Surrogate mother in Colombia

Surrogate mother in Colombia

A surrogate mother in Colombia has a big role to play in a standard surrogacy program pursued by the intended parents. While carrying the child for around 9 months in her womb, the surrogate mother also needs to take care of her health and well-being in the process.

Hence, we can quote the surrogate mother as the most important part of any surrogacy plan or program. That said, you must take all the required precautions and measures to make the best and most appropriate selection in the same regard.

surrogate mother in colombia

Understanding the laws related to surrogate mothers in Colombia

According to Sentence T-968 of the Constitutional Court of Colombia, the surrogate mother must pass on the legal rights of the born child to the intended parents after its birth. Besides, she must not claim any right over the born child in the future.

However, there is a certain pre-defined criterion that needs to be fulfilled by all the potential surrogate mother candidates. Moreover, the surrogate mother must be a healthy female between the ages of 18 and 30. Besides, she must also be mentally and physically prepared to give birth to a child for the intended parents. Additionally, the Colombian surrogate mother must have previously given birth to a healthy child and must be prepared to assist the intended parents throughout the surrogacy process.

Colombia is still one of the countries that have permitted surrogacy for everyone, regardless of their sexual preferences. Due to this, employing a surrogate mother or renting a womb to have children is a simple process in this country.

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    Legally, this arrangement ought to be supervised by a solid legal framework that safeguards surrogate women from being used by arbitrary Colombian surrogate mother agencies. Additionally, the unborn child should be safeguarded from any kind of health issues in the present or the future.

    Finding the surrogate mother: key aspects involved!

    If you want to search for a surrogate mother Colombia, we would recommend you connect with our surrogacy experts at Surrogacy Care. While you can take care of the procedure by yourself, it would become hectic for you to manage every aspect and element.

    The surrogate needs to be screened for any kind of physical or mental health issues beforehand. Moreover, her background also needs to be checked to ensure the best candidate for your surrogacy journey.

    This is where a surrogacy agency in Colombia can come to your rescue. Not only will we help you in finding the best surrogate mother Colombia, but we will also ensure that only the most suitable and appropriate candidate is brought on board.

    Even after the surrogate is selected, she needs to be physically and mentally prepared for the embryo transfer process. That said, with the help and support of our partner clinics in Colombia, we will make sure that the IVF treatment process is being done in the best manner possible.

    How much is the cost of surrogate mother in Colombia?

    The cost of surrogate mother in Colombia is typically included in the entire surrogacy cost in Colombia. Besides, the average cost of a legal surrogacy treatment may range from $25,000 to USD 65,000, which would also include the approximate $15000 to $20,000 surrogate mother cost in Colombia.

    However, if you work with a reputable surrogacy agency, you can always count on receiving the best surrogacy plan, right as per your budget limitations.

    Why choose Surrogacy Care?

    While Surrogacy is cost-effective, we, at surrogacy care can always ensure the best and most affordable surrogacy programs at your service.

    So, instead of thinking about the surrogate mother cost in Colombia, you can simply relax and watch us bring you that end-to-end support.

    Moreover, the surrogate mothers in Colombia within our database are thoroughly screened and checked before being brought on board for your surrogacy journey. Consult with our surrogacy coordinators today to know more!

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