Surrogate mother in Cyprus

Surrogate mother in Cyprus

The legal framework for the process of pregnancy through a surrogate in Cyprus is established by the Law on the Implementation of Medically Assisted Reproduction of 2015 (69(I)/2015), which aims to regulate the framework for the application of medically assisted reproduction techniques in order to ensure, on the one hand, the respect of the individual’s freedom and right to personality and, on the other hand, the satisfaction of the delegated purposes.

There is no doubt to the fact that the surrogate mother in Cyprus is certainly the center point of the entire surrogacy program. While the intended parents are expecting the surrogate to bless them with the child of their dreams, she herself has to pass through a list of tests and diagnoses in order to confirm her eligibility for the program.

This is where; right from the selection of the surrogate mother to its screening and matching, every procedure holds some big importance for the success of the surrogacy program.

surrogate mother cyprus

How we ensure the selection of the best surrogate mother in Cyprus?

At Surrogacy Care, we have teamed up with some of the best agencies and clinics in Cyprus to bring you the best and most appropriate surrogate options. Moreover, all these surrogate mothers in our database are properly screened and tested for any kind of physical or mental health issues.

Afterwards, you can take a look at these options in our database and make the required selection according to your needs and requirements. Additionally, we have a rigorous process in place for screening prospective surrogates, and before continuing with the process, we look for any health issues or complications during pregnancy. On the other side, all partners participating in the treatment procedure for surrogacy in Cyprus undergo a number of screening exams.

By doing this process, infection risks can be reduced and any genetic or hereditary hazards can be discovered. We think that thorough physical and mental screening is required to guarantee a risk-free delivery and the general welfare of the surrogate child.

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    The ability of the surrogate to carry the child to term and the quality of the eggs and sperm used in conception are just two of the variables that affect the outcome of a surrogate pregnancy. 

    In Cyprus, there are many women who are interested in serving as surrogate mothers, but only a select handful of them qualify after stringent medical and psychological testing.

    We only work with women who are at the peak of their reproductive capacity because the success rates of infertility treatment for women after the age of 35 diminish dramatically. We don’t think it’s right to promise patients miracles or to set up people with unreasonable expectations.

    On the other side, our partner IVF & surrogacy clinics in Cyprus uses the most advanced fertility treatments, cutting-edge equipment, and skilled medical professionals to screen, match and select the surrogate mother in Cyprus.

    Besides, we always advise our patients to maintain the highest ethical standards and have reasonable expectations. Our fertility consultant will be able to determine the success rate based on the age and results of the surrogate’s medical tests, as well as the findings of the medical tests conducted on the commissioning party.

    What does law says in regards to the Surrogate mother in Cyprus?

    surrogate mother cost in cyprusSurrogacy laws in Cyprus do have a special mention regarding the surrogate mothers in the country. Before choosing a surrogate mother in Cyprus, an intending parent must think about a number of different factors. Consideration should be given to your surrogate’s rights, the rights and responsibilities of the intended parents, the biological father’s rights, the effect on the child of your surrogate, and the effect on other family members.

    Additionally, both the intended parents and the surrogates should get legal counsel before committing to a surrogacy relationship. Besides, the intended parents should meet with the prospective surrogate mother Cyprus a therapist, and the intended surrogate in order to address their doubts, identify any problems, and reach a mutually accepted arrangement.

    Moreover, for heterosexual couples, same-sex couples, single man, single women, and heterosexual couples whose female spouse is unable to give birth to a child safely, a surrogate pregnancy may be a possibility.

    Surrogate mother cost in Cyprus

    surrogate mother in cyprus

    The cost of surrogate mother in Cyprus is very low, allowing anyone to afford a surrogate for the process and reap the benefits of the treatment. The surrogate mother cost in Cyprus is reasonable and of international quality for each individual without discriminating between the poor, payee, or needy.

    Offering affordable surrogate costs in Cyprus is made possible by the availability of skilled fertility specialists who want to see each parent enjoy parenthood with their child and realize their dreams of having a child. Cyprus’ fertility specialists have thus reduced their fees.

    In comparison to other developed nations, Cyprus also has very affordable healthcare costs. It’s the reason more people travel to Cyprus for surrogacy because they not only receive a fair price but also the highest rates for bringing the child home. The laws in Cyprus regarding surrogacy do not affect any partner procedures.

    Is it costly to pursue the services of surrogate mother in Cyprus?

    It all depends on the procedure applied during the selection of the surrogate mother Cyprus. That said, the main elements that affect the entire cost of surrogacy in Cyprus include IVF or IUI therapy, donor eggs or sperm, and the cost of surrogate mother in Cyprus.

    On the other side, fees for screening, embryo implantation, and administration will need to account for the surrogate mother’s expense claims for items like lost income, transportation costs, and maternity wear.

    In a nutshell, we can say that while you connect with our coordinators at Surrogacy Care, you can stay assured of getting the best and most specialized services without breaking your bank.