework governing surrogacy is different, and it’s important to ensure any agency or arrangement complies with these laws.

Professional guidance is a must: I also came to know that consulting with legal professionals who specialize in surrogacy law can provide clarity and security. Moreover, they can help navigate the legal complexities of surrogacy arrangements in a way better manner.

Always go with your instincts:  Do know that if something feels off or too good to be true, it probably is. That said, it’s important to listen to your gut feeling and seek clarity on any concerns.

Community support matters: Engaging with others who have gone through or are going through the surrogacy process can provide insights and warnings about potential scams or illegal operations. You can search for such people or entities online on various social media platforms.

How I find a good surrogacy agency later on?

While my first experience was a worse one, I learnt my lessons and connected with one of the most trusted and recognized surrogacy agencies later on. While I was prepared with my research and assessment, the agency also showed some good initial responses and gestures. Eventually, with mutual support and agreement, I finally got blessed with an angel. While I was disappointed with dealing with a fake agency earlier, this one took me there with my parenthood dreams.

Final words

In the end, I can say that my journey could have taken a perilous turn had I not paid attention to the warning signs and sought professional advice. Moreover, this experience underscores the importance of staying cautious and informed decision-making in the surrogacy process. By sharing my story, I hope to help others avoid similar pitfalls and navigate their surrogacy journeys safely and legally.

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