Surrogate Mother in UK

Surrogate Mother UK

Are you thinking about find a surrogate mother in UK? Well, it may sound a bit complicated at the start. Still, with the help and support of our surrogacy experts at Surrogacy care, we will make it all easy and simple for you.

 Throughout every step of your surrogate journey, we will be here to support you with the assistance of our partner surrogate agencies, egg or sperm donor agencies. Moreover, we are dedicated to making your journey as stress-free as we can because we recognize that deciding to become a surrogate is a significant decision in your life.

So, before putting your first step forward in this direction, allow us to get a sneak peek of surrogate requirements beforehand. Our surrogacy consultants will first understand your needs and expectations and will come up with the desired candidate after doing the required search, screening and matching.

surrogate mother in uk

Who can become a surrogate mother in UK?

To become a surrogate, one must be kind, giving, and compassionate. Besides, the person must be supportive enough to assist someone in the most anticipated journey of their life.  On the other side, the following requirements must be fulfilled by the surrogate mothers in UK.

  • She must fall between the age ranges of 21 to 35 years, although it varies according to random surrogacy agencies in UK
  • The surrogate mother must be physically and mentally healthy
  • She must be willing to undergo the long list of tests and diagnoses that will prove her eligibility for the surrogacy process in UK
  • The surrogate must not be addicted to smoking, alcohol or any banned substance

She must have give birth in the past without any complications

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    What are the available options for surrogates in UK?

    surrogate mother cost in ukIn UK, only altruistic surrogacy is legal i.e the surrogate mother cannot be compensated more than her expenses during the surrogacy arrangement.

    Besides, the intended parents can make a choice from two type of surrogacy programs: Traditional Surrogacy or Gestational surrogacy.

    Firstly, Traditional surrogacy involves the surrogate using her own egg and self-inseminating with the intended father’s sperm. Besides, the beauty of this approach is that you have complete control; no medical assistance is required. Still, the cost of surrogate mother in UK is both the genetic and birth mother, which comes as a drawback for many intended parents.

    On the other side, the intended parents’ (IPS) embryo is transferred to you during gestational surrogacy, or (GS), at their IVF facility.

    Each surrogacy clinic has its own procedures, but the majority will use medications to suppress your natural cycle, scan you to check your womb’s lining, and, if appropriate, induce ovulation to increase the likelihood of implantation.

    Besides, the drugs can lead to mood swings and are unpleasant. Some are medicines, while others are injections and after the transfer, you continue to inject for a while. On the other side, the beauty of this approach is that the child conceived by surrogate mother isn’t biological connected to her. Moreover, the frequent trips to the IVF facility, the medications, and the possibility of having to wait a few months between cycles if the transfer does not succeed may come as the only drawbacks. Still, it is the most popular type of surrogacy in UK for the intended parents.

    How much is surrogate mother cost in UK?

    Although only altruistic surrogacy is legal in UK, the surrogate can be paid for her expenses during the surrogacy arrangement. Moreover, as a surrogacy agreement is not legally enforceable in the UK, one needs to go by dealing with a trusted surrogacy agency only for affordable surrogate mother cost in UK.

    While this would save you from falling into any legal troubles, it would also help you in reaching to your parenthood dreams in the most ethical manner possible.

    cost of surrogate mother in uk

    Why you must deal with Surrogacy Care?

     As the name suggests, we will ensure the right care and guidance by your side on your way to your parenthood dreams. Moreover, our experts will support you with every legal consultation that may be required during any given instance.

    Besides, with the help of our partner clinics and agencies, we will make sure that your journey as the surrogate mother UK will be pleasant and memorable. Consult with our surrogacy coordinators today for more information!