Surrogate mother in Ukraine

Find a Surrogate in Ukraine

Several thousand children are born to surrogate mothers in Ukraine each year.

Surrogates in Ukraine are highly preferred by numerous intended parents around the world given their ethical backgrounds and decent appearance. Moreover, given the best-in-class medical support system and low-cost medical expertise, Ukraine has become a surrogacy haven in no time.

Now, there are certain requirements for becoming a surrogate mother Ukraine that one needs to fulfil beforehand.

How to become a surrogate mother in Ukraine?

In order to be eligible for a surrogacy program in Ukraine, a surrogate needs to be:

  • A valid citizen of the country
  • 21 to 35 years of age
  • She should be in good physical and mental health.
  • The Ukrainian surrogate mother must be prepared to undertake a variety of examinations and diagnoses in accordance with the standards of the surrogacy clinic in Ukraine
  • She must not be carrying any addiction of harmful substances
  • The Ukrainian surrogate moms must have previously given birth to a child.
  • Must be willing to help and support the intended parents in their parenthood aspirations

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    What is the cost of surrogate mother in Ukraine?

    surrogate mother in UkraineThere is a big variation to surrogate mother cost in Ukraine given the list of elements and aspects involved in the entire arrangement. Besides, the same cost would be decided as per the agreement between the surrogate in Ukraine and the surrogacy agency you are dealing with.

    On the other side, surrogate expenses are paid in a series of instalments rather than all at once. However, there are costs associated with being a surrogate in Ukraine that go beyond just paying for childbirth. This cost would go towards her medical care, clothing, logistics, accommodation and other expenses. However, intended parents must note that every IVF attempt would make the same cost go even higher. However, a particular payment of up to $2,500 USD is required for repeated pregnancies as a part of the cost of surrogate mother in Ukraine.

    Intended parents must know that it is expensive and potentially risky to employ a surrogate mother without the help and support of a surrogacy agency in Ukraine. 

    In addition, even if a fertilized egg cannot survive in a surrogate womb, genetic parents are still required to pay the surrogacy fees. After the baby is born, the surrogate mother gets the base payment, which can range from USD $10,000 to $20,000. Besides, the intended parents need to take care of all such expenses as a part of the cost of surrogate mother in Ukraine.

    Surrogate mothers in Ukraine: why the whole world is talking about them?

    cost of surrogate mother in ukraineThere are many reasons to why the surrogate mothers in Ukraine are highly sought after. Firstly, Ukrainian women have extraordinary reproductive systems. Moreover, they are capable of carrying and giving birth to children who are healthy and develop in a balanced way. Additionally, the legal foundation for the surrogate child-bearing program that Ukraine’s legislative authorities established is important.

    On the other side, the amount of compensation for surrogacy services in terms of surrogate mother cost in Ukraine is not specified by Ukrainian legislation, nor is there a cap on it. Besides, there is no need for judicial review or specific body approval for the contract between the intended parents and the Ukrainian surrogacy agency.

    In Ukraine, only the child’s biological parents are acknowledged as his legal parents under the surrogacy motherhood program. In order to save the genuine parents from going through the hard adoption process, the newborn is given a birth certificate that lists his genetic parents.

    surrogate mother cost in UkraineHow Surrogacy Care can assist you?

    Being an intended parent, it is your responsibility to take a detailed understanding of all the above-mentioned aspects before proceeding with your surrogacy journey. A good surrogacy agency can do it for you.

    Being the best surrogacy agency in Ukraine, surrogacy care comes along with years of experience and expertise in the ART domain So, right from the best surrogate search, till the handover of the baby, our professionals will be there with you at every point in time.

    Hence, you can proceed with your surrogacy journey without worrying much about anything else. For additional details, get in touch with one of our coordinators right away!