Surrogate Mother in Argentina

Find a right surrogate in Argentina

The legal framework to find a surrogate mother in Argentina

surrogate mother in argentinaOne of the most crucial aspects of the surrogacy procedure is choosing the best surrogate mother in Argentina for your expanding family. Depending on your particular needs and preferences, the greatest fit may vary for each intended parent.

This is where the medical coordinator at Surrogacy Care will suggest a candidate from our database of trustworthy surrogate moms who have already gone through the following steps of the screening procedure to assist you with your decision.

We encourage you to request a face-to-face session with your surrogate mother because we want you to be as at ease and sure of your choice as possible. In order to trust that she is the right candidate to carry your baby, you will have the opportunity to get to know your surrogate mother personally.

Who can become a surrogate mother?

cost of surrogate mother in argentinaMany parents have an innate desire to select a young surrogate mother, but we are aware from experience that age is not the best indicator of whether or not a surrogate candidate is a good fit. A surrogate mother in her thirties could be deemed more reliable and tranquil than a younger surrogate mother in her twenties who might have a busier, more active lifestyle.

This is where we understand that age is not as essential as other characteristics, like as the surrogate’s general pregnancy history, in deciding whether she is a good candidate because a surrogate mother sometimes may not like to use their own eggs for pregnancy. The age range of the surrogate mothers at Surrogacy care is 20 to 42, and our staff is available to assist you as you make your decision.

Step by step process to select Surrogate mother in Argentina

Initial interview and proper psychological screening

The surrogate mother Argentina has a bigger role to play than any other participant in the surrogacy process. Besides, she will be monitored medically and psychologically throughout her pregnancy and after giving birth to a child which doesn’t belong to her.

Because of these particular conditions, we carefully screen all prospective surrogate mothers before approving them. Interviews serve a variety of functions, one of which is to make sure the applicant is aware of all of these obligations and obstacles they may encounter as a surrogate mother. On the other side, candidates must demonstrate that they are dependable, accountable, and dedicated to carrying any pregnancy to term. Hence, only those applicants are accepted who suit perfectly for the role of surrogate during surrogacy in Argentina.

Checking the family background

surrogate mother cost in argentinaWe would further conduct a thorough check of the family background of the surrogate mother. Besides, support is essential for any pregnancy to succeed and this is where we have always ensured that we visit with each of our surrogate mothers’ families to make sure they agree with her choice.

By doing this, it is made sure that the surrogate will receive the care and support necessary for their mental and emotional health during their pregnancy and during the delivery of a healthy child. That said, the detailed one on one session includes a home visit to ensure that the living arrangements are secure and up to our predetermined safety requirements.

Besides, a formal certificate from the relevant government agency is obtained by our professionals once a surrogate mother candidate goes through the previously mentioned procedures. This demonstrates that the surrogate candidate has no criminal history, ensuring the security of our parents and unborn children.

Medical examination

A surrogate mother then connects with the doctor from our partner IVF clinic during IVF treatment in Argentina for a medical evaluation after passing all of the predefined inspections and interviews. Each prospective surrogate mother has a thorough evaluation of viruses, STIs, and hormones. Moreover, to ensure that her endometrium is healthy and that she can carry a healthy baby to term, an ultrasound is conducted by medical professionals accordingly.

How much is the surrogate mother cost in Argentina?

surrogate mother argentinaThe cost of surrogate mother in Argentina is included in the package you select while connecting over with our surrogacy coordinators. Hence, you need not worry about paying any extra money in the same regard.

Moreover, you have the option to bring your own surrogate mother from your friends or family groups. This way, you can save on the surrogate mother cost in Argentina. However, in that case, you got to ensure that the surrogate mother is free from any physical or mental health issues.

While this may sound like a hectic task, this may save you some good money. Still, why most people prefer dealing with a reputed surrogacy agency in Argentina like Surrogacy Care because we can take care of the end-to-end process without letting them feel worried about anything.

How we ensure picking only the best surrogate mother candidates?

surrogate in argentinaWe are a team of medical professionals that has spent years working in this domain. So, you can count on our experience and knowledge that further keeps your respective needs and requirements in our mind.

Besides, our team of medical specialists makes sure that only the best embryos are implanted into an endometrium that has been properly prepared. On the other side, doctors are allowed complete freedom to pick surrogate mothers for a program based on their expert judgment and to transfer an embryo into the endometrium of the surrogate they have chosen at the right time. Please be aware that a surrogate candidate will be assigned to you by our doctor and medical coordinator due to this necessity for flexibility to achieve the best success rate.

We are aware that this journey to parenthood is one of the most joyful experiences you may have. Hence, you want to be certain that the future of your family and the lives of your child are in the greatest, most dependable, and trustworthy hands when choosing a surrogate mother.